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Ontario 35.png
Highway 35
Maintained by the Ministry of Transportation
South end: Hwy 401 near Newcastle
Hwy 115 near Pontypool
Hwy 7 in Kawartha Lakes
North end: Hwy 60 near Huntsville
Ontario provincial highways
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400-series - County

Highway 35 is a provincial highway in Ontario Canada, running from Highway 401 in Clarington to Highway 60 near Dwight (and Algonquin Provincial Park) in the Township of Lake of Bays in Muskoka. It also connects with Lindsay and the Haliburtons, and the southern section is linked with Highway 115.

For a long time, Highway 35's pavement was in dire need of repair, but the road was given a complete overhaul, and has new pavement in excellent condition. As a tourist route linking Highway 401 to Algonquin Park, Kawartha Lakes, cottage country, and Peterborough (via Highway 115), this road is very busy in the summer, especially on summer weekends, with tourists and vacationers traveling along the road, and can become congested at times, especially along the segment between Highway 115 and Lindsay.



Highway 35, like many highways that begin at Lake Ontario and eventually cross into the Canadian Shield, began as several trails connecting settlements. Most of the southern portion of the highway follows various sidelines and concessions. Between Lindsay and Fenelon Falls, Highway 35 follows the former Fenelon Road. Until 1955, Highway 35 followed present day Kawartha Lakes Road 121 and Kawartha Lakes Road 8 into and out of Fenelon Falls, but now follows the seventh concession line. North of Fenelon Falls, the road follows The Cameron Road, a trail carved in the 1850's between Fenelon (then known as Cameron's Falls) and Minden. North of Minden, the highway generally follows The Bobcaygeon Road, a colonization road, up to Dorset. The section north of Dorset was built as part of the Ontario Northern Highways Program in the 1930's, and the entirety (as well as a portion of present day Highway 60 from Dwight to Huntsville) was designated Highway 35 in 1931.[1]


Highway 35 overlaps Highway 115 for 20.9 km from Highway 401 to Enterprise Hill. For 1.5 km it overlaps Highway 7A in Manvers, 5.4 km with Highway 7 on the Lindsay Bypass, and 800 m with Highway 7B along Kent Street west of Lindsay. This is currently the only provincial highway in the network that overlaps a parent route (in this case, Highway 7), an alternate route (Highway 7A), and a business route (Highway 7B).


Since the 1990s, traffic on Highway 35 for its entire length has increased dramatically, particularly between the 35/115 split, and the town of Lindsay. The road has become notorious for accidents during the summer time, and the Ministry of Transportation is now doing a study on how to upgrade Highway 35, at least between Highway 115 and Lindsay. The most popular idea is twinning and upgrading the road into a RIRO Expressway, as it is already between Highway 401 and the 35/115 split.


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