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Homogeneity, homogeneous, or homogenization may refer to:


  • Homogeneity (physics), translational invariance or compatibility of units in equations
  • Homogeneous (chemistry), a property of a mixture showing no variation in properties
  • Homogenization (chemistry), intensive mixing of mutually insoluble phases to obtain a soluble suspension or emulsion
  • Homogenization (biology), a process that involves breaking apart cells — releasing organelles and cytoplasm
  • Homogeneity (ecology), means all of the same or similar kind or nature. In ecological terms, it can also be expressed as a lack of, or reduction in biodiversity.
  • Homogenization (mathematics), the study of partial differential equations with highly oscillatory coefficients and the determination of effective properties of materials with inhomogeneous moduli (e.g. elastic, thermal, electrical)


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