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Hilary Minc

Hilary Minc (24 August 1905, Kazimierz Dolny - 26 November 1974, Warsaw), born into a middle-class Polish Jewish family of Oskar and Stefania (b. Fajersztajn), was a Polish politician, Marxist economist, member of the Communist Party of Poland and the PWP/PUWP Politburo of the KCPPR between 1944-1956, the third in command in Bolesław Bierut's political apparatus. He served as the Minister of Industry, Minister of Industry and Commerce, and deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs during the reign of Stalinism in the People's Republic of Poland following World War II.

Minc was also a close associate of Władysław Gomułka in meetings with Joseph Stalin, who personally assigned Minc first to Industry and then to Transportation ministries of Poland.[1] His wife, Julia Minc, was the Editor-in-Chief of the Polish Press Agency until 1954, married to a once prominent supervisor.


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