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Hong Kong Time (abbreviation: HKT ; traditional Chinese: 香港時間) is the time in Hong Kong. The time is UTC+8 all year round. Owing to the longitude in which Hong Kong is located, HKT is in the same time zone as used by the time standards in the rest of the People's Republic of China - Chinese Standard Time (also known as Beijing Time or Beijing Standard Time) in mainland China, and Macau Standard Time in Macau. It also shares the same time zone as Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Brunei, Central Indonesia and West Australia.

From 1941 to 1979, Hong Kong adopted daylight saving measures, but in 1980 the government found these unnecessary as Hong Kong is at a relatively low latitude, and decided to eliminate the practice.

Greenwich Mean Time was adopted as the basis in 1904, and UTC was adopted as a standard in 1972. Before that, local time was determined by astronomical observations at the Hong Kong Observatory using a 6-inch Lee Equatorial and a 3-inch Transit Circle.

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