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Horace Lindrum
Born 15 January 1912,
Paddington, Sydney, New South Wales
Died 20 June 1974,
Dee Why, Sydney,New South Wales
Sport country Australian
Nickname The Ace, Tikoloshe (Witchdoctor), Peter Pan of snooker
Professional 50 years 1924-1974 proficient proponent of BIlliards and Snooker as well as Trick Shot Wizard

Australian Professional Billiards and Snooker Champion for over 33 years

First man in history to make one thousand snooker centuries in public performance First man in history to make 141 at snooker First man to make a snooker century in India Only Snooker player to have held the Australian, New Zealand, Indian, African, Maltese, Singaporean, South Pacific,

Malaysian and Chinese Snooker Titles, simultaneously.
Highest break 147
Tournament wins
Major retired undefeated World Professional Champion
World Champion 1952 (BA&CC event)

Horace Lindrum (15 January 1912, Paddington, Sydney, New South Wales - 20 June 1974, Dee Why, Sydney) was an Australian professional snooker and carom billiards player. He was the great grandson of Australia's first billiards champion, the grandson of the great billiard coach, Frederick William Lindrum II, and nephew of Frederick William Lindrum III and Walter Lindrum. During his fifty-year career whe as known affectionately as 'the Ace' in India, 'Tikoloshe' (meaning 'Witchdoctor') in Africa, 'Boy Wonder' in Australia and 'the Peter Pan of Snooker' in England.

Horace Lindrum made his first Snooker Century at the age of 16. At the age of 19, he won the Australian Professional Billiards Championship and three years later, the Australian Professional Snooker title. Lindrum retained the Australian Professional Billiards and Snooker Titles for over 33 years. He returned to professional play in 1963, at the request of the Australian BIlliards and Snooker Association to aid the flagging interest in the sport in Australia and won the Australian Open Title that same year. The Australian Professional Billiards and Snooker Association published a tribute to Lindrum for doing so.

Lindrum competed and was runner-up in the World Professional Snooker Title against Joe Davis five times, finally, winning the title in 1951/52 against the then World Professional BIlliards Champion, Clark McConarch - 94-49. Horace Lindrum always said the final of 143 frames over two weeks against Champion McConarchy was the toughest battle of his career.

McConarchy and Lindrum were hailed by the British Tabloid as two of the greatest sportsmen of all time because they put sport before moneymaking. In 1951/52, some of the British professionals boycotted the championship organized by the official governing body - The British Billiards Association established by the great John Roberts in 1885, which amalgamated with the Control Council in 1919 to become the World Governing Body.

The boycott was over money or possibly the threat that Horace Lindrum posed to the loss of another title. Clark McConarchy of New Zealand had already won the World Professional Billiards Title. Subsequently, a private company was established to run Snooker. Since the Lindrum era, the pocket openings have been cut-away to make snooker 'more television friendly'.

Thirty five years after his death in 1974, Horace Lindrum, remains the first and only player in history to make 1,000 snooker centuries in public performance; some of which were made in world record time of 2 1/2 to 6 minutes.

All Horace Lindrum's achievements, including World Record making breaks at Billiards under the new baulk line rules and at snooker, were officially recognized by the Official Governing Body – he is the only Snooker player to have held the British, Irish, Scottish, African, New Zealand, Maltese, Singaporean, Thai, Chinese, Indian and Australian Snooker Records simultaneously, In 1952, he made the First ever Snooker Century for India.

Horace Lindrum's book "Snooker, Billiards and Pool" was an International bestseller with eight editions.

Horace Lindrum's first four figure break at Billiards was 1,431 - made at age 21 years.

Horace Lindrum was the first snooker player to make world record breaks of 141 and 135 (1936) and to put snooker on television – with British champion, Willie Smith – in a series of exhibitions at the Alexandra Palace – in the same year.

Horace Lindrum was survived by his wife, two daughters and three grandchildren.

Jan Lindrum does NOT endorse the Lindrum Hotel in Melbourne.

The use of the Lindrum name was secured by deceptive means. The hotel was sold last year and, the transferor and transferee both came to the transaction with 'unclean hands'. IP Australia, were placed 'on notice' that the trademark should not be transferred under the Conveyancing Act. For a transfer to be a bona fide transfer, parties must come with 'clean hands'. To allow a party to come to a transaction with 'unclean hands' robs the law of meaning.

Despite pleas to two Australian Prime Ministers, nothing has been done to remedy the matter.

Jan Lindrum ATCL BA (Hons) Notre Dame University, Sydney. Daughter of Horace Lindrum



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