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L→R, Back: Dai, Kiyoshi, Rei, Jin, and Gō. L→R, Front: Chie and Yui.

High School! Kimengumi (ハイスクール!奇面組 Haisukūru! Kimengumi ?) has a large cast of characters. Because there are so many puns in Kimengumi, including the names of all of the characters, all of the character names appear in Japanese order (family name, given name) so that the jokes found in the names make sense. The seiyū names appear in the more common "given name, family name" order.


Kimengumi and friends

Ichidō Rei (一堂 零 "All together, bow!" ?) Voiced by: Shigeru Chiba
Kimengumi leader and protagonist of the series. Nickname: Mayunashi no Rei (まゆなしの零 No-Eyebrows Rei ?). His family runs a toy store, he lives with his father and younger sister (his mother has already died). Considered a "High Class Buffoon", he retains the same simple-mindedness he had as a child and is quite the hentai (as in "weirdo" rather than "pervert"). He is known for being able to do many odd things with his body. It took him three tries to pass the high school entry exam, but he finally manages to graduate to Ichiō High with his current class.
Reietsu Gō (冷越 豪, sounds like "Let's Go" ?) Voiced by: Tesshō Genda
Kimengumi member #2. Nickname: Manako no Gō (まなこの豪 Eyeballs Gō ?). His family runs a sake store. He lives with his uncle's family. Despite being underage, he is occasionally drunk. He is a huge pro wrestling fan and can walk on water. He is a very hearty and violent fellow and does not always give Rei proper Leader treatment, but he is also kind hearted and does not allow others to make fun of his friends. It took him three tries to pass the high school entry exam.
Shusse Kiyoshi (出瀬 潔, "Roll call...", "Here!" ?) Voiced by: Issei Futamata
Kimengumi member. Nickname: Mukiba no Kiyoshi (むき歯の潔 Exposed Teeth Kiyoshi ?). His family runs a bathhouse. He is known around the school as a lecher, often peeking on the women's side of his parent's bathhouse. However, he is the brains of Kimengumi. His best friend is Jin. It took him three tries to pass the high school entry exam.
Daima Jin (大間 仁, Great Majin ?) Voiced by: Naoki Tatsuta
Kimengumi member. Nickname: Ebisu no Jin (えびすの仁 Savage Jin ?). His family runs an okonomiyaki shop. He loves to just eat and sleep and will often doze off during class. Although usually a very nice guy, his personality changes greatly when you mess with his food. He is very lucky and has excellent mimicry skills, particullarly he is skilled at mimicking singer Yoshinori Monta. It took him two tries to pass the high school entry exam.
Monohoshi Dai (物星 大, Drying rack ?) Voiced by: Kaneto Shiozawa (Kousuke Okano in 2000 PlayStation game)
Kimengumi member. Nickname: Ochobokō no Dai (おちょぼ口の大 Small Mouth Dai ?). His family runs a bookstore. He is an okama and is very feminine and will sometimes use this as a weapon. He is the weakest of the gang but is brave when he needs to be. He frequently cries and frequently undresses. It took him two tries to pass the high school entry exam.
Kawa Yui (河川 唯, Cutie ?) Voiced by: Miki Takahashi
The pink-haired classmate of the Kimengumi. She is very pretty and is popular with the male students. However, she isn't always aware of this. She is an oddball herself and has no interest in normal guys. She instead hangs out with Kimengumi and gradually falls in love with Rei. She often likes to become involved with games, but is not always aware when she loses. She graduates from Ōsei Junior High and goes on to Ichiō High. At the beginning of the series she is a more comical character, but by halfway through 3rd Year Kimengumi she has become the straight man of the group.
Uru Chie (宇留 千絵, colloquial Japanese for "Urusai", meaning "loud" or "obnoxious" ?) Voiced by: Naoko Matsui
The green-haired classmate of Kimengumi and best friend of Yui. Her family runs a flower shop. Very strong-willed, she initially acts as the straight man to Yui and Kimengumi, but later becomes more comical. She hates it when people say that she has droopy eyes. In Junior High she had semi-long hair, but in High School she wears her hair in a ponytail. She and Yui hardly ever quarrel, and when they do it is usually a misunderstanding or accident. It is often hinted that she is very close to Gō, and at the end of the series they are depicted as living together in the Reiestu house (but whether or not her name is in the family registry is unknown).
Lassie (ラッシー Rasshī ?) Voiced by: Naoki Tatsuta
Rei's dog, named after the dog in the famous TV series Lassie.

Kimengumi families


Ichidō family

  • Ichidō Takuseki (一堂 琢石 ?) Voiced by: Yusaku Yara
Rei's father and proprietor of Omocha no Ichidō (おもちゃの一堂, Ichidō's Toys ?). He and his late wife Naori were childhood friends. He was originally an honest and upright person, but was corrupted by Naori's father Seiretsu. He tends to favor Kiri over Rei, particularly in High School! Kimegumi. He was modeled after Cha Katō.
  • Ichidō Kiri (一堂 霧 ?) Voiced by: Mayumi Shō
Rei's little sister (8 years younger). Unlike Rei and Takuseki, she is rather normal and even strives to be an honor student. She is ashamed of her father and brother's behavior, and tries to hide her connection to them from her classmates. After Naori's death she takes care of all the housework. She first appears as an elementary school student, but halfway through the series she is suddenly depicted as a Junior High student. She is in love with Yui's little brother Ippei, and the two of them usually hang out together with Kiyoshi's little sister Kiyoi.

Kawa family

Reietsu family

  • Reietsu Pūtarō - ???
  • Reietsu Gōgo - ???
  • Reietsu Torae - ???

Shusse family

Daima family

  • Daima Kyū - Rokuro Naya
  • Daima's Mother - Seiko Nakano
  • Daima Ō - does not appear in anime

Monohoshi family

  • Monohoshi Hyori - Yuri Nashiwa
  • Monohoshi Zao - Only appears in "Flash"

Uru family

Middle school gangs

Iro'otokogumi (class 3)

Iro'otokogumi (色男組, Ladykiller Gang ?)


  • Kireide Shō (切出 翔, Aren't I handsome ?) Voiced by: Keiichi Nanba
Considered the most attractive man in the school. He specifically sets his eyes on Yui but because she dislikes pushy, overconfident guys he is rejected for the first time. As vain and as popular as he is though, he isn't all that smart and even failed his first attempt at the college entrance exam. He is also very bad at sports with the sole exception of skating, and it has been hinted that he has been practing at that his entire life.


  • Setto Kimeru (節戸 決 ?) Voiced by: Takurou Kitagawa
Has a regent hairstyle and is in love with both Yui and Chie. He is very superficial and has a manly face.
  • Sugata Kazaru (姿 飾, Decorated form ?) Voiced by:
Has an afro hairstyle. Like Shō, he is in love with Yui. Even though they share a lot in common, he tends to play straight man to Shō.
  • Hokori Takashi (矛利 高志, Very prideful ?) Voiced by: Shigeru Nakahara
The only member of Iro'otokogumi with short hair. His nickname is Tatchi (タッチ, Touch ?). He also likes both Yui and Chie. Like Udegumi member Yutaka, he will occasionally talk to the readers.
  • Tanokin Torio (頼金 鳥雄, Tanokin Trio ?) Voiced by: Junichi Kanemaru
He has the same hairstyle as Rei but his facial features resemble Yui's (the author himself points this out at times). His nickname is Toribou (トリ坊 ?) and he is the least superficial of the group.

Udegumi (class 9)

Udegumi (腕組, Strongarm Gang ?)


  • Undō Kai (雲童 塊, Sports Meet ?) Voiced by: Kenyu Horiuchi
A young man with good reflexes who holds numerous positions on more than one athletic club. The popularity of himself and Udegumi is second only to Iro'otokogumi. However, he is completely useless at anything non-athletic, and will often go in a corner and begin training during class. He is in fit shape from training all day, be it in class, at home, or anywhere else he goes. He has a father named Joe ( ?) and an older twin sister named Mei (see Girls' Volleyball Club).


Bangumi (class 4)

Bangumi (番組, Delinquent Gang ?)


  • Nihiruda Yō (似蛭田 妖, I am a Nihilist ?) Voiced by: Hōchū Ōtsuka
A cool customer who is largely considered to be the boss of Ichiō High, although he denies this. He does not wear his uniform, arrives late, leaves early, and smokes regularly. Despite what his many school violations may imply, he actually dislikes causing trouble. His eyes are usually hidden behind his forelock and he has twice failed the college entrance exams.


Honegumi (class 1)

Honegumi (骨組, Buckle Down Gang ?)


  • Honekishi Muzō (骨岸無造 ?) Voiced by: Sukekiyo Kameyama
He has a long face and a noticeable upper lip. He and his study group care about nothing other than studying. He is instantly smitten by Yui, but is nonetheless antagonistic towards her. He later graduates and goes onto Ori High (尾利高, Ori-kō ?), but because Shinzawa loved drawing his face so much, his little brother Mudarō (無駄郎 ?) (Voiced by: Sukekiyo Kameyama) enrolls in Ichiō High with the Kimengumi.


Omegumi (class 7)

Omegumi (御女組 ?)


  • Amano Jako (天野邪子, Amanojaku ?) Voiced by: Yō Inoue
A very popular character, she lives up to her name and has the tough personality of a gang member. She loves disco music and she has always smoked, even before she started elementary school. She and her members frequently leave class early and she often hands in blank test papers, but after meeting Ikari-sensei she becomes more of a model student (in fact, after graduating high school she studies abroad in the United States). She has a very sweet face and is often seen with Nihiruda Yō, but whether or not they are involved is unknown. She later harbours feelings for Jidai-sensei. She fails her first entrance exam.


Rukkumi (class 6)

Fukumi (class 2)

  • Koyakushimaru Hiro: Arisa Andō
  • Matsumo Toiyo: Chie Satou

Other middle school characters

High school classmates

High school gangs


  • Zenini Jūgo: Masashi Hironaka



Club members

Baseball club

Drama club

Girls' volleyball club

Boxing club

Soccer club

Table tennis club

Rival school club members

Oronainnan High girl's volleyball club

  • Satsujin Supaiko: Tomie Kataoka

Irebun High soccer club

Otokono High judo club

Other high school characters


Ikari Masuyo (伊狩増代, I'm very mad ?)
Homeroom teacher of Kimengumi during their Middle School days (Homeroom teacher for Kojougumi during High School). She is a beautiful speech teacher with a hysterical personality. The Kimengumi refer to her as Ikari Kong (イカリコング ?). She actually used to go to school with Kimengumi as their senpai. She later marries Sessa-sensei and has a son named Tenma (天馬 ?). In the anime she will often say Ikari masu yo! (怒りますよ! I'm very mad! ?) when angered. Voiced by Masako Katsuki.
Sessa Takuma (石砂拓真, Study diligently ?)
Homeroom teacher for Udegumi. A manly gym teacher with a simple personality. He does not get along well with Iro'oto-sensei, whom is his love rival for Ikari-sensei. After marrying Ikari he is tranferred to another school. Voiced by Yoshito Yasuhara.

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