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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York promotional movie poster
Directed by Chris Columbus
Produced by John Hughes
Written by John Hughes
Starring Macaulay Culkin
Joe Pesci
Daniel Stern
John Heard
Catherine O'Hara
Tim Curry
Brenda Fricker
Rob Schneider
Music by John Williams
Cinematography Julio Macat
Editing by Raja Gosnell
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) November 20, 1992
Running time 121 mins
Country United States
Language English
Gross revenue $358,991,681
Preceded by Home Alone
Followed by Home Alone 3

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is the 1992 sequel to the 1990 film Home Alone, and the second film in the Home Alone series. Home Alone 2 was written and produced by John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus. It stars Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern. Catherine O'Hara, John Heard, Devin Ratray, Kieran Culkin, Gerry Bamman, Tim Curry, Rob Schneider, Dana Ivey, and Brenda Fricker co-star. The film was rated PG for comic action and mild language

Eddie Bracken, Ally Sheedy, Bob Eubanks and Donald Trump make cameo appearances. The movie was filmed in Winnetka, Illinois, O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Miami and New York City (which was star Culkin's hometown at the time). Also, the film became the second most successful film of 1992, earning over $173 million in revenue in the United States and over $358 million worldwide.

Home Alone 3 followed in 1997, and Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House followed in 2002—both without Macaulay Culkin in the lead roles.



Macaulay Culkin stars as Kevin McCallister, who is once again separated from his family during one of their Christmas travels. This time, the family is going to Miami, Florida for Christmas a year after the events of the first movie (which Kevin finds weird because of the lack of Christmas trees in Florida). The film begins as the family is packing the night before; Kevin is getting ready for his school choir concert. However, the concert does not go well; during Kevin's solo, his older brother Buzz (Devin Ratray) plays a prank by placing two candle-shaped flashlights behind Kevin's ears to make them look like they are glowing, making the audience laugh. Kevin responds by punching Buzz, which knocks down the entire choir group and makes the cardboard Christmas tree fall onto the piano, also causing the pianist to fall.

At home, Buzz apologizes to his family for his prank, but then he calls Kevin a trout sniffer when no one is looking, which leads Kevin to snap at the family for letting Buzz get away with everything, and retreat upstairs to the third floor, refusing to apologize to Buzz and to the rest of the family as well as reiterating his disgust with the family's decision to travel to Miami. When Kate reminds him of what happened last year, he responds by saying that if he had his own money he'd go on his own vacation, by himself, and that he'd have the best time of his life.

When airport vans come the next morning, the McCallisters find that they are late again (because Peter unplugged the alarm clock and forgot to reset it when he plugged it back in), and make an extreme rush getting ready, just like in the first film. Kevin makes it to O'Hare International Airport this time, but loses sight of his family as he tries to get batteries for his Talkboy out of his father's (John Heard) bag. Seeing a man who is wearing the same color coat as his father, he follows him toward a flight to LaGuardia Airport in New York City and doesn't realize where he is until the plane lands. While in New York, he decides to make the most of his accident. He meets several people, including a lady (played by Brenda Fricker) who enjoys caring for pigeons, but creeps Kevin out at first.

While Kevin did not make it to Miami, his luggage did. Peter pulls Kevin's bag off the carousel and passes it down the line to his cousin, Fuller (Kieran Culkin), who realizes that Kevin did not embark on the flight to Miami. The Miami Airport security staff decides to call O'Hare in hopes that Kevin is still in the airport. When they find out that he is not at O'Hare, everyone wonders where he could be. After being asked to see a recent photo of their son, Peter realizes that he does not have his wallet with him. Peter realizes this because his wallet was in his bag and Kevin took it as they were going into the airport, Kevin now has the wallet. Since Peter's wallet has credit cards in it, security informs him that Kevin can be tracked when and if he uses any of the credit cards.

Meanwhile, Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) arrive in New York via a fish truck, having escaped from prison in Chicago during a riot, and immediately begin seeking a new target to regain their fortune. Marv also comes up with a new nickname for the duo—the "Sticky Bandits," based on his new ability to steal things by wearing gloves covered with double-sided masking tape.

In New York, Kevin decides to find a place to stay. He goes to the Plaza Hotel (after hearing about it on a TV game show the night before), using Peter's credit card to check in. The concierge, Mr. Hector (Tim Curry), is suspicious of him the moment he sees him there, going as far as sneaking into his room to prove Kevin a fraud. This ends in failure when he is caught by Kevin using an inflatable clown to impersonate Frank McCallister singing in the shower (which Kevin had recorded earlier on his Talkboy).

That day, Kevin decides to hire a limousine to take him around town and pays a visit to Duncan's Toy Chest, a huge toy store in New York City's Times Square. Duncan is a mysterious but benevolent philanthropist who tells Kevin about his intentions to donate his Christmas profits to the children's hospital. As Kevin donates money that he doesn't want to Duncan, he allows Kevin to take a gift off the store's Christmas tree for donating and suggests a pair of ceramic turtledoves, which Kevin gladly accepts. Duncan instructs Kevin to keep one and give the other to someone special, so this way, he and that person will be friends forever. Meanwhile, back at The Plaza, Mr. Hector has his suspicions confirmed—that Kevin has (technically) used a stolen credit card to check in and is a fraud, just as he suspected.

Kevin's plan, however, begins to fall apart after he leaves. First, he runs into Harry and Marv on the street outside the store. Harry recognizes Kevin, and a chase subsequently follows, but Kevin thwarts them by causing them to slip on necklace beads. Kevin gets back to the Plaza Hotel to find Mr. Hector waiting for him and tries to get him to save him from Harry and Marv, but Mr. Hector informs Kevin of his discovery about Peter's credit card and begins chasing him through the hotel with several employees and security staff in tow.

Kevin is able to escape by employing a trick he used in the first film, playing a gangster movie at full volume to trick the staff into believing that someone is being shot in the room (this time, the movie is Angels with Even Filthier Souls, a sequel to Angels with Filthy Souls from the first movie). Kevin uses the service staircase to escape the hotel, but he is intercepted by Marv and Harry in an alley. Marv rips up Kevin's plane ticket to Miami and reveals to Kevin that he and Harry are planning to rob Duncan's Toy Chest, unaware that Kevin is recording the conversation. Kevin is able to escape by tricking a woman into punching Harry and Marv, and then fleeing into Central Park and stows away in the back of a hansom cab.

Down in Miami, where the family is staying at a motel that forces them to share one room, Kate answers a phone call from airport security saying that Kevin has been located in New York. She learns that Kevin has used Peter's credit card, but is on the run from the police. The McCallisters decide to leave and head to New York as soon as possible to find Kevin and clear his name.

Kevin, meanwhile, finds his Uncle Rob and Aunt Georgette's penthouse, which is being renovated. He then begins walking through Central Park at night, coming across scary people. Scared out of his mind, he confronts the pigeon lady again, but this time gets his foot stuck between two rocks when he tries to run away. After she frees him, he apologizes for running, and the two go to Carnegie Hall to watch an orchestra play Christmas music from a loft. Kevin learns that the pigeon lady's life has fallen apart because of a lack of trust in people and a lack of friends, and promises to be her friend if she needs one. The pigeon lady, although flattered, tells Kevin not to make promises he can't keep; she also tells Kevin that good deeds cancel out bad deeds and good deeds on Christmas Eve count extra. With this in mind, Kevin departs from the pigeon lady.

While on his way, Kevin walks by the Children's Hospital and waves to a child staring out his window. He remembers what Mr. Duncan told him earlier, then what Marv had told him about the robbery. Kevin is filled with determination to do a good deed, and he dashes to Uncle Rob and Aunt Georgette's penthouse to begin what he calls "Operation Ho-Ho-Ho," which, while along the same lines as the plan from the first film, features even more booby traps.

Just as the McCallisters arrive in New York, Peter and Kate confront the staff at the Plaza for letting Kevin get away. The staff offers the McCallisters a complimentary suite as a token of their apology, and Peter decides to go down to the police station to see what they are doing to find Kevin. The insulted Kate, however, insists on roaming the streets herself to look for Kevin against the advice of both Peter and the staff.

When Kevin is done booby-trapping the house, he walks over to the store with a wood plank and a bucket just in time to see Harry and Marv start stealing cash from the store. He takes two pictures of their crime and then throws a rock with a note to Mr. Duncan through the window, which sets off the alarm. Kevin uses the wood plank and bucket to make a makeshift seesaw. Harry is first out of the window and steps on one end of the plank; he immediately realizes what is going on and warns Marv not to jump on the other end, but he does and causes Harry to fly through the air and smash the roof of a parked car nearby.

The robbers then chase Kevin back to the penthouse, where Harry tries to get Kevin to give him the camera. Kevin responds by throwing bricks off the roof of the penthouse at Harry, but each brick he throws hits Marv. Eventually, the Sticky Bandits reach Kevin in the house, but only after dealing with the booby traps along the way (which include another meeting with Harry and a blowtorch, which ends with him sticking his head into a toilet filled with paint thinner which nearly causes the penthouse to explode, and Marv falling through a hole in the floor and having a shelf full of paint fall on him, then getting electrocuted by a sink hooked to an arc welder as he tries to clean it off).

Once Harry and Marv team up to catch Kevin, they first deal with a retreaded trick from the year before (getting bombed with paint cans); only this time, Kevin throws a heavy pipe that causes them to fall through the hole in the floor and cuts the rope causing the pipe to fall on them. When they recover they then find that Kevin has tied a string from a doorknob to a tool chest at the top of a staircase. When Harry pulls the knob, he does not realize that he pulled the string; and the tool chest thunders down the stairs and forcefully breaks the door off its hinges, and pins the pair into the wall behind them. Eventually, Kevin climbs down a kerosene-soaked rope; just as Harry and Marv climb down on it, he lights it on fire, causing them to let go of the rope and fall down, sending cans of varnish into the air and splattering all over them as they land.

Kevin escapes into the park and calls 911, but just as he is about to continue running, he slips and falls on a patch of ice, which allows Harry and Marv to catch up with him. The burglars swipe the tape and photos and Harry pulls out a pistol. As Harry to shoot Kevin, the pigeon lady returns. Harry and Marv's attention turns to her, allowing Kevin to escape; and he tries to shoot her, but because his pistol is covered in varnish he could not pull the trigger. The pigeon lady then throws her bucket of birdseed on Harry and Marv, and the pigeons attack them.

Kevin then sets off some fireworks, which he bought earlier, to signal the police. As the thieves are arrested, the police come across Kevin's photos and tape, further incriminating the Sticky Bandits. Furthermore, the cash they stole is recovered, and the employees of Duncan's Toy Chest are notified. Mr. Duncan receives Kevin's note and realized that Kevin did what he had to do.

Meanwhile, Kate is frantically searching New York City for Kevin. She stumbles across two police officers in Times Square, and while talking to them she states that Kevin deserved to be at home with his family around a Christmas tree. Suddenly remembering what Kevin had said earlier about Christmas trees, Kate deduces that Kevin must be at Rockefeller Center and says to the policemen that he is there. Her intuition proves correct, as Kevin is standing near the center's Christmas tree, wanting to at least see his mother so he can apologize to her. The two embrace and apologize to each other, then head back to the hotel.

The next morning, Christmas Day, Mr. Duncan sends a whole truckload of presents to Kevin and his family at the Plaza Hotel as a reward for Kevin's role in the arrest of Harry and Marv. Buzz decides to make amends and says that had it not been for Kevin getting on the wrong plane, they would not be in the suite with the Christmas tree and gifts in the first place, and thinks it's only fair that Kevin get to open up the first present. While everyone else is opening their presents, Kevin notices that his turtledoves are on the room's Christmas tree and heads across the street to the park. He finds the pigeon lady and gives her one of the turtledoves, which serves as a symbol of their friendship. Meanwhile, Kevin's room service bill from his first stay at The Plaza is delivered to the McCallisters' room by Cedric totaling $967.43. Buzz receives it and passes it along to Peter, who screams at Kevin from the hotel, "KEVIN! YOU SPENT $967 ON ROOM SERVICE?!!" Upon hearing that, Kevin begins to run in the opposite direction, and the movie ends.




Track listing

  1. "All Alone On Christmas" (4:14) (Darlene Love)
  2. "A Holly Jolly Christmas" (2:14) (Alan Jackson)
  3. "Somewhere In My Memory" (3:58) (Bette Midler, composed by John Williams, lyrics by Leslie Bricusse)
  4. "My Christmas Tree" (2:35) (Home Alone Children's Choir, composed by Alan Menken, lyrics by Jack Feldman)
  5. "Sleigh Ride" (3:44) (TLC)
  6. "Silver Bells" (4:15) (Atlantic Starr)
  7. "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas" (2:40) (John Williams)
  8. "Christmas All Over Again" (4:15) (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) (Only included in the Home Alone Christmas album)
  9. "Jingle Bell Rock" (2:09) (Bobby Helms)
  10. "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" (2:33) (Andy Williams) (Not included in the soundtrack)
  11. "Cool Jerk (Christmas Mix)" (2:39) (The Capitols)
  12. "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" (2:14) (Johnny Mathis)
  13. "Christmas Star" (3:16) (John Williams)
  14. "O Come All Ye Faithful" (3:26) (Lisa Fischer) (Does not appear in the film) (Possibly a bonus track)

Score album

In addition, a CD with excerpts from the score by John Williams was issued in 1992[1]. The track listing is as followed:

1. Somewhere In My Memory 3:49

2. Home Alone 2:01

3. We Overslept Again 2:46

4. Christmas Star 3:18

5. Arrival In New York 1:41

6. Plaza Hotel And Duncan's Toy Store 3:45

7. Concierge And Race To The Room 2:04

8. Star Of Bethlehem 3:28

9. The Thieves Return 4:35

10. Appearance Of Pigeon Lady 3:19

11. Christmas At Carnegie Hall (O Come All Ye Faithful / O Little Town Of Bethlehem / Silent Night) (5:02)

12. Into The Park (3:49)

13. Haunted Brownstone (3:01)

14. Christmas Star And Preparing The Trap (4:17)

15. To The Plaza Presto (3:22)

16. Reunion At Rockefeller Center (2:36)

17. Kevin's Booby Traps (3:41)

18. Finale (3:55)

19. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas (2:51)

Special Edition Album

On the film's tenth anniversary, Varese Sarabande released a two-disc special edition soundtrack, containing the previously noted cues along with additional compositions that were left out from the final film.[2]

The complete track listing is as follows:[2]

Disc One

  1. Home Alone (Main Title) (2:07)
  2. This Year’s Wish (1:47)
  3. We Overslept Again / Holiday Flight (3:19)
  4. Separate Vacations* (1:58)
  5. Arrival in New York** (2:59)
  6. The Thieves Return (3:28)
  7. Plaza Hotel (3:04)
  8. Concierge (1:31)
  9. Distant Goodnights (Christmas Star) (Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse) (2:05)
  10. A Day in the City (:59)
  11. Duncan’s Toy Store (2:41)
  12. Turtle Doves (1:29)
  13. To the Plaza, Presto (3:27)
  14. Race to the Room / Hot Pursuit (4:08)
  15. Haunted Brownstone (3:02)
  16. Appearance of the Pigeon Lady (3:21)
  17. Christmas at Carnegie Hall (5:15) O Come, All Ye Faithful / O Little Town of Bethlehem / Silent Night

Disc Two

  1. Christmas Star - Preparing the Trap (Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse) (4:22)
  2. Another Christmas in the Trenches (2:33)
  3. Running Through Town (1:16)
  4. Luring the Thieves* (4:02)
  5. Kevin’s Booby Traps (7:23)
  6. Down the Rope / Into the Park (5:06)
  7. Reunion at Rockefeller Center / It’s Christmas (5:21)
  8. Finale (2:00)
  9. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Traditional) and Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas (Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse) (2:51)
  10. End Title (1:32)
  11. Holiday Flight (alternate) (2:32)
  12. Suite from “Angels with Filthy Souls II” (:56)
  13. Somewhere in My Memory (Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse) (3:57)
  14. Star of Bethlehem (Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse) (3:32)
  15. Christmas Star (Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse) (3:23)
  16. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas (orchestra) (2:23)

Box office

The movie opened to $31.1 million from 2,222 theaters, averaging $14,008 per site.[3] While it started off better than the original, the final box office gross was much less.[4] $173,585,516 was taken in domestically and $185,406,165 overseas. The film leaves with a total of $358,991,681 worldwide.


The movie was generally poorly received by critics. Roger Ebert of The Chicago Sun-Times commented that the film's gags were overly cartoonish and too sadistic. He also stated that "Cartoon violence only works well in cartoons, which makes it funny only in cartoons. Most of the live-action attempts to duplicate animation have failed, because when flesh-and-blood figures hit the pavement, we can almost hear the bones crunch, and it isn't funny." Another critic called the film "Money grubbing sequilitis at its most pathetic." One critic went so far as to say that Kevin was the true villain of the film, and that Harry and Marv were the victims. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a 17% "Rotten" rating with Critics, and a 62% rating with Users.


As with the first Home Alone movie, video games based on the sequel were released by THQ for such systems as the Sega Genesis, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy and personal computers, mostly in late 1992. A separate hand-held game was released by Tiger Electronics.

The Talkboy handheld tape recorder that Kevin used in the film was actually a non-working prop. A huge letter-writing campaign by young fans of the film led Tiger Electronics to produce a fully functional retail version of the recorder in 1993, when the film was first released on home video.

As they had in the first film, American Airlines also had very prominent product-placement in Home Alone 2, with Kevin and his family completing their respective plane trips on AA flights.

Angels with Even Filthier Souls

Angels with Even Filthier Souls is a sort of "sequel" to the clip used in the first film, Angels with Filthy Souls, and both pay homage to the 1938 film Angels with Dirty Faces.


Johnny's girlfriend, Susie, enters his room. He tells her he knows it was her because he can smell her getting off the elevator. She said it's his favorite perfume, Gardenias. He asked her if she was in his room the previous night. She told him she was singing at the Blue Monkey. He accuses her of cheating on him (or "smooching") with several people, including his brother, which she denies, claiming she loves him. Johnny then takes out his Tommy Gun and told Susie to get down on her knees and told Johnny that she loves him.

Johnny claimed that he believes her, but his tommy gun doesn't, and tells Susie to get out before he counts to three, but when he reaches two, he guns her down where she stands. The clip ends with him saying, "Three! Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!" and "And a Happy New Year!" over the sound of several gunshots.

Use in pranking the staff of the Plaza Hotel

Kevin uses the clip to trick the Plaza Hotel staff when they attempt to confront him about his stolen credit card, fooling the staff into thinking there's a real adult in the room. When Johnny starts accusing his girlfriend of cheating on him, the hotel staff think that he is accusing Mr. Hector (Tim Curry); Cliff the security guard is taken aback at having his name mentioned and says that it is a lie. Mr. Hector informs him that he's apparently mistaken, and that they are looking for a young man. He believes him but then takes out his Tommy Gun. Eventually the entire staff gets down on their knees to tell "him" that they "love him." When Johnny starts shooting at Susie, the staff believes they are real bullets and evacuate the hotel room. Other guests hear the "gunfire" as well and peek out of their rooms with cautious curiosity.

When Johnny finishes shooting, Kevin lip syncs his lines: "Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!" and, "And a Happy New Year!" as he heads down the staircase. The hotel staff then crawl their way to the elevators, while Mr. Hector informs the guests to stay in their rooms, claiming "This is an emergency! There's an insane guest with a gun!"


  • Johnny- (Ralph Foody) mobster boss who accused his girlfriend of cheating on him.
  • Susie- (Clare Hoak) Johnny's girlfriend, who's also a Blue Monkey singer, turned to ragbeat from the wrath of his Tommy Gun.
  • Snuffy, Al, Leo, Little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Boney Babs, Cliff. - Johnny's brothers and associates whom he thinks Susie is smooching with.
  • Lindy - Referring to Charles Lindbergh. Susie told Johnny that Lindy had to take two airplanes to get across her love if it would be an ocean.


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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a 1992 film, the sequel to the popular Home Alone film, about the continuing adventures of a young boy who is left behind by his family during the holidays.

Directed by Chris Columbus. Written by John Hughes.
He's Up Past His Bedtime In The City That Never Sleeps.


Kevin McCallister

  • [To Harry and Marv] You can mess with a lot of things, but you can't mess with kids on Christmas.
  • [To Harry and Marv] Don't you know a kid always wins against two idiots?
  • Sick!
  • [imitates his father with a his Talkboy in slow motion] Howdy-do. This is Peter McCallister, the father. I'd like a hotel room, please, with an extra large bed, a TV, and one of those little refrigerators you have to open with a key. Credit card? You got it.
  • (After realizing he's in the Big Apple) Yikes! I did it again!
  • My family's in Florida, and I'm in New York. [in the verge of happiness] My family's... in Florida...? I'm in... New York?
  • My tie's in the bathroom. I can't go in there, 'cause Uncle Frank's taking a shower. He says if I walked in there and saw him naked, I'd grow up never feeling like a real man, whatever that means.
  • This is it. No turning back. Another Christmas in the trenches.

Frank McCallister

  • (snatches a can of Coke out of Fuller's hand) Hey, hey, easy on the fluids, pal! The rubber sheets are packed. (takes a sip of the Coke himself)
  • Get outta here, you nosy little pervert, or I'm gonna slap you silly!
  • Ohhh, you're cookin', Frankie!
  • [As the others look at their motel in surprise] Didn't look this bad on our honeymoon.
  • I know I shouldn't complain about a free trip, but jeez, you guys give the worst gol-dern wake up calls!

Peter McCallister

  • (last line) KEVIN!! YOU SPENT $967 ON ROOM SERVICE???!!!!!!!!!


  • (after Marv steals money from a donation bag) That's very smart, Marv. We bust out of jail just to rob 14 cents from a Santa Claus.
  • Yep, there's nobody dumb enough to knock off a toy store on Christmas Eve.


  • At midnight tonight, we're hittin' Duncan's Toy Chest. 5 floors of cash!
  • (to Kevin) SUCK BRICK, KID!! (throws a brick, but misses)
  • Harry, I've reached the top! (falls down a hole)
  • You may have won the battle little dude, but you lost the war.

Mr. Hector, the Hotel Concierge

  • [Upon discovering that the McCallisters' credit card was "stolen"] Bingo!
  • What's the matter? Store wouldn't take your stolen credit card? Let's see what the police have to say about this.


Kate: What kind of idiots do you have working here?
Mrs. Stone: The finest in New York.

[Harry and Marv, who have escaped from prison, have arrived in New York in a fish truck]
Harry: Here we are, Marv. New York City, the Land of Opportunity. [Takes a deep breath] Smell that?
Marv: [Takes a deep breath] Yeah.
Harry: Know what that is?
Marv: Fish.
Harry: It's freedom.
Marv: No, it's fish.
Harry: It's freedom, and it's money.
Marv: Okay, okay, it's freedom.
Harry:: Come on, let's get out of here before someone sees us. [He leaves the truck]
Marv: And it's fish. [He leaves]

Cop: Well, Mr. Duncan, it's all over with. We apprehended the thieves, and recovered your money.
Duncan: Good. I wanna get that money over to the Children's Hospital as soon as possible.
Cop: Yo, I'll handle it personally.
Duncan: Ah! Thank you very much!

Harry: Yeah. We stay around for a while, grab a couple of phony passports and then hightail it to some foreign country.
Marv: Arizona? [He uses a sticky glove to steal some coins from a Santa Claus' bucket]
Harry: That's very smart, Marv. You bust outta jail to rob 14 cents from a Santa Claus?
Marv: Every little bit helps. Besides, now we've got our new nicknames: We're the Sticky Bandits!
Harry: [annoyed] Real cute.

Johnny: Hold it right there!
Susie: It's me, Johnny.
Johnny: I knew it was you. I could smell ya gettin' off the elevator!
Susie: It's gardenias, Johnny. Your favorite.
Johnny: You was here last night too, wasn't ya?
Susie: I was singin' at the Blue Monkey last night.
Johnny: You was here...and you was smoochin' with my brother!
Susie: That's a dirty, rotten lie, Johnny.
Johnny: Don't gimme that. You been smoochin' with everybody! Snuffy, Al, Leo, Little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Bony Bob, Cliff... I could go on forever, baby!
Susie: You've got me all wrong!
Johnny: All right. I believe ya. (extracts his Tommy Gun) But my Tommy Gun don't!
Susie: Johnny! You're the only duck in my pond!
Johnny: Get down on your knees and tell me ya love me.
Susie: Baby! I'm over the moon for ya!
Johnny: Ya gotta do better than that!
Susie: If my love was an ocean, Lindy'd have to take 2 airplanes to get across it!
Johnny: Maybe I'm off my hinges, but I believe ya. That's why I'm gonna let ya go. I'm gonna give ya 'til the count of 3 to get your lousy, lyin', low-down 4-flushin' carcass out my door! 1... 2...
(Johnny shoots Susie while laughing maniacally, as usual)
Johnny: 3! Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! (quickly shoots repeatedly) And a Happy New Year. (shoots once more)

Johnny: Hold it right there!
Mr. Hector: This is the Concierge, sir.
Johnny: I knew it was you. I could smell ya getting off the elevator! You was here last night too, wasn't ya?
Mr. Hector: Yes, sir. I was.
Johnny: You was here...and you was smoochin' with my brother.
Mr. Hector: But...I'm afraid you're mistaken, sir.
Johnny: Don't gimme that. You been smoochin' with everybody! Snuffy, Al, Leo, Little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Bony Bob, Cliff...
(The security guard, who's name tag reads "Cliff," gasps with a shocked look on his face and the rest of the staff stares shockingly at him)
Cliff: No. It's a lie!
Johnny: I could go on forever, baby.
Mr. Hector: I'm terribly sorry, sir, but I'm afraid you're mistaken. We're looking for a young man.
Johnny: All right. I believe you. (extracts his gun) But my Tommy gun don't!
(Mr. Hector gives a confused look)
Johnny: Get down on your knees and tell me you love me.
Mr. Hector: On your knees.
(the entire staff gets down on their knees)
Mr. Hector: I love you!
(Kevin snickers quietly and unmutes the T.V.)
Johnny: Ya gotta do better than that!
Mr. Hector, Cedric, Mrs. Stone, and Cliff: I love you!
Johnny: Maybe I'm off my hinges, but I believe ya. That's why I'm gonna let ya go. I'm gonna give ya 'til the count of 3 to get your lousy, lyin', low-down, 4-flushin' carcass out my door! 1... 2...!
(Johnny shoots as the staff ducks from the room, and several hotel guests notice)
Johnny: 3! (while Kevin mouths him) Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! (shoots again) And a Happy New Year. (shoots once more)
Mr. Hector (as the staff crawls out): Stay in your rooms! This is an emergency! There's an insane guest with a gun!

Harry: [after catching Kevin] Come to Papa!
Marv: 'Round trip to Miami? What's the matter, kid? Get on the wrong plane, squirt?
Harry: Looks like you won't be needin' this, kid. (takes ticket out of Kevin's hand and rips it)
Marv: American don't fly to the promise land, little buddy.

(the gang passes Kevin's bag around from Peter all the way to Fuller)
Peter: Give this to Kevin.
Kate: Give this to Kevin.
Leslie: Give this to Kevin.
Tracy: Give this to Kevin.
Linnie: Kevin.
Buzz: Give this to Kevin.
Rod: Give this to Kevin.
Sondra: Give this to Kevin.
Megan: Give this to Kevin.
Jeff: Give this to Kevin.
Brooke: Give this to Kevin.
Fuller: Here you go, Kevin.
(but instead of Kevin, Fuller notices 2 elderly people, so he passes the bag around to the others)
Fuller: Kevin's not here.
Brooke: Kevin's not here.
Jeff: Kevin's not here.
Megan: Kevin's not here.
Sondra: Kevin's not here.
Rod: Kevin's not here.
Linnie: Kevin's not here.
Tracy: Kevin's not here.
Leslie: Kevin's not here.
Kate: Kevin's not here.
(she hands the bag to Peter, who suddenly reacts)
Peter: What?!
(Kate only reacts by laughing, until...)
Kate: KEVIN?!!!
(she faints)

Cedric: You know, Herbert Hoover once stayed on this floor.
Kevin: The vacuum guy?
Cedric: No, the, uh, president.

Harry: [Opens the cash register in Duncan's Toy Chest and steals money from it] Merry Christmas, Harry!
Marv: [Opens a chest stuffed with cash and steals money from it] Happy Hanukkah, Marv!

Marv: My, how the tables have turned.
Harry: How do you like the ice, kid? Let's take a little stroll in the park.

Peter and Kate: (get out of bed in surprise upon noticing they woke up late, like in the previous movie) WE DID IT AGAIN!!! YAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

Mrs. Stone: Can I help you?
Kevin: A reservation for McCallister?
Mrs. Stone: A reservation for yourself?
Kevin: Ma'am, my feet are hardly touching the ground. I'm barely able to look over the counter. How can I make a reservation for a hotel room? Think about it. A kid coming into a hotel, making a reservation? I don't think so.

Harry: Sonny!
Kevin: Yes?
Harry: Nothing would thrill me more greatly than to shoot you. Knocking off a youngster ain't gonna mean all that much to me. Understand? But since we're in a hurry, I'll made a deal with you: you throw down your camera and we won't hurt you. You'll never hear from us again. Okay?
Kevin: You promise?
Harry: I cross my heart and hope to die.
Kevin: Okay (picks up brick from pile behind him)
Harry: (he and Marv snicker) Okay, kid. Give it to me! (Kevin throws the brick at Marv hitting him on the forehead)


  • He's Up Past His Bedtime In The City That Never Sleeps.
  • Yikes! I Did It Again!
  • First, He Was Home Alone, Now, He's Lost In New York.
  • Start Spreading The News... New York is a Real Scream!

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