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Studio album by Urmas Alender
Released 1994
Genre Folk rock
Urmas Alender chronology
Vana kloun
Kogutud teosed. 1968-1980. Esimene osa.

Hingelind (Soul bird) is the second and last studio album by Estonian rock musician Urmas Alender, released in 1994. The album can be described as a concept album, since between songs there are spoken interludes (and introductions to songs) by Alender of a "soul bird", who leads our lives in unexpected and expected ways.

The album was re-released as whole on Armastuse ämblik, without the introductions though.

Track listing

All songs written by Urmas Alender and Virve Osila.


  1. "On kui kevad" (As it's spring)
  2. "Sa ütlesid: näkku ei lööda" (You said: no hitting in the face)
  3. "Solaarne" (untranslatable)
  4. "Suvenukrus" (Summer sadness)
  5. "Kohtumine" (Meeting)
  6. "Mereigatsus" (Sea yearning)


  1. "Unenägu" (A dream)
  2. "Vihmane ja talvekauge" (Rainy and winter distant)
  3. "Neoonist silmad külmas kivilinnas" (Neon eyes in a cold stone city)
  4. "Lummus" (Enchanted)
  5. "Lootuses" (In hope)
  6. "Elame veel" (We live more)


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