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Hot Pink
Studio album by The Pink Spiders
Released 4 January 2005
Recorded 2004
Genre Punk Pop
Length 29:53
Label CI Records (Cd), Spat! Records (Vinyl)
Producer The Pink Spiders
Professional reviews
The Pink Spiders chronology
The Pink Spiders are Taking Over!
Hot Pink
Teenage Graffiti

Hot Pink is the debut album by the band The Pink Spiders that was released in 2005. The cd casing is designed to look like it's a vinyl record, reminding the listener to replace the needle, and breaking the track listing into sides. The deisgn of the cd is even reminiscent of a vinyl single-it is labeled as 3312 RPM, and has the lines of the tracks on the design. It also has the "modern swinger" music video on it.

Track listing

  1. "Stereo Speakers" - 2:36
  2. "Teenage Graffiti" - 2:20
  3. "Knock Knock" - 2:16
  4. "Sham On" - 2:08
  5. "Going Steady" - 1:41
  6. "Hollywood Fix" - 2:27
  7. "Modern Swinger" - 3:02
  8. "Talk Hard" - 2:57
  9. "Chicago Overcoat" - 2:38
  10. "Little Razorblade" - 3:39
  11. "Soft Smoke" - 3:33
  12. "The Chase" - 2:25 (Vinyl Bonus Track)


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