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Note: This is the "main" article for the Honor Harrington–related book series and sub-series by David Weber.
A fan-made map of the regions in which the "Honorverse" stories are set.

The Honorverse is a military science fiction series created by David Weber and published by Baen Books. The series is set primarily after Honor Harrington's October 1, 3961, birth; although she is the protagonist in most of the stories, more recent entries make only passing references to Harrington. Reminiscent of C. S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower series,[1] the books have made The New York Times' Best Seller list.[2][3][4]



The universe first explored in On Basilisk Station has a diasporal historical background for the initial storyline, in which mankind over several thousand years migrated to systems beyond the solar system. The FTL hyperspace propulsion system in the story uses the ability to "sail" along "gravity waves". There also are rare wormholes by which properly equipped ships can travel virtually instantaneously between wormhole terminus points.

The stories include several star nations; protagonist Honor Harrington is a citizen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore. The Manticore binary star system has three inhabited planets and multiple wormhole junctions; the discovery of another junction, and the exploration of the system beyond it, is a component of the first novel of the Shadow of Saganami series. The Star Kingdom's wealth and importance have elicited both envy and avarice among other star nations and groups, such as the Andermani Empire, the Republic of Haven, Mesa and its corporate powers, the Silesian Confederacy, and the Solarian League. Disruptive technological advances have been few in the Honorverse for most of the 500 years leading up to the series; as the series opens, that technological stagnation has led to a similar stagnation in both military strategy and tactics.


Many of Weber's books are available at the Baen Free Library; chapters of some texts are otherwise available online. The first-edition hardcover releases of War of Honor, At All Costs and Torch of Freedom contained a CD with copies of Weber's books at the time, and labeled for free redistribution.[5]

Honor Harrington series

  1. On Basilisk Station (April 1992) ISBN 0-671-57793-X
  2. The Honor of the Queen (June 1993) ISBN 0-671-57864-2
  3. The Short Victorious War (1994) ISBN 0-671-87596-5
  4. Field of Dishonor (April 1994) ISBN 0-671-57820-0
  5. Flag in Exile (September 1995) ISBN 0-671-31980-9
  6. Honor Among Enemies (February 1996) ISBN 0-671-87723-2
  7. In Enemy Hands (July 1997) ISBN 0-671-57770-0
  8. Echoes of Honor (October 1998) ISBN 0-671-57833-2
  9. Ashes of Victory (March 2000) ISBN 0-671-57854-5
  10. War of Honor (October 2002) ISBN 0-7434-3545-1
  11. At All Costs (November 2005) ISBN 1-4165-0911-9
  12. Mission of Honor (expected July 2010[6])

The Honor Harrington series was produced in audiobook format by Audible Frontiers in 2009, Narrated by Allyson Johnson, now available at Audible.com


Worlds of Honor anthologies

  1. More Than Honor (January 1998) ISBN 0-671-87857-3—three stories by David Weber, David Drake, and S. M. Stirling plus a Honorverse background history, and including the story in which treecats and some of their characteristics, first come to human ken.
  2. Worlds of Honor (February 1999) ISBN 0-671-57855-3—five stories by David Weber (two stories), Linda Evans, Jane Lindskold and Roland J. Green.
  3. Changer of Worlds (March 2001) ISBN 0-671-31975-2—four stories by David Weber (three stories) and Eric Flint. The short story "Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington" is built around the Honorverse's namesake character.
  4. The Service of the Sword (April 2003) ISBN 0-7434-3599-0—six stories by David Weber, Jane Lindskold, Timothy Zahn, John Ringo, and Victor Mitchell; one by John Ringo and Eric Flint jointly. Originally to have been titled In Fire Forged.[7]
  5. Worlds of Weber (September 2008) ISBN 978-1-4391-3314-9/ISBN 1-4391-3314-X—Includes nine short stories by David Weber that are both in and out of the Honorverse. Both of the Honorverse stories have already appeared in other books listed above.

Wages of Sin series

  1. Crown of Slaves (September 2003) ISBN 0-7434-7148-2 with Eric Flint—a departure type work, the setting is outside Manticore space for these stories based on the Zilwicki family, who are mentioned in earlier works.
  2. Torch of Freedom (November 2009) ISBN 1-4391-3305-0 with Eric Flint—sequel to the above, continues the story of Queen Berry and her family and friends

Saganami series

  1. The Shadow of Saganami (October 2004) ISBN 0-7434-8852-0—The novel is primarily set in the remote Talbott Cluster, connected to Manticore via a newly discovered junction terminus, and includes characters already introduced in other works, such as Helen Zilwicki and Abigail Hearns as well as brief appearances by many others.
  2. Storm from the Shadows (March 2009) ISBN 978-1416591474

Stories listed by internal chronology

Honorverse Year (From) Honorverse Year (To) Story Title Author Published
 ?  ? "A Beautiful Friendship" David Weber January 1, 1998 (in More than Honor {anthology: HHA1})
 ?  ? "The Stray" Linda Evans February 1999 (in Worlds of Honor {anthology: HHA2})
c. 1652 P.D. c. 1652 P.D. "What Price Dreams?" David Weber February 1999 (in Worlds of Honor {anthology: HHA2})
c. 1880 P.D.  ? "Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington" David Weber February 27, 2001 (in Changer of Worlds {anthology: HHA3})
c. 1883 P.D. c. 1883 P.D. "Queen's Gambit" Jane Lindskold February 1999 (in Worlds of Honor {anthology: HHA2})
c. 1890 P.D. c. 1890 P.D. "The Hard Way Home" David Weber February 1999 (in Worlds of Honor {anthology: HHA2})
c. 1892 P.D. c. 1892 P.D. "Promised Land" Jane Lindskold March 25, 2003 (in The Service of the Sword {anthology: HHA4})
1900 P.D. (March 3) c. 1901 P.D. (January) On Basilisk Station {novel: HH1} David Weber October 1994
 ?  ? "With One Stone" Timothy Zahn March 25, 2003 (in The Service of the Sword {anthology: HHA4})
c. 1903 P.D. (April) c. 1903 P.D. (May) The Honor of the Queen {novel HH2} David Weber June 1993
c. 1904 P.D. c. 1905 P.D. (May) The Short Victorious War {novel: HH3} David Weber October 1994
 ?  ? "A Ship Named Francis" John Ringo & Victor Mitchell March 25, 2003 (in The Service of the Sword {anthology: HHA4})
 ?  ? "A Grand Tour" David Drake January 1, 1998 (in More than Honor {anthology: HHA1})
c. 1905 P.D. (June)  ? Field of Dishonor {novel: HH4} David Weber October 1994
 ?  ? "Deck Load Strike" Roland J. Green February 1999 (in Worlds of Honor {anthology: HHA2})
 ? c. 1907 P.D. (August) Flag in Exile {novel: HH5} David Weber September 1995
c. 1908 P.D. (September) c. 1910 P.D. (March) Honor Among Enemies {novel: HH6} David Weber June 1, 1997
c. 1911 P.D. (July) c. 1911 P.D. (July) "A Whiff of Grapeshot" S.M. Stirling January 1, 1998 (in More than Honor {anthology: HHA1})
 ?  ? "Changer of Worlds" David Weber February 27, 2001 (in Changer of Worlds {anthology: HHA3})
c. 1911 P.D. c. 1911 P.D. (December) In Enemy Hands {novel: HH7} David Weber August 1997
c. 1912 P.D. (February) c. 1913 P.D. (December) Echoes of Honor {novel: HH8} David Weber October 1998
 ?  ? "Let's Go to Prague" John Ringo March 25, 2003 (in The Service of the Sword {anthology: HHA4})
 ?  ? "From the Highlands" Eric Flint February 27, 2001 (in Changer of Worlds {anthology: HHA3})
c. 1913 P.D. (December) c. 1915 P.D. (May) Ashes of Victory {novel: HH9} David Weber March 1, 2000
c. 1914 P.D. (December) c. 1914 P.D. (December) "Nightfall" David Weber February 27, 2001 (in Changer of Worlds {anthology: HHA3})
c. 1915 P.D. (May) c. 1915 P.D. (May) "Fanatic" Eric Flint March 25, 2003 (in The Service of the Sword {anthology: HHA4})
c. 1918 P.D. (June) c. 1918 P.D. (August) "The Service of the Sword" David Weber March 25, 2003 (in The Service of the Sword {anthology: HHA4})
 ?  ? Crown of Slaves {novel: WS01} David Weber August 26, 2003
c. 1918 P.D. c. 1920 P.D. War of Honor {novel: HH10} David Weber August 31, 2002
c. 1920 P.D. (June) c. 1921 P.D. (July) The Shadow of Saganami {novel: SI1} David Weber October 26, 2004
c. 1920 P.D. (July) c. 1921 P.D. (August) At All Costs {novel: HH11} David Weber October 25, 2005
c. 1920 P.D. (December) c. 1921 P.D. (December) Storm from the Shadows {novel: SI2} David Weber March 3, 2009
1919 P.D. (November) 1922 P.D. (April) Torch of Freedom {novel: WS02} David Weber November 6, 2009
1921 P.D. (December) 1922 P.D. (May) Mission of Honor {novel: HH12} David Weber (expected 2010)

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