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There have been many sets of atlas of the historical place-names of China named The Historical Atlas of China. Among them, two versions published during the 1980s are still used by today's students and scholars alike as an historical atlas.

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Historical Atlas of China (1973)

Historical Atlas of China (中國歷史地圖), based on The Historical Atlas of Eastern Asian History (東洋読史地図; 1941) of Japanese historians (箭内亙) and Wada Sei (和田清; 1890-1963), was published in 1973 in Taipei.

This single-volume work is out-of-print today and also not very influential.

Historical Atlas of China (1980)

Historical Atlas of China (中國歷史地圖) is a 2-volume work published in Taiwan in 1980 and 1983.

  • Volume 1: Historical territories.
  • Volume 2: Major cities, economic maps, irrigation and transportation networks, social changes, artifacts, wars.

Unlike many other historical maps that placed emphasis on placenames, this set of maps contained many restorations of historical sites.

The Historical Atlas of China (1982)

The Historical Atlas of China (中国历史地图集), still in print, is an 8-volume work published in Beijing between 1982-1988. It contains 304 maps and 70,000 placenames in total.


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