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Home improvement or home renovation or remodeling is the process of renovating or making additions to one's home.


Types of home improvement

While it most often refers to building projects that alter the structure of an existing home, home renovation can include improvements to lawns and gardens and outbuildings like gazebos and garages.

Home improvement projects generally have one or more of the following goals:


Beautification and added features


Maintenance and repair

Maintenance projects can include:

Additional space

Additional living space may be added by:

  • Turning marginal areas into livable spaces such as turning basements into recrooms, home theaters, or home offices – or attics into spare bedrooms.
  • Extending one's house with rooms added to the side of one's home or, sometimes, extra levels to the original roof.

Saving energy

Homeowners may reduce utility costs with:

Safety and preparedness

Emergency preparedness safety measures such as:

Professional versus do-it-yourself

There are three main approaches to managing a home improvement project: hiring a general contractor, directly hiring specialized contractors, or doing the work oneself.

A general contractor oversees a home improvement project that involves multiple trades. A general contractor acts as project manager, providing access to the site, removing debris, coordinating work schedules, and performing some aspects of the work.

35% of homeowners, according to the Remodeling Sentiment Report bypass the general contractor, and hire tradesmen themselves, including plumbers, electricians and roofers.

Another strategy is to "do it yourself" (DIY). 67% of homeowners report they will do some work themselves when they remodel according to the Remodeling Sentiment Report. Several major American retailers, such as Home Depot and Lowes, specialize in selling materials and tools for DIY home improvement. These stores host classes and carry numerous books to teach customers how to do the work themselves. DIY websites also provide information.

Home improvement industry

Home or residential renovation is a $300 billion industry in the United States,[2] and a $48 billion industry in Canada.[3] The average cost per project is $3,000 in the United States and $11,000–15,000 in Canada.[4]

There are several types of companies that contribute to the booming renovation industry. Supply businesses such as Home Depot, Lowes, Home Hardware and Rona Lansing provide all the materials and tools necessary to facilitate home renovations. Many online companies and home improvement websites offer tips, guidelines and trends to give homeowners ideas for design and décor.


Playing a critical role are the professional associations created to represent the architects, architectural technologists, interior designers and skilled trades that provide specialized services to homeowners. These associations provide credibility, trade guidelines and useful information to help homeowners learn more about the trades they are about to hire.[citation needed]

Associations include:

Renovation Contractors

Perhaps the most important or visible professionals in the renovation industry are renovation contractors or skilled trades. These are the builders that have specialized credentials, licensing and experience to perform renovation services in specific municipalities. While there is a fairly large ‘grey market’ of unlicensed companies, there are those that have membership in a reputable association or are accredited by a professional organization.

Home improvement on television

Home improvement was launched on television in 1979 with the premiere of This Old House starring Bob Vila on PBS.

The sitcom Home Improvement used the home improvement theme for comedic purposes.

American cable channel HGTV features many do-it-yourself shows, as does sister channel DIY Network and the competing Discovery Home.

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Home Improvement (1991 - 1999) was an American television sitcom series, airing on ABC, about an accident prone host of a Detroit, Michigan television program about tools, who raises his dysfunctional family.


Season 1

Pilot [1.1]

Jill: [about the dishwasher] You will not screw it up like you did the blender. End of discussion.
Tim: What's wrong with the blender? It's the only blender on the block that can puree a brick.

Jill: Tim, do you ever listen to me? It was the last thing that I said in bed to you last night.
Tim: No, I believe, if you recall, the last thing you said to me in bed last night was "no!"
Jill: You're thinking of tonight.

Mow Better Blues [1.2]

Tim: In the shop, tape hangs on a hook, because it has a hole in it.
Jill: So does your head, it's not hanging on a hook.

Jill: [to Tim, after finding the missing wrench in the dryer] Do you want this on regular cycle or fluff?

Jill Taylor: (Finds Tim pretending to ride lawnmower like a motorcycle) So, what? Did you join Hells Gardeners?

Off Sides [1.3]

Tim: [after opening a bag of chips and spilling them everywhere] There's a warning label right here. You shouldn't open these in broad daylight, in Detroit. It could cause an explosion!

Tim: Would I help if I said I was sorry?
Jill: It might.
Tim: I'm sorry.
Jill: It didn't.

Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof [1.4]

Jill: Tim, what do you actually know about installing a satellite dish?
Tim: It's simple. Mount it, point it straight up. Any man could do that.
Jill: Yeah, but it has to stay up longer than ten seconds.

Tim: However much I'm not jealous, I'm twice as much not insecure.
Wilson: Well, you should feel secure, Tim. You've got what every man dreams of.
Tim: A satellite dish!
Wilson: No, Tim. Three strapping boys, a nice home, and a loving wife.

Wild Kingdom [1.5]

Jill: Will you go check the furnace, I think the pilot must be out.
Tim: Are you saying that lighting a pilot is a man's job?
Jill: No, I'm saying it's your job.

Mark: What are we gonna make?
Jill: I'm gonna have your whole Scout troop make paper-bag masks.
Mark: Is that all? Billy's mom helped us make a real tepee.
Jill: She did?
Mark: Yeah, and she made us beef jerky out of raw meat.
Jill: Billy's mom is a Stepford wife. You're getting pizza and paper-bag masks.

Adventures in Fine Dining [1.6]

Jill: What are we gonna do about the boys' table manners?
Tim: You should give them a refresher course.
Jill: Me? What about you?
Tim: [with his mouth full] Honey, I'm a man. What do I know about manners?

Brad: Mom!
Jill: What?
Brad: Dad's cussing.
Tim: I'm not cussing.
Mark: He said a bad word.
Tim: It wasn't bad!
Randy: He said 'hell' and 'damn'.
Tim: I did not say 'damn'.
Randy: Now you did.

Jill: I'll be going upstairs now...
Tim: You want company?
Jill: No, just you.
Tim: [because the kids are asleep at the dinner table] Shouldn't we take the boys to bed?
Jill: Nah, leave them. It'll only take a minute, anyway...

Nothing More Than Feelings [1.7]

Jill: [as the boys prepare to go to school] If you miss that bus, you'll be in big trouble!
Tim: Trouble already? Boys, pace yourselves, you've got all day to be evil. You don't wanna peak too soon.

Jill: I thought if there was a problem with the car, the light would get brighter, or there would be a buzzer.
Tim: A buzzer!? It's a car, not a game show!

Flying Sauces [1.8]

Tim: I'm gonna make some of that four-star, happy trails, rootin'-tootin' chili of mine.
Jill: I don't know about the rootin', but there'll be plenty of tootin'.
Tim: You should consider yourself lucky I'm not making my rip-roarin' chili.

Jill: What are we going to do about Brad and Randy? They keep tormenting Mark.
Tim: That's why we had Mark, so they'd leave us alone.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble [1.9]

Jill: I thought you said it was a technical problem!
Tim: Technically, I was the problem.

Tim: We've talked about this long enough; I'm gonna put another sink in this room.
Jill: Oh, no no no no you're not.
Tim: It's not that big a job; it's a small job.
Jill: There is no such thing as a small job with you, Tim. First you'd start with the sink, and the next thing I'd know you'd be ripping out walls, and running a subway through here.
Tim: I'd give you free tickets.

Reach Out and Teach Someone [1.10]

Jill: Why do they call it a monkey wrench?
Tim: They call it a monkey wrench because even a monkey can use it.

Brad: Dad, am I gonna be able to help you work on this thing?
Tim: You bet!
Jill: No, no, Brad, honey, you have to finish your homework.
Brad: Aww, man
Tim: No "aww man's." Do what she says, then you can help.
Tim: Hey Randy, did you do your homework?
Randy: Yeah.
Tim: Want to help?
Randy: No.
Tim: Where did I go wrong with him?
Jill: Don't worry about it, he's not yours.

Look Who's Not Talking [1.11]

Tim: We are enlightened men, and enlightened men share in the household responsibilities, right?
Mark: What's 'enlightened'?
Randy: It means scared of Mom.

Tim: [about the vacuum] On the outside, it maintains that feminine allure. On the inside, I've doubled its chromosome count.

Yule Better Watch Out [1.12]

Jill: Randy's no longer playing the innkeeper, because he added some lines.
Brad: Yeah. He doubled the price of the room and asked the wise men for ID!
Randy: They made me a sheep.

Mark: So Santa is alive?
Jill: Sure, you sat on his lap at the mall.
Mark: But there are a lot of malls. How could Santa be at every one?
Tim: He's really fast for a fat guy!

Up Your Alley [1.13]

Tim: You can't help that you're a lousy bowler. You're a woman.
Jill: Boy, nothing gets by you, Tim.

Jill: We're keeping score.
Tim: I thought you didn't want to keep score.
Jill: Oh, is the great big bad bowling man afraid his itty-bitty wife is going to beat him?
Tim: Is the itty-bitty wife afraid the big bad bowling man is going to leave her in the PARKING LOT?

For Whom the Belch Tolls [1.14]

Tim: Today, we hung a storm door on an existing wood frame. Now, the important thing about putting a door in is hanging it, 'cause if it's not hung well, you got a problem. Right, Al?
Al: Speak for yourself, Tim.

Tim: What are you doing?
Wilson: Oh, just pounding myself some horseshoes.
Tim: Wouldn't a pair of loafers be more comfortable?

Forever Jung [1.15]

Jill: [Tim has come home with a piece of table glued to his head] Wha-What is this thing on your head?
Tim: It's a little piece of table.
Randy: What happened?
Tim: Well, Mr. Negativity Al distracted me and got my head cemented to this table. It took me a saber saw to get me off of this table.
Jill: Shouldn't you go to the emergency room?
Tim: I was just there. They said I wasn't a priority.
Jill: Why? Was there a guy with a whole table stuck to his head? [Jill and Karen laugh]

Tim: [with a piece of table stuck to his head] I was trying to make a point on the show that men don't just destroy things with hammers and nails and tools.
Karen: No, they also glue.

Tim: Pure power. You could saw through the refrigerator with this thing!
Jill: Wouldn't it be easier to open the door?

Jill's Birthday [1.16]

Jill: If I have to tell you what to get, I might as well just go out and buy it myself.
Tim: Now you're talking.

Tim: Mark and I were talking in the garage, do you guys know anything about a "little brother tax"?
Brad & Randy: No.
Tim: Maybe I should tell you about something called a "large angry father tax."

What About Bob? [1.17]

Jill: [to Randy] Randall William Taylor, get out here now! I want to talk to you!
Tim: Wow, the middle name. He's in trouble!

Jill: [about Bob Vila] Are you afraid that big bad Bob is going to make you look foolish?
Tim: Better men than him have made me look foolish. [pause] That didn't sound right, did it?

Baby, It's Cold Outside [1.18]

Tim': Are you insinuating this is my fault?
Jill: I'm not insinuating. I'm saying it. It's your fault.

Tim: [after putting out a fire] Who would have guessed that chrome cleaner could be so flammable?
Al: I suppose whoever put the warning on the label, Tim.

Unchained Malady [1.19]

Al: I'm just saying that if you send that chain letter, you'll have better luck.
Tim: Al, listen. Having George Foreman on the show, that is good luck. Winning a shovel, that's not good luck. You do not have good luck.
Lisa: Al, Al, I almost forgot. The heat's broken in my apartment. Can I stay at your place tonight?

Jill: In the past month, you have done the following things -- backed a pickup truck into a house, almost electrocuted yourself three times, nailed your shoe to the floor, and glued your head to a table.
Tim: What's your point?
Jill: My point is it's not the chain letter that's causing the bad luck, it's you. You're a klutz, isn't that great?
Tim: Honey, I'm thrilled.

Birds of a Feather Flock to Taylor [1.20]

Eddie: [after his wife died] I was married to Tildy for 45 years, and the woman drove me absolutely crazy. She had these ugly little porcelain cats that she loved to line up on a window sill. Every day for 45 years, I used to take those cats off the window sill and put them in a cupboard. And every day for 45 years, she'd take the cats out of the cupboard and put them back on the window sill.
Tim: Where are they now?
Eddie: On a window sill.
Tim: You didn't throw them out?
Eddie: What for? [pause] You don't have to understand a woman. All you have to do is love her.

Jill: Do you think that Tim is a good listener?
Wilson: Yes! I think Tim is a very good listener.
Jill: But does he understand everything you say?
Wilson: I think Tim is a very good listener.

A Battle of Wheels [1.21]

Tim: What are you up to?
Wilson: Just painting a self-portrait.
Tim: Yeah? Of who?

Tim: I'm your prisoner. Do what you will to me, over and over and over.
Jill: Let's face it, Tim, with you, when it's over, it's over.

Luck Be a Taylor Tonight [1.22]

Robin: At least Tim helps you out around the house.
Jill: Well, of course he does. I trained him. If it weren't for me, he'd still be in the backyard eating out of a trough.

Tim: You know, Charlie, she's gonna keep interrupting the game if you don't apologize.
Fred: Hey, never apologize. It's admitting you're wrong. I have never once apologized to any woman.
Tim: Freddie, how many times you been married?
Fred: Three.
Tim: Why do you suppose that is?
Fred: I can't find a woman who understands me.

Al's Fair in Love and War [1.23]

Tim: And you'll notice Daddy-O here has a 20-gallon steel cylinder filled with propane. I've increased the outlet valve of this twice over. Which means we'll be cooking with what?
Randy: The Fire Department?

Tim: I was a whiz in math when I was in school. Do you suppose they call those square roots because they're just not that cool?

Stereo-typical [1.24]

Tim: We have a very special show for you today.
Al: Does that mean you're not going to break anything, Tim?
Tim: Maybe just your contract, buddy.

Tim: Man's speakers, that's what I'm after. Speakers with attitude. Speakers that haven't shaved in a couple of days.

Season 2

Read My Hips [2.1]

Tim: If a woman holds up a stop sign, if she designed it, it would say "If you really knew me, you'd know what you should do right now."

Tim: I didn't know you wanted me home right away.
Jill: Well, what did you think I meant when I said how I was looking forward to seeing you and [Saying seductively] "I'll be waiting."
Tim: Oh, what was that supposed to mean, "I'll be waiting?"
Jill: Well, I was trying to be more subtle! What did you want me to say, "The kids are gone, I'm home alone, come and take me Big Daddy?"
Tim: Well, that I understand.

Tim: After all, a safe workplace is a happy workplace, isn't it?
Al: I wouldn't know, Tim.


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