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An honors student is a student recognized for achieving high grades or high marks in their course work.

Honors students may refer to

  1. Students recognized on lists published periodically throughout the school year, known as honor rolls, varying from school to school, and from different levels of education.
  2. Students enrolled in designated honors courses or honors program.
  3. Students who are members of an honor society, or National Honors Society.

Honors students are often rewarded for their achievements. A student who has made numerous appearances on the honor roll may be awarded with some form of academic letter.[1] A similar concept to honor rolls exists in colleges and universities in the United States, known as the Dean's List.


Some researchers have questioned the validity of the honor roll as an effective form of positive reinforcement. It is argued that the pursuit of extrinsic reward is not an accurate reflection of intrinsic interest in course material. [2] There are also questions on the effectiveness of separating high-achieving students from their peers, in the form of magnet schools or honors courses. [3]

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