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Ɓ ɓ
Ƈ ƈ
Ɗ ɗ
Ƒ ƒ
Ɠ ɠ
Ƙ ƙ
Ƥ ƥ
Ƭ ƭ
Ʋ ʋ
Ƴ ƴ
Ȥ ȥ
The hook in Times New Roman

In typesetting, the hook (Vietnamese: dấu hỏi) is a diacritic mark placed on top of vowels in the Vietnamese alphabet. In shape it looks like a tiny question mark without the dot underneath. For example, a capital A with a hook is "Ả", and a lower case "u" with a hook is "ủ". It functions as a tone marker. Vowels with this symbol are pronounced with a falling then rising tone. The hook is usually written to the right of the circumflex in conventional Vietnamese orthography. If Vietnamese characters are unavailable, it is often replaced by a question mark after the vowel (VIQR encoding).

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