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Holy Terror, Batman!
Publisher DC Comics
Proposed character(s) Batman
Proposed creative team
Writer(s) Frank Miller
Artist(s) Frank Miller

Holy Terror, Batman! is a 122-page graphic novel by Frank Miller, with an unconfirmed release date. The plot revolves around Batman defending Gotham City from an attack by the Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda. According to Miller, the comic is a "piece of propaganda" in which Batman "kicks Al-Qaeda's ass."[1] The series has been described as "Batman vs. Al Qaeda".[2]



Miller announced the graphic novel during a panel at the WonderCon comic book convention held in San Francisco in 2006.[3] He summarised the work as: "It is, not to put too fine a point on it, a piece of propaganda ... Superman punched out Hitler. So did Captain America. That's one of the things they're there for."[4]

The title of the graphic novel is a reference to the War on Terrorism, as well as the catchphrase ("Holy [something], Batman!") used by Burt Ward (Robin) in the 1960s Batman television series.[5]

In August 2006, fellow acclaimed Batman writer Grant Morrison criticized the idea, saying: "Batman vs. Al Qaeda! It might as well be Bin Laden vs. King Kong! Or how about the sinister Al Qaeda mastermind up against a hungry Hannibal Lecter! For all the good it's likely to do. Cheering on a fictional character as he beats up fictionalized terrorists seems like a decadent indulgence when real terrorists are killing real people in the real world. I'd be so much more impressed if Frank Miller gave up all this graphic novel nonsense, joined the Army and, with a howl of undying hate, rushed headlong onto the front lines with the young soldiers who are actually risking life and limb 'vs' Al Qaeda."[6]

Later that year, on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, NPR aired a brief memorial commentary by Miller, which provided insight into his inspiration for this project, stating: "For the first time in my life, I know how it feels to face an existential menace. They want us to die. All of a sudden I realize what my parents were talking about all those years. Patriotism, I now believe, isn't some sentimental, old conceit. It's self-preservation. I believe patriotism is central to a nation's survival. Ben Franklin said it: If we don't all hang together, we all hang separately. Just like you have to fight to protect your friends and family, and you count on them to watch your own back. So you've got to do what you can to help your country survive."[7]


In a May 2007 interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Miller relayed that he was still at work on the graphic novel which he says is "bound to offend just about everybody". Miller also said he was about 100 pages into the work, with 50 more to go.[2] In a 2008 New York Times interview, Miller commented on the series, then called Holy War, Batman, thus: "As I worked on it, it became something that was no longer Batman. It’s somewhere past that, and I decided it’s going to be part of a new series that I’m starting.”[8] As a result of this, the title of the project is rumored to no longer contain "Batman"; neither is Batman expected to appear in the series at all.[9] However, in December 2008, he confirmed the presence of Batman in the book.[10]

In December 2008, when asked if he had any comics in the works, he replied that he has "a new Batman comic book coming out very soon."[11]


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