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Hot Properties
Genre Comedy
Created by Suzanne Martin
Starring Stephen Dunham
Evan Handler
Amy Hill
Christina Moore
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Warner_Brothers_Television
Original channel ABC
Original run October 7, 2005 (2005-10-07) – December 30, 2005 (2005-12-30)
Status Ended

Hot Properties is an ensemble ABC comedy featuring four women working together in a Manhattan real estate office. It was first aired on October 7, 2005. Often compared to Sex and the City and the CBS situation comedy Designing Women, this show features four single women professionals, each with distinct personalities that contribute in their failure to secure dates. The comparison to these shows led many critics to describe the show as unoriginal. The women share a passion for Oprah.

On November 29, 2005, ABC announced that the show would not be extended more than 13 episodes, which is usually a sign of impending cancellation. The series finale aired on Friday, December 30, 2005.


Cast and characters

Actor Character
Gail O'Grady Ava Summerlin
Nicole Sullivan Chloe Reid
Sofía Vergara Lola Hernandez
Christina Moore Emerson Ives
Evan Handler Dr. Sellers Boyd
Stephen Dunham Dr. Charlie Thorpe
Amy Hill Mary


Ava is the forty-ish executive of the Hot Properties real estate firm. Her husband is half her age, but he is not aware of her age. Ava is madly in love with him, and hopes to raise a family.

Chloe is down to earth, but has a terrible memory problem, and relies on self-help books for personal advice.

Lola is a curvy Latina who has emerged from a recent divorce, after her husband came out as gay. Throughout the show, men stare at her, and compete for Lola's attention, to which she is often oblivious. Lola's desire for handsome men often leads her in pursuit of gay men, resulting in disappointment. As a result, she is often afraid to go dating. Lola hopes to improve her "gaydar" in order to avoid future disappointments.

Emerson is young and rich, with little work experience. She was engaged, but upon discovering that the fiancee was not a virgin, broke it off. She bonds instantly with her roommates.


# Title Airdate Episode Information
1 Pilot October 7, 2005
2 Chick Stuff October 14, 2005 Lola is really upset after her pet chicken dies and Ava tries to make her better by inviting all the girls over to her apartment.
3 Online Dating October 21, 2005 Lola, Chloe and Emerson sign up for an internet dating service. Lola pretends that she’s a gay man after she sees her ex-husband on the website.
4 Sex, Lies & Chubby Chasers October 28, 2005 The women at the office encourage each other to take some risks. Lola starts therapy with Sellers to find out why she’s attracted to so many gay men.
5 Dating Up, Dating Down November 4, 2005 Everyone analyses ‘dating up’ and ‘dating down’ after Charlie tells them that he’s invested in a night club so he can date hot supermodels.
6 Waiting For Oprah November 11, 2005 The women have a real estate sale and to celebrate, Ava purchases tickets for each of them to attend a taping of one of Oprah’s shows in Chicago.
7 Return of the Ring November 15, 2005 Emerson tries to return her $50,000 engagement ring to Graham, but she is too scared because she is worried about what her feelings will be after she sees him.
8 When Chloe Met Marco November 18, 2005 The ladies lose a sale and to make themselves feel better they clean out their purses. However during the process, Emerson finds the receipt for her wedding dress, which she never wore.
9 Whatever Lola Wants November 25, 2005 Chloe challenges Lola to make herself look plain and ugly to find out whether people will be less attracted to her.
10 It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol on 34th Street December 9, 2005 Chloe bails on a charity Christmas party, and when her taxi crashes, the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, appearing to her as the three other ladies, show her the error of her ways.
11 Killer Bodies December 16, 2005 Lola’s average-looking boyfriend Fletcher is rushed to the hospital after a mysterious heart attack which appears to have been caused by Lola’s sex appeal.
12 GRRR December 23, 2005 Ava wonders if her happy marriage is in trouble and feels a little guilty when sparks fly between her and a client named Alec who, like her, has a much younger partner.
13 El Dia de Compasion December 30, 2005 Everyone is invited to Lola’s house to celebrate El Dia de Compasion, a traditional holiday from her country.

International broadcasters

Country Broadcaster Series Premiere Timeslot
Australia Nine HD Wednesday, August 6, 2008 Wednesdays at 11pm (Last episode aired on November 5)
Germany Comedy Central Monday, November 26, 2007 Wednesdays at 1:30am
Poland TVN7 , Saturday mornings
Brazil Warner Channel , Friday nights (2006)
Romania Pro Cinema Monday, September 7, 2009 Monday - Wednesday (two episodes/day)

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