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The Hodgson Report was a report by the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in 1884.

Richard Hodgson, a member of the SPR, was sent to India. Hodgson was a research worker of paranormal phenomena. His task was to examine if the mode of appearance attributed to the Mahatma Letters represented genuine psychical phenomena. In December 1884 Hodgson arrived in Adyar. He eventually concluded that the evidence supported Emma Coulomb, and that various inconsistencies, misrepresentations, and provable falsehoods in sworn statements by certain Theosophical Society members destroyed their credibility. He included in his research examination of the physical spaces where phenomena had been reported, including architectural features that had been concealed or removed from their original placements. Hodgson wrote a 200-pages report, in which Blavatsky was described as one of the most gifted, ingenious and interesting impostors in history. The report considers at length if letters from Blavatsky provided by the Columbs as evidence for fraudulent activity were genuinely from her hand, the consistency and credibility of various people who claimed to have witnessed psychic phenomena that occurred through Blavatsky, possible methods by which many purported phenomena might have been humanly produced, and references to various accounts of these phenomena as they had been published or circulated in public knowledge. The Hodson report is detailed and contains extensive appendices.

H. P. Blavatsky's reputation was seriously damaged due to the Hodgson Report, and she wrote on 14 January 1886: "That Mr. Hodgson's elaborate but misdirected inquiries, his affected precision, which spends infinite patience over trifles and is blind to facts of importance, his contradictory reasoning and his manifold incapacity to deal with such problems as those he endeavoured to solve, will be exposed by other writers in due course -- I make no doubt." -- H. P. Blavatsky: Collected Writings 7:9


J'Accuse: Vernon Harrison's examination of the Hodgson Report

In 1986, Vernon Harrison, a research worker of disputed documents, did a research on the Hodgson report. According to Harrison's examination, the Hodgson Report is not a scientific study, it "is flawed and untrustworthy" and "should be read with great caution, if not disregarded." (Harrison 1997) Harrison stated:

I cannot exonerate the SPR committee from blame for publishing this thoroughly bad report. They seem to have done little more than rubber-stamp Hodgson's opinions; and no serious attempt was made to check his findings or even to read his report critically. If they had done so (...) the case would have been referred back for further study. Madame H. P. Blavatsky was the most important occultist ever to appear before the SPR for investigation; and never was opportunity so wasted. [1]

Harrison says about the Hodgson Report that "whereas Hodgson was prepared to use any evidence, however trivial or questionable, to implicate HPB, he ignored all evidence that could be used in her favor. His report is riddled with slanted statements, conjecture advanced as fact or probable fact, uncorroborated testimony of unnamed witnesses, selection of evidence and downright falsity."

He concluded that Hodgson's case against Madame H. P. Blavatsky is not proven, and that there is no evidence that the Mahatma Letters were written by her. However, the Hodgson report did not just deal with forgery, but addressed the crude psychic tricks used by Blavatsky such as her seances where spirits respond to her with "raps" on the table, the dropping of Mahatma Letters from the ceiling and onto peoples heads, and various letters written by Blavatsky incriminating herself, and the actions of Theosophists to cover up the fraud. The destroying of the shrine were actions were taken by Theosophists to protect HPB.

The Vernon Harrison report excoriates Hodgson on his failure to conduct himself as if he were in a court of law. However, Mr. Hogdson was not in a court of law, but was an spiritualism investigator sent to India and reporting back to the Society of Psychical Research. It is likely Hodgson had hoped to find the phenomena true. Harrison does not address the evidence that Madame Blavatsky was simply another fraudulent medium using "spirit rapping" such as that uncovered by the Seybert Commission in 1887. The investigations of mediums in the late 1880's dealt a blow to spiritualists worldwide.

The Madras Christian College Magazine (Madras, India), September 1884, pp. 199-215 and with a Postscript on pp. 241-242.] made a similar analysis of fraud on the part of H. P. Blavatsky in "The Collapse of Koot Hoomi" by Rev. George Patterson and addresses Blavatsky's ruses because the Madras Christian College had previously written positively concerning Blavatsky.

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