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Also known as Fifteen
Genre Teen drama
Created by John T. Binkley
Written by John T. Binkley
Judy Bryson
John Lazarus
John Lazarus
Tom Smith
Joan Weir
Ian Weir
Directed by Michael Berry
John T. Binkley
Composer(s) Benito Altobelli
Matt Ender
Ian Weir
Brian Wright
Country of origin Canada
United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 65
Executive producer(s) John T. Binkley
Brown Johnson
Sherrie Matthews
Don Smith
Sheldon S. Wiseman
Producer(s) John T. Binkley
David Dewar
Marisa Doolan
Frank Taylor
Editor(s) Jana Fritsch
Running time 25 min
Original channel YTV (Canada)
Nickelodeon (USA)
Original run February 3, 1991 (1991-02-03) – April 25, 1993 (1993-04-25)
Status Ended

Hillside (also known as Fifteen) is a Canadian-American teen drama that aired on YTV in Canada and Nickelodeon in the United States from 1991 to 1993. Created and produced by John T. Binkley, the series was Nickelodeon's first and only teenage soap opera.

The series was first conceived as Fifteen in an improvised form for The Disney Channel, where a 13-episode pilot series was produced and tested in the US. After Disney decided not to proceed with the project, Nickelodeon and Canadian partners joined Binkley in producing the series which was known in its first and second seasons as Hillside in Canada, and throughout the 65 episode run as Fifteen in the U.S. The show was subsequently syndicated around the world, with runs in Germany, the Children's Channel in Europe, and Israel, among others.



Hillside followed the students of fictional Hillside School and dealt with a variety of issues including dating, divorce, alcohol abuse, and friendship. The show played heavily into stereotypes, including two characters named Dylan and Chris, who wore leather jackets to show off their toughness, but which could not completely disguise their inner selves.

The series features a large ensemble cast which underwent several changes over the show's four season run. Notable cast members include Enuka Okuma, Lisa Ortiz, Laura Harris, and Ryan Reynolds.


  • Roxane Alexander – Roxanne Lee
  • Jason Angel – Jason Locke
  • Ken Angel – Jake Deosdade
  • Andrew Baskin – Chris McDonald
  • Pepper Binkley – Pepper O'Brien
  • Allie Bloom – Jennifer Locke
  • Ahnee Boyce - Cindy
  • John Boyd - John DiMarco
  • Jed Carpenter – Tony
  • Janine Cox – Theresa Morgan
  • Micah Cox – Micah
  • Russell Dayvault – Russ Talbot
  • Erin Donovan – Brittany Nichols
  • Sarah Douglas – Courtney Simpson
  • James Greye – Richard
  • Laura Harris – Ashley Frasier
  • Erin Inglis – Erin Walker
  • Minna Koch – Lea
  • Claire Langlois – Amanda Morgan
  • Chris William Martin – Dylan Blackwell
  • Aubrey Nealon – Olaf
  • Enuka Okuma – Kelly
  • Lisa Ortiz – Liz
  • Loyal Pyczynski – Loyal
  • Jason Quin – Jeffrey
  • Ryan Reynolds – Billy Simpson
  • Robyn Ross – Brooke Morgan
  • Rekha Shah – Janice
  • Todd Talbot – Matt Walker
  • Lisa Warner – Stacy Collins
  • David Wight – David O'Brien
  • Arseman Yohannes – Arseman Harrell


Season Ep. # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 13 February 3, 1991 April 28, 1991
Season 2 13 August 4, 1991 October 27, 1991
Season 3 13 February 2, 1992 April 26, 1992
Season 4 26 November 1, 1992 April 25, 1993

Production notes

The series head writer for all 65 episodes was Ian Weir, who wrote all but 5 episodes. Its director was Michael Berry.

The first season of the show was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, the second season was recorded at the studios of CJOH-TV in Ottawa, Ontario, and the third and fourth seasons were videotaped at Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Award nominations

Year Award Result Category Recipient
1993 Young Artist Awards Nominated Best Young Actor Co-starring in a Cable Series Ryan Reynolds
Best Young Actor Starring in a Cable Series Chris William Martin
Best Young Actress Co-starring in a Cable Series Arseman Yohannes
Best Young Actress Starring in a Cable Series Laura Harris
Best Young Actress Starring in a Cable Series Robyn Ross

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