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This is a list of articles on the Wikipedia about members of the immediate family of Adolf Hitler.





Four siblings died in infancy or early childhood of illnesses:

  • Gustav Hitler (May 15, 1885 - December 8, 1887 in Braunau am Inn), elder brother. According to old OSS files, it seems that Gustav was also the reason for the marriage of his parents, because Klara was already five months pregnant at that time. He died during an outbreak of diphtheria in 1886, along with his younger sister Ida.
  • Ida Hitler (September 25 1886 - January 2 1888 in Braunau am Inn), elder sister, died of diphtheria.
  • Otto Hitler (1887 in Vienna), elder brother, lived only 3 days[1].
  • Edmund Hitler (March 24 1894, Passau - February 2 1900, Leonding), younger brother, one of only three surviving children by 1900, died of measles.
  • Paula Hitler (1896-1960), younger sister and only full sibling to survive into adulthood

Other relatives


Martin Hiedler
Anna Maria Goschl
Johannes Schicklgruber
Theresia Pfeisinger
Johann Nepomuk Hiedler
Eva Maria Decker (1792-1888)
Laurenz Pölzl
Juliana Walli
See here
Maria Schicklgruber
Johann Georg Hiedler
Johanna Hiedler
Johann Baptist Pölzl
Franziska Matzelberger
Alois Hitler
Klara Pölzl
Bridget Dowling
Alois Hitler, Jr.
Hedwig Heidemann
Leo Raubal, Sr.
Angela Hitler
Martin Hammitzsch
Gustav Hitler
Ida Hitler
Otto Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Eva Braun
Edmund Hitler
Paula Hitler
Phyllis Jean-Jacques
William Patrick Hitler
Heinz Hitler
Leo Rudolf Raubal Jr
Geli Raubal
Elfriede Raubal
Ernst Hochegger
Alexander Adolf Stuart-Houston
(b. 1949)
Louis Stuart-Houston
(b. 1951)
Howard Ronald Stuart-Houston
Brian William Stuart-Houston
(b. 1965)
Peter Raubal
(b. 1931)
Heiner Hochegger
(b. 1945)


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