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Isle of Man

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In the Isle of Man the High Bailiff (Manx: Ard-Vaylee) is the head stipendiary magistrate.

In Vermont, a high bailiff is a county officer.


Isle of Man

The current High Bailiff is His Worship Michael Moyle. The current Deputy High Bailiff and Judicial Officer is His Worship Alastair Montgomerie.

The High Bailiff and his deputy are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor.[1] The appointments are one of the few occasions when the Lieutenant Governor exercises his own discretion and does not pay regard to the wishes of the Council of Ministers. The High Bailiff and Deputy High Bailiff are ex officio Judicial Officers of the High Court of Justice of the Isle of Man[2] and Coroners of Inquests.[3]

Originally there were four High Bailiffs presiding in different parts of the Island. These were Castletown, Ramsey, Peel and Douglas. In 1911 Castletown and Douglas merged and Peel and Ramsey merged. Finally in 1933 both offices merged to form the new High Bailiff of the Isle of Man.


High Bailiffs of Castletown

  • William Callow, 1777-?
  • Robert Kelly, 1811-?
  • John Kelly, 1832-1854
  • James Gell, 1854-1866
  • John Moore Jeffcott, 1866-1892
  • Sir James Gell, 1892-1911

High Bailiffs of Douglas

  • John Cosnahan, 1777-1808
  • Norris Moore, 1808-1816
  • John McHutchin, 1816-1819
  • James Quirk, 1820-1841
  • John Courtney Bluett, ?-1855
  • Senhouse Wilson, 1855-1864
  • Samuel Harris, 1864-1905
  • Sir James Gell, 1905-1911

High Bailiffs of Peel

  • Robert Farrant, 1777-1794
  • Captain George Savage, 1794-1802
  • Thomas Clark, 1802-1807
  • Hugh Clucas, 1808-1817
  • James Quirk, 1817-1820
  • John Llewellyn, 1820-1840
  • Richard Harrison, 1840-1853
  • Robert John Moore, 1853-1884
  • A.N. Laughton, 1884-1911

High Bailiffs of Ramsey

  • John Frissell Crellin, 1777-1794
  • James Wilks, 1794-1805
  • Thomas Gawne, 1805-1812
  • Ewan Gill, 1812-1821
  • Thomas Arthur Corlett, 1821-1828
  • John Caesar Gelling, 1828-1832
  • Frederick Tellett, 1832-1873
  • Sir Alured Dumbell, 1873-1880
  • John Corlet LaMothe, 1880-1898
  • James Murray Cruikshank, 1898-1911

High Bailiffs of Douglas and Castletown

  • James Stowell Gell, 1911-1918
  • Reginald Douglas Farrant, 1919-1925
  • William Lay, 1925-1933

High Bailiffs of Ramsey and Peel

  • James Murray Cruikshank, 1911-1916
  • F. M. LaMothe, 1916-1921
  • William Lay, 1921-1925
  • William Percy Cowley, 1925-1933

High Bailiffs of the Isle of Man

Deputy High Bailiff


A Vermont high bailiff is an elected county officer who may serve writs that the sheriff is incompetent to serve. If an arrest warrant is issued against the sheriff, the high bailiff may arrest the sheriff. If the sheriff is confined or the office of sheriff is vacant, the high bailiff carries out the duties of the sheriff.[4]


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