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Flash series
Homestar Runner logo.svg
The Homestar Runner logo
Homestar Runner
Devised by Mike Chapman
Craig Zobel
Written by Mike Chapman
Matt Chapman
Animated by Mike Chapman
Matt Chapman
Voiced by Matt Chapman
Missy Palmer
Mike Chapman
Launch date January 1, 2000

Homestar Runner is a Flash animated Internet cartoon. It mixes surreal humor with references to 1970s, '80s, and '90s pop culture, notably video games, classic television, and popular music. Most of the site's traffic comes from the United States;[1] events in the cartoon itself usually take place in the fictitious Free Country, USA.

The cartoons are nominally centered on title character Homestar Runner. However, the series titled Strong Bad Email or sbemail, in which another main character, Strong Bad, answers emails from viewers, is the most popular and prominent feature of the site. While Homestar and Strong Bad are the main characters, the site has grown to encompass dozens of other characters over the years.

The site is one of the most visited sites with collections of Flash cartoons on the Internet and is notable for its refusal to sell advertising space (the creators pay for everything through merchandise sales, which includes a line of T-shirts).[2] It grew in popularity largely through word of mouth.[3] The owners of the website have reportedly turned down two offers to make a television series.[4]

In general the site is updated with fresh animated material weekly; prior to delivering sizable animations, the weekly updates are frequently interrupted. As of March 2010, the site has not been substantially updated since December 2009.



The cover of The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest.

Homestar Runner was brought to life in Atlanta in 1996 by two University of Georgia[5][6][7] students, Mike Chapman and Craig Zobel, who were working summer jobs surrounding the 1996 Summer Olympics.[3] On a day off, they visited a bookstore where they found that the state of children's books was dismal. Intending to parody this, they wrote the original story The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest.[8] This story featured Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, The Cheat, and a few characters that are rarely seen in recent cartoons: The Robot, Mr. Bland, Señor, and the Grape Fairie. This hand-drawn book was the only incarnation of the characters for several years.

They later used Mario Paint, a Super Nintendo video game, to create the first cartoon of the series.[9] By 1999, Mike and his younger brother Matt Chapman, who call themselves The Brothers Chaps, were learning Flash and looking for something on which to practice.[10] Digging out the old children's book provided a solution. The site domain was registered on December 6, 1999, and around the start of the year 2000, was live. Matt provided the voices of the male characters, while Mike's girlfriend (now wife) Missy Palmer provided Marzipan's voice.[2][3]

Current Homestar Runner homepage.

Regarding the origin of the name "Homestar Runner", Matt had this to say, from an interview with Kevin Scott:[10]

"It actually comes from a friend of ours. There was an old local grocery store commercial, and we live in Atlanta, and it advertised the Atlanta Braves. It was like, "the Atlanta Braves hit home runs, and you can hit a home run with savings here!" And so there was this player named Mark Lemke, and they said something like "All star second baseman for the Braves." And our friend knows nothing about sports, and so he would always do his old-timey radio impression of this guy, and not knowing any positions in baseball or whatever, he would just be like, "homestar runner for the Braves." And we were just like, "Homestar Runner? That’s the best thing we’ve ever heard!"

The friend mentioned is James Huggins (band member of Of Montreal), who was a childhood friend of the Chapman brothers while growing up in Atlanta, Georgia (Dunwoody).

The site grew slowly at first, but by mid-2001 it began to take off with the first Strong Bad Email. The number of visitors to the site grew, and by March 2003 the site had outgrown its original web host, Yahoo!. Merchandise sales paid for all of the costs of running the website as well as living costs of the creators, whose retired parents managed many of the business aspects.[11]

On January 30, 2006, Podstar Runner was launched, allowing people to download select Strong Bad Emails and other toon episodes to a video-enabled portable media player (such as an iPod). Once made available through iTunes' podcast directory, it very quickly took the #1 slot on Apple's "Most Popular" podcast list. Podstar Runner was taken down on September 21, 2007, for reasons unknown. A new version was introduced on Thursday, January 10, 2008, but it is no longer available at the iTunes Store or Zune Marketplace.

Collaborations with other artists

Puppet Homestar singing "Apple Juice Blues" with They Might Be Giants

The Brothers Chaps on occasion have partnered up with rock band They Might Be Giants and supplied animation for a music video of their song "Experimental Film."[12] The creators of Homestar Runner spent a day with the band, and those songs have found their way onto the website in the form of "Puppet Jam," a subset of "Puppet Stuff," where Puppet Homestar rocks out with TMBG.[13] TMBG also wrote the music for Strong Bad Email #99, "Different Town.", and on the 200th strong bad email, the band wrote and vocalized the intro song. [14] Another group, The Skate Party, helped The Brothers Chaps create "The Cheat Theme Song."[15] The band Y-O-U helped with the Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits CD, as well as on the strongbad_email.exe DVDs. The Brothers Chaps also employed the services of the erstwhile a cappella band DaVinci's Notebook to create a theme song for the old-timey version of The Cheat, called "Ballad of The Sneak".[16]

Discussing how he and his sibling decide which projects to work on, Mike Chapman said, "We learned how to politely say no to things that were going to affect our lives negatively. If it’s going to be fun, if we’re going to enjoy doing it, and if the end project is going to be something we want to have happen, we say yes."[17]


The site receives several million hits a month, and almost a thousand emails a day.[18] According to Matt Chapman, the site did no real advertising, but grew on word of mouth and endorsements: "Certain bands, like fairly popular bands and stuff would link us on their site and, you know we were Shockwave site of the day a couple of times over the years."[3] Homestar Runner's popularity, coupled with its positive critical response, has led to the website receiving widespread coverage. Homestar Runner has been featured in Wired, National Review, Entertainment Weekly, Total Gamer, G4, and NPR's All Things Considered.[19]

A review published in National Review characterized the site's humor as having "the innocence of slapstick with sharp satire of American popular culture"—humor that "tends to be cultural, not political."[20]


The Homestar Runner site frequently features songs and videos within their animated shorts or as stand-alone entities, which serve as parodies of hair metal, death metal, college rock and hip hop. These are primarily sung and performed either by the characters or by fictitious rock bands with names such as “Limozeen”, “Peacey P”, “sloshy”, "Brainkrieg" and “Taranchula.” Real-life musicians They Might be Giants have also appeared occasionally, performing with a Homestar puppet or allowing the characters to perform a video to their song Experimental Film.

The site-generated music has enjoyed surprising popularity, such that commercial CDs are now sold and two songs, "Trogdor" by the character Strong Bad and "Because, It's Midnite" by Limozeen, have been included in the successful Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s video games, respectively. Their inclusion in the games is reportedly because Harmonix founder Alex Rigopulos is a professed fan of Homestar Runner.[21]

The first music included in the site's content was humorously absurd hip hop created by the character Coach Z, who often makes references to hip hop and rap music in conversation. Another character, Strong Bad, sings short intros in weekly cartoons in which he checks his email and provides humorous responses and commentary. In an email titled “dragon”, he draws a bizarre one-armed dragon called “TROGDOR, THE BURNiNATOR,” and performs its theme song. By far, it became the site’s most popular joke, yielding merchandise such as T-shirts, CDs, messenger bags, etc. all featuring the title character. Its theme song was included as a bonus track in Guitar Hero II.

A faux hair metal band, Limozeen, was introduced as a parody in the style of '80s metal bands like Skid Row, White Lion and Poison; their songs include "Because, It's Midnite," "Nite Mamas," "Feed the Childrens" and "Brain Sister". Recently, Limozeen (actually the Atlanta indie band Y-O-U along with Matt Chapman on vocals) performed a live show in Atlanta, Georgia on March 17, 2008[22]. They performed live again on November 8, 2008, opening for indie pop band Of Montreal.[23] A few years later, the death metal parody Taranchula was created. Billed as Scandinavian, their songs, done in the style of Sepultura, include "Decoupage", "Trudgemank", and "Moving Very Slowly". The creators later introduced a shoegazer band called “sloshy” (always spelled in lower case and rotated 180 degrees), which featured songs in the musical vein of Pavement such as "We Don't Really Even Care About You," "OK Fine," and "Unripe,” as well as a cover of Limozeen's "Because, It's Midnite." Recently, the site has also touched on rap music via the character Peacy P, a rapper who mainly appears as a guest star on various albums, even his own. His singing style resembles that of Snoop Dog. Another new addition to the site's musical roster is the self-absorbed R&B artist Tenerence Love. Taranchula was later revisited and released a song called "Trudgemank" featuring Peacey P, à la "the early '90s."



Homestar Runner features several "sub-cartoons" and spin-offs. Some of these cartoons take place outside the normal Homestar Runner universe, and the main characters of the normal cartoons do not necessarily appear in them. When they do, it is often not in the same way they appear in the main Homestar Runner world—most of the main characters also have alter-egos that appear occasionally.

Old-Timey (1936)

These cartoons take place in an old-time setting, with most of the Homestar Runner characters having direct counterparts in the Old-Timey cartoons. These cartoons are in black and white with a film grain effect added and scratchy audio quality. They parody the distinctive style of animated cartoons during the 1920s and 1930s (à la Steamboat Willie), and can be seen as perhaps deliberately unfunny, to make a slanted joke about such old-style cartoons.

Powered By The Cheat

"Powered by The Cheat" are cartoons created by the character The Cheat, hence the name. They feature main characters, but have an amateurish style of animation, nonsensical plots and bad voice acting. They parody poorly-made internet cartoons.


Another series of cartoons, Stinkoman 20X6 (abbreviated to 20X6; pronounced "Twenty Exty-Six"), originated from a response to an email asking Strong Bad what he would look like if he were in an anime. The main character, Stinkoman, is an anime version of Strong Bad with blue hair, a shiny body and robot boots. He is always looking for a fight, asking various characters he interacts with to engage him in a "challenge" ("Are you asking for a challenge?"). The characters in 20X6 cartoons each have a counterpart in the Homestar Runner universe and their features that is a bad parody of anime and Japanese video game stereotypes. The game of the same name was heavily based on the Mega Man series, particularly the first 6 entries.

Limozeen: But They're In Space!

Limozeen, an '80s hair metal style band was depicted in a cartoon that described a short-lived Saturday morning cartoon entitled Limozeen: But They're in Space!. The idea appears to resemble Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space. In the pilot episode, which was canceled during the episode itself, Limozeen is "knocked off the charts by an alternative rock band". Fictional shoegazer band sloshy would appear in an episode of this cartoon, having their tour van destroyed by some "hot lixx".

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes is a surreal children's cartoon-within-a-cartoon also introduced in a Strong Bad Email, featuring characters like "Eh! Steve!" and "The Worm." A character named Sherlock that is described as a mixture of "a cow and a helicopter" is always attempting to get the worm out of a hole, but is always unsuccessful. "The Wheelchair", voiced by Bubs within the cartoon, is always trying to catch Eh! Steve. Eh! Steve uses his name as a catchphrase. Strong Bad himself also appears, but with a Casio keyboard in place of his head. There was a single Christmas episode entitled "Cactus Coffee and the No-Tell Motel". The cartoon also spawned its own miniature golf course, which is as bizarre as the cartoon.

Cheat Commandos

The Cheat Commandos is a parody of G.I. Joe that created a cast of characters that are the same species as The Cheat. Each character is based on a G.I. Joe character. For example, the character Crackotage is based on Roadblock, but with a voice more like Scatman Crothers. The enemy of the Commandos is Blue Laser, a direct parody of Cobra, who have their equivalent of Cobra Commander, known as Blue Laser Commander. The cartoon is constantly advertising its products in the cartoons by such methods as referring to the areas they are in as "playsets", a convoy truck as an "action figure storage vehicle", and by ending each cartoon with the phrase (sung in a patriotic way), "Buy all our playsets and toys!"

Strong Bad Email

"Some Kinda Robot", the very first Strong Bad Email.

Strong Bad Emails (also known as "sbemails") have traditionally been among the most popular features on Homestar Runner. The emails were initially brief, but grew to establish numerous spinoffs and inside jokes on the site. The format, though, has remained essentially unchanged since its inception (with the exception of updated computers): Strong Bad receives an email from a fan or viewer, and starts typing his response. Strong Bad generally mocks the sender, criticizing names, hometowns, spelling and grammar. Most of the time a cut-away sequence is used that gets away from typing the e-mail. Once the events of the email finish unfolding, Strong Bad wraps up the email, and then "The Paper", the "New Paper", the "Envelope Paper", or the "Compé-per" comes down with a link to email Strong Bad. Often, hidden animations (Easter Eggs) are displayed when the user clicks on a word or picture either during the email or after it has concluded. Depending on your browser, it may be possible to hold the TAB key, or hold the CTRL key along with the TAB key, and highlight any clickable hidden feature in the animation.[24] As of October 6, 2009, there are 211 sbemails (including the 6 bonus episodes found on the sbemail DVDs exclusively distributed by Microcinema DVD).

Teen Girl Squad

Teen Girl Squad is a crudely drawn comic strip narrated by Strong Bad, using a falsetto voice. It began after Strong Bad received an email asking him to make a comic strip of a girl and her friends.[25] The comic features four archetypal teenage girls, with heavy parody evident in the characters' nondescript names: "Cheerleader", "So and So", "What's Her Face" and "The Ugly One". The comic strip is about their lives (and frequently violent, but funny, deaths devised by Strong Bad). The comic seems to be a commentary on teen culture in the United States.

Holiday Specials

Strong Sad dressed up as David Bowie on Halloween.

Several episodes have been dedicated to special days of the year. For example, every Halloween, a cartoon is released that features all the characters in costumes celebrating some traditional aspect of Halloween (such as ghost stories, trick-or-treating or pumpkin carving). The characters' costumes are often famously esoteric, full of obscure pop culture references or characters from movies and television shows made in the '70s, '80s and '90s; for example: Flavor Flav, Angus Young, Jambi the Genie, Gizmo, Prince, and Sam Kinison. April Fool's Day features various gags, such as turning the site into a "PAY PLUS!" offer site or flipping it upside down. The characters also celebrate an annual holiday called "Decemberween", a parody of Christmas that features gift-giving, carol-singing and decorated trees. The fact that it takes place on December 25, the same day as Christmas, has been presented as just a coincidence, and it has been stated that Decemberween traditionally takes place "55 days after Halloween".

Other holidays celebrated include New Year's Day, "The Big Game" (around the time of the Super Bowl), St. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, "Senorial Day" (a combination of a lesser character named Senor Cardgage and Memorial Day), Flag Day, Independence Day (also known as "Happy Fireworks" by Homestar), Labor Day (occasionally referred to as "Labor Dabor"), Thanksgiving and, most recently, Easter.

Marzipan's Answering Machine

Marzipan's Answering Machine has limited animation and consists of a series of phone messages left on Marzipan's answering machine. These cartoons often include attempts by Strong Bad to prank call Marzipan or run some sort of scam. Homestar Runner leaves frequent messages, as does Coach Z, who was revealed to have a crush on Marzipan through a drunk dial in episode "5.0" of this feature. In addition, less frequently featured characters appear, such as Crack Stuntman, Stinkoman and Vector Strong Bad.

Puppet Stuff

Homestar also features a segment in which the regular cartoons are replaced by puppets that may do skits that can vary from performing in music videos with They Might Be Giants, holiday videos, or Homestar and Strong Bad interacting with a little girl.

Homestar Runner Email

Following a similar format to Strong Bad's e-mail, hremails feature Homestar answering e-mails from fans. hremails are notably zanier than sbemails, reflecting the differences in the two characters' personalities. While Strong Bad often focuses his responses on mocking the sender or element of their question (such as Web comics), Homestar provides surreal advice in a friendly manner. Eventually, Strong Bad "couldn't take it anymore", and took back his old show.

Video games

Web games

Homestar Runner offers a variety of online games that feature one or more of their characters. The first games were simple in nature and are now found under Super Old Games-n-Such. Among them are the "Homestar Talker",[26] a Soundboard starring Homestar, and "Astro-Lite 2600",[27] a game similar to Lite-Brite. More recent games have been released as products of "Videlectrix", a side project of the brothers. These games are far more complex, spoofing many popular 80s videogames. "Where's an Egg?" is a good example of their parody games.[28] It is a web-based Flash game that is portrayed as a real, but extremely obscure game with all captions in broken Russian and clunky graphics reminiscent of the early days of computer gaming.[29] The game takes place in Soviet Russia with references to Lenin's Tomb, Sputnik and Siberia. You play as an unnamed detective in search of an egg. Videlectrix claims on its homepage that it purchased the game overseas "some years ago." However, no one at the company could figure out how the game worked until they found a page from the original instruction booklet (in Russian, along with strained translations into English from the seller) for sale on an online auction site.[30]

Arguably their most famous game, "Peasant's Quest", is an adventure game featuring Rather Dashing, a young peasant in short pants. After he comes home from a vacation he finds his cottage burned to the ground. He vows to kill the destroyer of his cottage: Trogdor the Burninator, a dragon with one human arm, created as a result of a sbemail. The game uses a system that is a near replica of Sierra Entertainment's Adventure Game Interpreter, used in King's Quest, Space Quest and several other early Sierra titles. Recently, the website has produced Wii versions of some of the games on the site, for the Wii browser. When played on the computer, these use the mouse only.[31]

Thy Dungeonman is a parody of text adventure games. A running gag in the game is that "you cannot get ye flask" from sbemail "video games", (one of the first items mentioned in the first game), as mentioned in the Strong Bad Email "video games". At the end of the third game, you manage to actually get Ye Flask. Though intended to be medieval, the text is actually rendered in mock Shakespearean English. Thy Dungeonman has two sequels: Thy Dungeonman II and Thy Dungeonman III, the latter of which is on the Homestar Runner website, the former on the Videlectrix site. Thy Dungeonman III has graphics, though Sbemail "video games" states that such games had no graphics ("Graphics schmaphics").Ye Flask and "Ye can't get ye flask" have become catch-phrases in the Homestar Runner universe, eventually spawning a T-shirt in the Homestar Runner store.

Strong Bad Zone is a parody of vector graphics games such as Battlezone. The idea of the game is to block the items that are fired at you, but in a way that they hit Strong Bad's floating head, breaking off a piece. When all pieces are destroyed, the game resumes. In the Wii version, once Strong Bad is destroyed, the screen will become covered with lipstick kisses and vector Strong Bad will say "Back Off Baby", from the sbemail "video games". The Wii version also adds music. A gag in the game occurs when you die, where vector Strong Bad will say "Your head a-splode", a "bad translation" as described in the sbemail.

Other games include 50k Racewalker, a game based on track and field video games, apparently involving race walking (although the character moves significantly slower); Hallrunner, a vector game where various encounters must either be "spoken to, jumped over, or fought" before the object is known, while avoiding obstacles; and Pigs on Head, a Game & Watch based game.

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (SBCG4AP)

On April 10, 2008, a new episodic game called Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People was announced for the Wii's WiiWare service and Microsoft Windows, developed by Telltale Games in partnership with Videlectrix.[32] The first episode Homestar Ruiner premiered on August 11, 2008 worldwide for Windows on Telltale Game's website and in North America on Nintendo's WiiWare service on August 11, 2008. It was also released in Europe and Australia the following Friday (August 15, 2008). The second episode, Strong Badia the Free, was released on September 15 on the Telltale Game's website and on the WiiWare service in North America, and in the PAL region on October 3. Episode three, titled Baddest of the Bands, was released on Telltale Games' website and the WiiWare service in North America on October 27, and to the PAL region on November 21. The fourth episode, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, was released on Telltale Games' website and WiiWare in North America on November 17, and in the PAL region on December 5. The fifth and final episode, 8-Bit is Enough, was released to North America on December 15 and in the PAL region on January 2, 2009.


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Homestar Runner is a popular internet Flash series.

  • "Yes, Strong Bad, I ate Luigi. He tasted like mushrooms."
  • "What in Pete Sampras is going on here?!?"
  • "So kids, the moral of the story is 'Strong Sad doing Tai Chi is really, really funny'."
  • "Fugugrass."
  • Singing to the tune of The Neverending Story: "The blood is rushing to my head. Blacking out, blacking out, blacking out..." and also "Neverending so-oda. Ah Ah Aaah Ah Ah Aaah Ah Ah Aaah..."
  • "Seriously."
  • "Can you put this cow lamp back? We're running of of room in here. You won't get much for it anyway, it's not even a real cow."
  • (To a wagon filled with pancakes)"A wagon fulla pamcakes? In the champeenship?! I'd like to see ya try!"
  • "This does NOT look good for Homestar Runner."
  • (reading Strong Bad's e-mails) "Dear Strong Bad, what is your favorite leg? Jess and Tiff. (typing) Hey, Crapface! Why don'tcha go blow it out your ear! (sweetly) Your buddy, Strong Bad."
  • "Whoa, Pom Pom! Let's tone down the language before the contest, huh?"
  • "Hey, Strong Bad, check out my Strong Sad impression. Ahem,(with Strong Sad's voice) I turned them all over to Twelve-Times-A-Day-Man!"
  • "Hey, Twelve Times A Day Man, You gonna eat all them Twizzlers? (he pronounces "Twizzlers" as "Tweezlérs")"
  • "Making out with Marzipan is totally awesome!"
  • "Do you has what it takes to serve the Homestarmy? Will you bring me a sack lunch and some orange slices and serve your country? Will you, stupid?!"
  • "(after failing to pronounce "powder" right) I've got twouble with my aw's!"
  • "I hate that fweaking mawshmawwow."
  • "Hey, Stwong Bad, wook what I can do. Ahem. Toons! Games! Email!" (a boat sails by, a whale with harpoon wounds and a plane with a banner saying "WEAR A BIKINI!" appear in that order)
  • "Aww, man. I thought you were Bill Cosby."
  • "Sonic. I mean Tails."


Strong Bad

  • "Holy crap!"
  • (to The Cheat) "We had that light switch installed so you can turn the lights on and off... NOT so you could throw light switch raves!"
  • (Sung) "I said come on Fhqwhgads, come on Fhqwhgads! Everybody to the limit, everybody to the limit, everybody come on Fhqwhgads!"
  • (to The Cheat)"Man, is there anything potatoes can't do?"
  • "Lemme cut to the chase."
  • (Sung) "You never seen anything, quite like these buttons! Come on, y'all, give me a little scroll lovin'!"
  • (Chuckles) "I'm charming."
  • "You gotta be kiddin' me! I'm the only one who wears any pants!?"
  • "(on the news channel) Today's forecast is total crap!"
  • "(singing) Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy crap! (ding)"
  • "Lappy, this is The Paper. He lets me know when I've stopped being funny!"
  • "I thought I knew what ridiculous was, until this day."
  • "With Marzipan's radish, we gonna win the competition!"
  • "Well look who thinks he's clever Dan."
  • "The system is down, yo."
  • "Somebody get this freaking duck away from me!"
  • "And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!"
  • "(singing) Population... tiiiiire..."
  • "(reading an e-mail) Dear Strong Bad, I have recently been wondering about the origin of The Stick. Has it always been a good place for hanging out and making Luke, Eau Claire, WI (he pronounces the last bit as "Eww, Claire! Why!?")
  • "(reading his e-mail) "I love you. fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf..." Look, fhqwhgadshg... can I just call you "Fhqwhgads?"
  • "DELETED!"
  • "It's like Squeedly VS Meedly over here. Go, Squeedly!"
  • (as a parody of his old self) "When it comes to the ladies, I've got no COMPETITION!!! (quietly) Holy crap."
  • "Señor Havin' A Little Trouble and Mr. Bland were by far the most popular characters. {a red Stand falls on them with a splurt!} Then, they were crushed by a falling Bubs' Concession Stand."
  • "Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! So and So! What's Her Face! The Ugly One!"
  • "El Deleto Grandé!"
  • "Look, for the last time, I'm not the Spanish Inquisition, I'm not Cab Calloway, and I'm not Strong Bad wearing a yellow turtleneck. I'M CARMEN FREAKIN' SANDIEGO!"
  • So that's when I realized I don't even need lamaze classes.
  • Creeping rusty meat. Truly the heart and soul of all death metal.
  • STINY! Get me a danish!
  • I think my imagination's broke. Let me try and think up the best thing ever. Umm...beef...stew. Yep, it's busted alright.
  • The Paper! No! Why do all my 30-year-old electronics keep breaking on me?!
  • (responding to over 400,000 viruses) Computer over? Virus equals very yes? THAT'S NOT A GOOD PRIZE!? (compy leaks compy fluid) ... and compy just, peed the carpet.
  • I'm scrollin up high! I'm scrollin down low, I'm always late to school because your mom drives slow! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!
  • It was good but, I don't think it deserved a trophy, I don't even think it deserved a pizza... maybe a pizza trophy.
  • (responding to a grammatically incorrect email) Oooohh! Well why don't you creat an alternate universe, where you don't have to spell correctly! And your name is Watered Down!!... AND I TALK LIKE THIS!
  • BOOOOSH! The double deuce!
  • Wait! Are you referring to the time that me and the Cheat both drank a bottle of soy sauce and tried to fly Bubs' concession stand to the moon? (to the cheat) C'mon the Cheat, we're gonna fly this thing to the mooooooooon!
  • OH! You must be referring to the time that me and the Cheat both drank TWO bottles of soy sauce and THEN tried to fly Bubs' concession stand to the moon.
  • Don't you find it interesting that there's only a one letter difference between Garage- Sale, and Garbage- Sale?
  • (scatting the T-Mobile theme with a rocket launcher in a theatre) Ni-ni-ni-nii-N-n-ni-ni DIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!
  • Butt's twelve by pies?

Coach Z

  • "Doot-doo-doot-doo, an' I'll drink up all the Hennessy ya got on your shelf, but first let me introduce myself. My name is Coach Z. Pronounced with an "oach Z.""
  • "I think I'm gonna puke my pants!"
  • "You say tomater, I zader matermorts."
  • (as a baby) "I'm pretending i'm the craptin of the fortball torm."
  • "Oh, I guess I forgot to port!"
  • "Oh, I guess I forgot to prat!"
  • "Oh, Gorka fa Pork!"
  • "Great jorb, Ramrod!"
  • "Once again, I place the blame squarely on tight pants."
  • "Great jorb Homestar!"
  • (after Strong Bad questions whether he's green or if he wears footy pajamas) "Oh, I've got footies all right- airthlete's footies.
  • "Bruce Jenner's tube socks!!"
  • "You was tryin' ta jenk me!"
  • "The King's gone mad with power! He's gonna eat The Chort!"
  • "Jaerb... !"
  • Once again, Biscuitdoughhandsman slips through our fingers.


  • "Shinin' up a chicken in the mo'nin', mo'nin'."
  • "Hey, Coach! Tell her I said, 'Hey!' No, no, just--Tell her I said, 'Bananas!' Tell her I said, 'A bluh-buncha bananas.'"
  • "Grabbing your butt? That's not very lady-like."
  • As the Thnikkaman: "Yeah, shut up, kid."
  • "If I had thumbs, I'd be sticking' 'em up my armpits right now!"
  • "Come back, chocolates! I didn't mean what I said!"
  • "Hey there, everypeoples!"
  • "Coach, are you accusing yourself of being the Thnikkaman?"
  • "There was this one time when I hooked my lawnmower up to my Nintendo. And after that, I got the high score every time!"
  • "Discount will not be honored!"
  • I'm afraid you've got no pancreas. But I do happen to have a fresh one for sale right here!

The King of Town

  • "Hello, my loyal subjects. I am the King of Town. Please remain standing while I finish my speech and consume the contents of this bowl. Now, despite rumors to the contrary, I did not just buy a crown at the costume palace and ask people to start calling me the King of Town. I earned my title the same way I earned a free combo meal: by purchasing one of equal or lesser value. I also did not ever try to eat my own moustache. I live in yon castle, and employ a Poopsmith for reasons I don't care to disclose. And furthermore, now I'm going to eat this bowl of corn dog batter."
  • "This stuff is strong enough for a man, but tasty enough for a king!"
  • "Mmm! This is some good cake!"
  • "(referring to his very own, quite popular cartoon show) For reals this time!"
  • "Oh yeah. [My sheep] were delicious."
  • "MMMMMmmmmm! A stick of butter!!"
  • "Honor. Valor. Buttor."


  • "Alms for the pudgy? Alms for the pudgy?"
  • "AAAaaaAAh'm the human wedgie!"
  • "I was raised by a cup of coffee."
  • "Let's sing a song of Pennzoil!"
  • "Carmel corn for president please."
  • "Don't look now... I'm just a friendly reminder."
  • "AaAaAaAaAaAaA! Hi, Wonder Mike! I'm Homsar! The captain of the gravy train."
  • (Dressed up as Captain Caveman for Halloween) "I'm the Captain Caveman of the graveyard train!"
  • (as a perfect replica of strong sad) "I'm crying on the inside."
  • (reffering to the letter G)"I'm not gonna lie to you, that's a healthy piece of real estate."
  • "Oh no! I think this is my favorite!"
  • "You're a real state trooper."
  • "AaaAAAaaaAHH!! I'm a song from the sixties!"
  • "AaAaAh'm cryin' on the inside..."
  • "Aaah, these easter pants are gettin' way too tight.
  • "OoOooh No! You shanked my jengaship!
  • "Hey Tubbs! I lost my jengajam!
  • "AaAaAaAaA! Don't count on it, monster may-an!"
  • "Kelllllseyyyy Grammmmmerrrrr!"
  • "AaAaAa! I'm the original ladies' man."
  • "AaAaAaAaAaAaA! Think I won the powerball."
  • (to Strong Bad) "AaAaAaAaAaAaA! Hey Reggie! Is that rhinoceros around?"
  • "It's time for tasteball!"
  • "My name's Millions, and I'm the son of a chipwhich!
  • "Legitimate business!"
  • "Well hello, chocolate cake!"
  • "Uhdyeah, what eez it, Sturong Baayud?"
  • "Step right up--I'm a crudely-drawn cupcake!"
  • "Don't forget your tapesicle!"
  • "Ah'm the ghost of Christmas pay-ust."
  • "Here comes the yogurt patrol!"
  • "I'm just in time for the murder mystery!"

Other characters

  • Vector Strong Bad: "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE"
  • The Ugly One: "Ow! My skin!"
  • Compy 386: "You killed the Bad Graphics Ghost. Now Strong Sad will sing you a scary song."
  • Marshie: Boogety boogety! I'll scare your dad!
  • Senor Cardgage: Dump tell no Mandy--it's just a landmower turned bankways!
  • Powered by The Cheat Strong Sad: I'm saaaad that I'm flying.
  • 1-Up: (walks in wearing a gross old wig) Stinkoman, look at this gross old wig I found in a time box!
  • Powered by The Cheat Bubs: Hey, Strong Bad. You just jumped over some of my buses.
  • Senor Cardgage: Oh... I should eat a pony...
  • Marshie: I'M AN ABOMINATION!!! And I'm comin' to your house after school...
  • Crack Stuntman: Blaaargh! What can I get for you fine gentlemen?
  • What's Her Face: When you fall into a bottomless pit, you die of starvation.
  • Old-Timey Strong Bad: And for my next parlour trick, I shan't make anything appear! (Present Strong Bad appears out of nowhere)
  • Stinkoman: Correct me if I am wrong, but are you asking for a CHALLEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGE!!!!!?!??
  • Senor Cardgage: Carrageenan, Monteljohn. Can you detect me to the nearest bus stamp?


[The Cheat and Marzipan are on a date]
Strong Bad: [Impersonating an Italian chef] Oh-a, it's a me-a, the chef-a! A-which-a one o' you guys ordered the smack in the face-a?
Marzipan: I thought this was a French restaurant.
Strong Bad: [Drops accent] Oh. Umm... uh... S-snails?
Marzipan: Come on, T.C., let's blow this marshmallow stand.
Strong Bad: Yeah, you know, I didn't really research this role...

Strong Bad: At this point, the test subject... was dead.
Strong Sad: I was not dead!
Strong Bad: Shut up. And all of this data could only bring us to one conclusion... Strong Sad's adopted.
Strong Sad: That's not true either!

[Homestar is prompted to give a Reagan impression]
Homestar: Well... well... Nancy and I... economics... well... rap music... jellybeans... well... we probably had a pet...
Bubs: That's the worst Ronald Reagan impression I've ever heard!
Homestar: Ronald Reagan? I was doing my Keanu Reagan!

[Coach Z and Bubs have swapped heads at the hands of Strong Bad.]
Zubs(Bubs' head): You better find him quick! This crap ain't funny!
Coach B(Coach Z's head): I'd be hard pressed to do anything quick in this train wreck. What've ya, been eatin' concrete?
Zubs: Least I don't have no clown feet. I can hardly walk in these things!

Homestar: Welcome to
Cherry Greg: It's dot com.
Homestar: Oh, right. "It's dot com!"

[Strong Bad's computer explodes, flinging him through a wall into Strong Sad's room and through one of Strong Sad's posters]
Strong Sad: Oh, geez! Are you okay?
Strong Bad: Wha- yeah- no, I'm fine! Nothing happened, I'm fine!
Strong Sad: Did your terrible computer explode?
Strong Bad: No, shut up! Look, I'm gonna need to borrow, like, $900.
Strong Sad: Well, I hope that's for a new computer. You could get one like yours at a garage sale for like $15.
Strong Bad: I said shut up! I liked that computer.
Strong Sad: I hope some of that money's for buying me a new poster. You don't seem too broken up about that.

[Strong Sad is high on caffeine and is somehow suspended from the ceiling]
Strong Mad: GET DOWN!
Strong Sad: No!
Strong Mad: GET DOWN!!
Strong Sad: No, no! Parakeet!
Strong Mad: [surprised; very distinctly] Did you just say, "parakeet"?

Homsar: Daaah! You shanked my Jengaship!
Strong Sad: I shanked your Jengaship? We're playing Connect Four.

Strong Sad: Uh, okay Homestar. Then what's two plus two?
Homestar Runner: Well, {speaking quickly} the force between any two charges is equal to the absolute value of the multiple of the charges— {cut to a closeup; computer-type noises begin playing in the background} —divided by 4 pi times the vacuum permittivity times the distance squared between the two charges.
Strong Sad: No, no, no, stupid! That's Coulomb's law.
Homestar Runner: Oh, right, sorry! Two plus two? That's easy. Twenty-two.

[Strong Bad wants to interview Homestar Runner]
Strong Bad: What the crap were you doing out there?
Homestar Runner: Out where?
Strong Bad: Outside! I watched prance by about five times man.
Homestar Runner: Oh, I doubt it, I drove.
Strong Bad: You don't own a car.
Homestar Runner: Yeah, you're probably right.
Strong Bad: Okay, let's get down to brass tacks.
Homestar Runner: Oh I didn't bring any, I drove.
Strong Bad: Oh, this is going to be painful.
Homestar Runner: The tacks? I bet, try not to sit on them.

{Strong Bad is commenting at Pom Pom, who is dress up as Walter Sobchak}
Strong Bad: So, what, Pom Pom? You're every guy at a truck stop?
Homestar Runner: Uh oh, Strong Bad.
{Pom Pom produces a gun.}
Homestar Runner You're entering a world of pain.

[Strong Bad is writing a fan fiction about the King of Town]
Strong Bad: [imitating the King of Town] "I can't believe I ate that entire pile of whatsit! Said the King of Town"
King of Town: I wish that were fiction...

Announcer: (singing. As he says this, an emblem shaped like the King of Town appears on screen) The King of Town's Very Own! Quite Popular Cartoon Show! The King! Of Town's Very Own! Quite Popular Cartoon Show!
King of Town: Let the king have some!
Announcer: (quickly) The King Of Town's Very Popular Cartoon Show will not be seen this week. Instead, we bring you Strong Bad's Very Popular Cartoon Show, already in progress.
[cut to Strong Bad on the Lappy, reading an e-mail]
Strong Bad: --rong Bad...

[Homestar Runner and PomPom are in the field}
Homestar Runner: Oh, man. My pants got so poofed away at the prom this year. So I was wearing all these types of long pants, and then they all just got poofed away. So embarrassing. [PomPom makes annoyed bubbling noises] Well, maybe I will keep telling myself that!

Gunhaver: Put your pants back on, Blue Laser!

(Coach Z is holding a pear covered with eyeballs, as black coffee streams down his mouthless face. Homestar appears and talks in an imitation of backwards speech. Subtitles accompany his dialogue)
Homestar Runner: Coach Z, if you're not going to eat that eyeball pear... (clears throat. His voice returns to normal, and the subtitles disappear) I suggest you give it to someone who will.
Coach Z: I don't know what's going on, Homestar... (sniff) but I'm not at liberty to discuss what I just did in my pants!

Strong Bad: (to Homsar) Get out of my house!"
Homsar (sadly) I do what I'm told...

Stinkoman: Hey, guys! How's challenges?
Vector Strong Bad: WHAT IS IT, MY DOGE?
Strong Bad: Whoa, you two know each other?
Stinkoman: Oh, totally sure! He's my training simulator!

Senor Cardgage: Let the little children go...

Strong Sad: There needs to be a better word for "weird".
Strong Mad: (chasing The Cheat, who has stolen his underwear) MY PANTIES! MY PANTIES!
Strong Sad: (reacting to the previous) OK, I'm moving out.

Cheerleader: (wearing an elephant mask) So good, or no good?
So and So and The Ugly One: No good!
Chearleader: Well, I think it's hella tight. And you guys need boyfriends.
So and So and The Ugly One: That's true.

Dinosaur: (kicks What's-Her-Face away) Punt!
What's Her Face: Dag, yo.

Strong Sad: (enters the room) Strong Bad, what is going on? (a virus has disconnected his head from his body and turned it into an emoticon)
Strong Bad: Waah! I don't know, you forgot to wear your neck!?
Strong Sad: Have you been using the internet irresponsibly?
Strong Bad: No more irresponsibly than usual.
Strong Sad: Did you get a virus?
Strong Bad: (guiltfully) Uhh, No.
Strong Sad: Did you get 400,000 viruses?
Strong Bad: (submissively) Yes..VERY yes!!
Strong Sad: Well hurry up and do something about it before it gets worse.

Strong Bad: (reading an e-mail) "Strong Bad, My sister and me think you are so cool. Do you have a girlfriend? There is two of us. Yours, Ali." (quietly) Oh, there's two of them! (typing, speaking suavely) Well, Ali, there's one of me--
Tandy 400: DELETED!!!
Strong Bad: (still speaking suavely) Deleted--DELETED!? WHAT!? OY, WHAT HAPPENED?


Strong Bad: (reading an e-mail) "Hi, Strong Bad! If you hate Homsar so much, why don't you kill him? From Vinnie C." You know what, Vinnie? You're right. I'll be right back. (he walks out into The Field and sees Homsar) Hey, Homsar!
Homsar: (turns around) Uhdyeah, what eez it, Strong Baayd? (out of nowhere, Strong Bad drops a weight on him)
Strong Bad: Ah, thanks Vinnie! That felt so much better.

Crack Stuntman: (stuck inside a box) Anyone? Chimendez? Guy who does the bad guy's voice?
Crack Stuntman: Uh... never mind.

Strong Bad: What am I supposed to do with all these leftover marshmallows? I bought, like, over 400 pounds!
King of Town: Excuse me, but did I just hear you say "leftovers"?

Singers: Polymascotfoamalate!
The Homestar Runner: Feed it to the babies.
Singers: Polymascotfoamalate!
Old-Timey Strong Bad: Or as a topping on sour cream!

Stinkoman: What is that! WHAT IS THAT!? Some kind of robot!?
The Homestar Runner: What's a robit?
Stinkoman: You don't know what a robot is? HAHAHAHA! YOU ARE SO DUMB! HAHAHA! Dumb!
The Homestar Runner: Oh, go soak your fat head.
Stinkoman: ARE YOU ASKING FOR A CHALLEEEEEENGE!!!? (powers up)
The Homestar Runner: Yessir, yessir I am.

Strong Bad: My computer's been Lappynapped!
Marshie: (appears out of nowhere) Hello, Kenneth!! Here me roooar! Grr... meow.

Larry: Congratulations Strong Bad on your 100th e-mail! (silence) WE'RE FROM THE BAND LIMOZEEN!!
Perry: Uh, I think it says that at the top of the screen, Larry.

Strong Bad: (singing) Join me on MY single--
Strong Sad: Hundred--
Strong Bad: Toilet dreams picture... everybody wanna scam some sweet bucks or potential
Little Strong Bad: Pizza!
Strong Bad: Oh! Oh! Um, nevermind. Umm... double--
Coach Z: --Pants.

Homestar Runner: Hey, Stinkoman...
Strong Bad: D-did you just call me Stinkoman?

Intercom: And lunch today will be a breadtangle of pizza. Don't forget the Battle of the Bands this Friday. Tompkins, point your rear end in the direction of the principal's office.
Tompkins: Aww, peas!
Cheerleader: Did you hear that?
What's Her Face: Pizza belongs in a triangle!

Homestar Runner: I have come to the conclusion that the king's sheep wewe not eaten by a dragon.
King of Town: Phew...
Homestar Runner: But they were eaten!
King of Town: Oh, no! Who could have done such a thing?
Homestar Runner: Why don't you ask yourself, king?
King of Town: Oh, yeah. They were delicious.

King of Town: (dressed as Hagar the Horrible) Trick or treat! I'm horrible!
Strong Bad: You've got that right!

The Homestar Runner: Guess what I read in the newspapper today?
Old-Timey Marzipan: (sadly) I can't guess.
The Homestar Runner: I read that a ghost.
Old-Timey Marzipan: You read that a ghost what?
The Homestar Runner: I read that a ghost is.
Old-Timey Marzipan: You read that a ghost is what?
The Homestar Runner: I read that a ghost is in town and they're offering a 27-cent reward for it.

Strong Sad: That's it! We're ready!
Strong Bad: All right! ...Well, where are they?
Strong Sad: Where are who?
Strong Bad: Well, I thought this much gelatin would sorta naturally attract oiled up bikini wrestlers.
Homestar Runner: I thought it would naturally attract oiled-up Bill Cosby!

Powered by The Cheat Homestar: Hey, Strong Bad. I need you to kick me in the face.
PBTC Strong Bad: I CAN DO IT. I WILL DO IT NINE TIMES. (kicks Homestar in the face nine times)
PBTC Homestar: This is the--
PBTC Strong Bad: Shut it up. Shut it up, you. (The Cheat walks by) Here, The Cheat. Have a trophy.
PBTC Homestar: Here, have another trophy. (Strong Bad kicks him)
PBTC Strong Bad: I was saving that one for about two seconds ago.
PBTC Homestar: Perfect. Timing.
PBTC Coach Z: (falls from the sky) Here, The Chort. Have a trophy.
All: Three trophies for The Chort/The Cheat.
PBTC Eh! Steve!: Eh. Steve.

  • Rumble Red: But earthling, they don't have Polymascotfoamalate on my planet, eh... Rumble?
  • The Homestar Runner: That's 'cause you're a communist fool, Red. (Pronounces "Communist" as "Comminist")
  • (to strongbadman) Strongbad:That's it? That's your evil plan? To waste water?

Strongbadman: AND NOT PAY FOR IT!

Strong Bad: (pointing at a chalkboard) FHQWHGADS.
Strong Bad: Say it with a flourish. FHQWHGADS.
Strong Bad: It doesn't sound like it looks. FHQWHGADS!
Strong Bad: Coach Z, I thought I asked you to leave like an hour ago.
Strong Mad: DOUGLASS!!!
Strong Bad: Whoa! We've had a breakthrough! You get a gold star.

Strong Bad on the radio: And I will never ever ever ever ever write a song about Sibbie.
Radio announcer: And coming in at number four that was Strong Bad with "Song About Sibbie!"
Strong Bad: I didn't write a song about Sibbie! The Cheat just started playing some beat, I-I mean I wasn't even - I didn't mean to - it was never my intention to - oh I freakin' hate Sibbie!!!
Radio announcer: And debuting at number three it's Strong Bad with "I Freakin' Hate Sibbie!"
Strong Bad on the radio: I freakin' hate Sibbie --
Strong Bad: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (smashes the radio)
Homestar: Thanks man. I'd just about had it with that talking toaster.


Homestar: Let's see. Who's good in the field? ...Ooh, I'll take Pom Pom! Why, he hasn't been snatched up yet.
Strong Bad: Ummmm, but you just-
Homestar: Uh-uh-uh, too late! I called him! You'll just have to be quicker next time.
Strong Bad: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...kay. I got Bubs.
Strong Mad: WHAT DA CRAAAAAAAAAP??!?!!??!?!!
Pom Pom: (quiet bubble noises)
Homestar: (Quietly) Yeah, yeah, good call. He's got a great arm. (Loudly) We'll take Pom Pom.
Strong Bad: We're surprised. Alright, Graw Mad, get over here.
Strong Mad: (To the tune of A Quick One While He's Away) Yooouuuu arrrre... forgiiiiiiiveeeeeeen....

Marzipan: This keeps teetering between hilarious and "maybe-we-should-put-him-in-a-home."
Strong Sad: And... what wouldn't be hilarious about that?

Homestar: Two outs, bottom of the ninth, down by two. Strong Bad has a chance to win it, right here, right now. It doesn't g—
Strong Bad: Just pitch the freaking ball!
Homestar: Coming up...

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Simple English

Homestar Runner, also called H*R, is an Internet cartoon that is made using Macromedia Flash. It usually gets updated every Monday with a cartoon, a game, or a Strong Bad Email. The people that make the website are Mike Chapman and Matt Chapman. They are brothers and are called The Brothers Chaps. The cartoons on the website normally show Homestar Runner or Strong Bad, who are the main characters on the cartoon.


  • Homestar Runner - The main character of the show. He has no arms.
  • Pom-Pom: Homestar's best friend, who only speaks by making bubble sounds. He's a large orange person who bounces around to move.
  • Strong Bad: The bad guy of the show. He is a main character and has his own videos called Strong Bad Emails or "sbemails".
  • Strong Mad: Strong Bad's brother, who is not very smart, is strong and is almost always angry. He has a rectangle body and no neck.
  • Strong Sad: Strong Bad's other brother, who is sad. He is large, and is white and grey.
  • Bubs: This character runs a store in the show. He has a blue head and a large mouth, which always has a large smile.
  • Coach Z: Homestar's coach, who can not say words the right way.
  • The Cheat: Strong Bad's pet. He is small and yellow. He helps Strong Bad cheat at things.
  • Marzipan: Homestar Runner's girlfriend and a guitar player. She looks like a broom.
  • The King of Town: The King lives in a big castle and eats a lot.
  • The Poopsmith: The King's helper. He never speaks, using a sign instead, and is usually shoveling poop.
  • Homsar: A character made after someone misspelled "Homestar" in an email to Strong Bad. He has a weird appearance and says strange things.

Video games

Telltale Games, the makers of video games based on the Sam & Max comic book, made a game called Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People for Windows and the Wii's WiiWare. It's an episodic game with five episodes, and it is made with 3 dimensions instead of 2 dimensions like Homestar Runner is. The first episode was called Homestar Ruiner, and ended with 8-Bit is Enough.

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