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Poland high speed rail network plan

As of December 2009, Poland has 700-800 km of railways suited for high-speed rail transport reaching 160 km/h. An additional 1,500 km is expected by 2015.[1] While previously the Polish government invested primarily in Poland's road network, from 2012 onwards it will shift its focus toward development of rail transport. The government hopes Poland's twelve largest cities will be linked by high speed rail by 2020.[1]

Several sections of Central Trunk Line permit speeds of 200 km/h (with a record speed in Poland of 250 km/h) however Polish Railways don't possess the rolling stock to achieve this speed. Polish Railways planned to buy pendolino trains in 1998 but the contract was cancelled next year by the Supreme Control Chamber due to financial losses by Polish Railways.

There is a plan for a "Y" line that will connect WarsawLodzKalisz, and have two branches to Wroclaw and Poznan. The geometric layout of the line will be designed to permit speeds of 360 km/h. Construction is planned to begin in about 2014 and finish in 2019. In the center of the city of Lodz the "Y" line will go in the underground tunnel which would link two existing railway stations. One of them: Łódź Fabryczna would be reconstructed as underground station (reconstruction scheduled to start July 2010[2]). In April 2009 4 companies qualified for the 2nd phase preparing the feasibility study of constructing the line. The feasibility study has been granted a €80million subsidy from the European Union[3].The total cost of the line for construction and train sets has been put at €6.9bn and is planned to be financed partially by EU subsidies[4].

There are also many plans for upgrading existing lines. The Warsaw - Krakow/Katowice line could be possibly upgraded to 250 km/h by 2012 along with the Warsaw - Gdańsk line, where reconstruction has already started (the second line to be upgraded only to allow speed of 200 km/h).

The "Y" line links will possibly be extended to Berlin and Prague, most probably by an upgrade of existing lines.


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