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Thuringia hbn.png
Map of Thuringia highlighting the district of Hildburghausen
State Thuringia
District seat Hildburghausen
Area 937 km²
Population 72,800 (2002)
Pop. density 78 /km²
Licence plate code HBN
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Hildburghausen is a district in Thuringia, Germany. It is bounded by (from the west and clockwise) the district of Schmalkalden-Meiningen, the city of Suhl, the districts of Ilm-Kreis, Saalfeld-Rudolstadt and Sonneberg, and the state of Bavaria (districts of Coburg, Haßberge and Rhön-Grabfeld). Located roughly halfway between the mountain chains of the Rhön and the Thuringian Forest, the district is densely forested and covered by hilly countryside. Its territory is similar to that of the former Ernestine duchy, Saxe-Hildburghausen.

Towns and municipalities

Verwaltungsgemeinschaft-free towns and municipalities
  1. Eisfeld
  2. Hildburghausen
  3. Schleusingen
  4. Themar
  1. Auengrund
  2. Bockstadt
  3. Brünn
  4. Gleichamberg
  5. Masserberg
  6. Nahetal-Waldau
  7. Sachsenbrunn
  8. Sankt Kilian
  9. Schleusegrund
  10. Straufhain
  11. Veilsdorf

1. Feldstein
[seat: Themar]

  1. Ahlstädt
  2. Beinerstadt
  3. Bischofrod
  4. Dingsleben
  5. Ehrenberg
  6. Eichenberg
  7. Grimmelshausen
  8. Grub
  9. Henfstädt
  10. Kloster Veßra
  11. Lengfeld
  12. Marisfeld
  13. Oberstadt
  14. Reurieth
  15. Sankt Bernhard
  16. Schmeheim

2. Gleichberge

  1. Haina
  2. Mendhausen
  3. Milz
  4. Römhild1, 2
  5. Westenfeld

3. Heldburger Unterland

  1. Bad Colberg-Heldburg1, 2
  2. Gompertshausen
  3. Hellingen
  4. Schlechtsart
  5. Schweickershausen
  6. Ummerstadt2
  7. Westhausen
1seat of the Verwaltungsgemeinschaft;2town

Coat of arms

Coat of arms of Hildburghausen district

The coat of arms displays:

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Coordinates: 50°25′N 10°45′E / 50.42°N 10.75°E / 50.42; 10.75



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