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A list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1976:.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
7 Man Army Chang Cheh
18 Bronzemen Joseph Kuo Han Chiang Martial arts
72 Desperate Rebels Ding Sin Saai
800 Heroes Lin Bing
Autumn Love Song Pai Ching Jui
Beautiful Vixen Ng Wui
The Beauty With Two Faces
The Best Friends
The Best Of Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Siu Pang , Chang Yan Tao
Big Bad Sis Sun Chung
Big Boss 2
Big Family Steve Chan Ho
Big Times For The Crazy Bumpkins John Law Ma
Black Dragon River
Black Magic, Part II Ho Meng Hua
Blazing Temple Joseph Kuo
A Bloody Hero Chik Yiu Cheong
Born Rich Patrick Tse Yin
Boxer Rebellion Chang Cheh
Brotherhood Hua Shan
Bruce Lee - True Story Ng See Yuen
Bruce Lee and I John Law Ma
Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave Lee Doo Yong
Bruce Lee, The Legend Leonard Ho Koon Cheung
Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu Chan Wa , William Cheung Kei
Bruce's Deadly Fingers Joseph Kong Hung


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Cannonball Paul Bartel
The Cantonese Yeung Jing Chan
Challenge of the Masters Liu Chia-Liang
The Chase Game
Chelsia My Love Sung Chuen Sau
The Chess Board Terry Tong Gei Ming
China Armed Escort
CID - first season Ann Hui On Wah , Patrick Tam Kar Ming , Yim Ho
Come Fly with Me
The Condemned David Chiang
Crazy Bumpkin In Singapore John Law
Crazy Sex Li Han Hsiang
The Criminals Ching Gong , Ho Meng Hua, Hua Shan
Crossroad Chin Han
A Dead Rivalry Tien Feng
Deadly Kick Ko Young Nam , Lo Lieh
Deadly Roulette Lo Lieh
Different Love
Divorce Hong Kong Style Jeanette Lin Tsui
The Double Crossers Jeong Chang Hwa
Dragon Force Operation Tyrone Hsu Tin Wing
The Dragon Missile Ho Meng Hua
Dragon Vs. Needles Of Death
The Drug Connection Sun Chung
The Drug Queen Richard Yeung Kuen
Eight Strikes Of A Wild Cat Lin Yi Hsiu
Elmo Takes A Bride Zhu Mu
Emmanuelle In The Orient Bitto Albertini
Emperor Chien Lung Wong Fung
Erotic Nights Law Chun
Escort Girls Steve Chan Ho
The Eternal Obsession Kenneth Tsang
Exit The Dragon, Enter The Tiger Lee Tso Nam
Farewell To A Warrior Chu Yuan
The Fierce Fist
The Forbidden Past Chu Yuan
Forever My Love Pai Ching Jui
Fury Of The Sun
Game Of Love
General Stone
The Girlie Bar John Law
Girls For Sale Lui Kei
Gonna Get You Hong Wai
The Good, The Bad And The Loser Karl Maka
Hand of Death John Woo Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Dorian Tan, James Tien Kung fu
Heroes Of The Underground Pao Hsueh Lieh
Heroine Kan Lien Chu Hau Chang
The Himalayan Huang Feng
Homicides - The Criminals, Part II Hua Shan , Kuei Chih Hung , Sun Chung
The Hot, The Cool And The Vicious Lee Tso Nam
Hunter, The, The Butterfly & The Crocodile Richard Yeung Kuen
Hustler From Canton Wong Fung
I Want More Chan Chi Hwa , Peter Yang Kwan
Invincible Super Guy Chui Chang Wang
Jaws Of The Dragon James Nam Gung Fan
Jumping Ash Leong Po Chih , Josephine Siao Fung Fung
Kidnap In Rome Ng See Yuen
The Killer 1
Killer Clans Chu Yuan
The Killer Meteors Lo Wei Jackie Chan, Jimmy Wang Yu Action / Martial arts
Killers On Wheels Kuei Chih Hung
King Gambler Ching Gong
Knife Of Devil's Roaring And Soul Missing Lee Goon Cheung
Lady Karate Ding Sin Saai
The Last Tempest Li Han Hsiang
Laugh In Patrick Lung Kong
Learned Bride Thrice Fools Bridegroom Richard Yeung Kuen
Leaving Home Eddie Fong Ling Ching
Legend Of Bruce Lee Lin Bing
The Legend Of The Book And the Sword
Let's Rock
Lina Patrick Lung Kong
The Little Ancestors Paul Chang Chung
Love By Post Cheung Mei Gwan
Love Competition
Love Cross-Road Wong Wah Kai
Love Forever
Love In Hawaii Patrick Tse Yin
Love In The Twilight Zone Ding Sin Saai
Love Is Like A Game
Love Of Strange Talk
Love Swindlers Li Han Hsiang
Lu Hsiao Fury
The Lucky Bumpkin Zhang Yang
New Fist of Fury Lo Wei Jackie Chan, Nora Miao Kung fu
Shaolin Wooden Men Chen Chi Hwa Jackie Chan, Chiang Kam, Yuen Biao, Hwang Jang Lee Kung fu / Action / Drama

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