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Hot Wheels Battle Force 5
HWBF5 logo.jpg
Series logo
Voices of Mark Hildreth
Michael Dobson
Kathleen Barr
Noel Johansen
Brian Drummond
Gabe Khouth
Alessandro Juliani
Kira Tozer
Colin Murdock
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 confirmed (List of episodes)
Running time 22 min. (per episode)
Production company(s) Mattel, Nelvana, Nerd Corps Entertainment
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Williams Street
Original channel Cartoon Network[1]
Original run August 28, 2009 – present
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Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 is an American/Canadian 3D CGI animated television series created by Mattel, Nelvana and Nerd Corps Entertainment. A two-episode preview aired on the Cartoon Network in the United States on August 24th, 2009. The series made its official debut on August 29.

The first trailer for the series was released on the official Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 website on June 25, 2009.[2] The first two episodes aired on Monday, August 24th.

This is the fourth production by Nerd Corps Entertainment, following Storm Hawks, League of Super Evil and Dragon Booster.



It's been years since the events in Hot Wheels AcceleRacers. Expert driver Vert Wheeler comes across an artificial dimension called a Battlezone and meets a robotic-like life form called a sentient whose name is Sage. Together they assemble a team of racers equipped with state-of-the-art weaponized vehicles to compete against the robotic Sark and the animalistic Vandals in the Battlezones to determine the fate of the Earth.



Battle Force 5

  • Vert Wheeler - He is the Leader of the Battle Force 5, the former leader of the Wave Rippers during the World Race & former second-in-command of the Teku during the events of AcceleRacers. After finding his way into a battle zone, Vert discovered and rescued the Sentient Sage from the Vandals. After they escaped back to Earth, he agreed to help Sage prevent the Vandals and the Sark from invading Earth. His vehicle is the Saber, a car which was once the Power Rage (a former Teku vehicle that was destroyed in the Water Realm) that Vert was driving when he discovered the battle zone and Sage. She rebuilt it into a new form and is the only Battle Force 5 car that is a hybrid of earth and Sentient technology. It can deploy powerful blade weapons, can spin through the air and matches his Red BF5 uniform. There are little, if any, references in the series to his life before Battle Force 5.
  • Agura Ibaden - She is the team's special operations expert as well as second in command (as seen in episode 7) and the only girl. She is a skilled hunter and enjoys off-road racing. Her vehicle is the Tangler ATV, an ATV that can turn its metal wheels into claws for fighting or climbing and matches her Green BF5 uniform. In Episode 3, the Sark took control of it using "Phase Metal" which can control any piece of Technology. In episode 17, the Sark's zurks used a vehicle with the same features as the Tangler ATV. Agura role as second in command is similar to Lani Tam's role as second in command in the World Race.
  • Stanford Isaac Rhodes IV - He is the marksman of the Battle Force 5. He is also 127th in line for the English throne, and don't you forget it. He is an expert in sound and loves to party. He also hates the planet Vandal. His brain also gets hurt when faced with puzzles. In Episode 8, the Sark Zug became his servant temporarily. In Episode 9, a statue of his ancestor in the Monument Ruins Battlezone was found and he decided to try and investigate further. In Episode 13, it was revealed that, in his childhood, he was always last for Polo. His vehicle is the Reverb, a sports car with a giant sound system and can fire powerful sonic blasts from the underside, on the sides and rear and from retractable cannons on the hood and matches his Purple BF5 uniform. His love for loud music is similar to Teku driver Shirako Takomoto. In the Episode "Cage Match" Stanford got temporarily deaf due to his firing at the sphere he got trapped in. Also Reverb is the name of Vert's car when he drove in the Ultimate Race against Gelorum. In "StormShocker" it appeared that Stanford has an older brother named Simon Lian Rhodes II.
  • Zoom Takazumi - He is the scout of the team. The youngest member of Battle Force 5, he is a great Muay Thai fighter. He is athletic, restless and curious, but is willing to give up himself for the sake of earth. He dislikes being called kid. He also looks up to Vert. In Episode 5 he was held hostage by the Vandals in the Crystal Battlezone and in Episode 10 he got poisoned by a pollen from the Vandel homeworld. His vehicle is the Chopper, a motorcycle whose wheels can split to turn into propellers for limited flight and matches his BF5 uniform that is Yellow and Orange. During the Episode "Cage Match" Vert temporarily drove the Chopper because Zoom broke his right arm from a fall. It is revealed in the episode 'The Chosen One' that Zoom abandoned the Order of the Flying Fists, a school of elite Martial Arts warriors, for a new life in the outside world. According to a younger member of the order known as Zen, Zoom was their master's star pupil and the order's 'Chosen One'.
  • Spinner & Sherman Cortez - A pair of brothers who serve as the team's brains and brawn. Spinner is the oldest and is an expert computer hacker; while Sherman is both strong and intelligent and very good at math. Spinner has a fear of germs, while his brother Sherman eats pizza off the floor. Spinner also enjoys picking on Zoom's age. In Episode 6, they temporarily switched positions because Sherman was blinded by a Flash charge. In Episode 11, it is revealed that Sherman also watches the Sci-fi series "Vlandor's quest" just like Zeke. Their vehicle is the Buster Tank, a six-wheeled vehicle which is armed with spinning star-like weapons, giant mace-spikes on the sides, a vehicle ramp that is used to help launch the Chopper into the air when in battle and matches their BF5 uniforms that are Blue and Indigo. Their relationship as brothers is similar to that of Kurt and Mark Wylde (who were on diffrent teams in both Highway 35 and Acceleracers.) In episode 16, when Zemerik forces Spinner to play a videogame-like program to understand human ingenuity, Spinner displays his skill at video games. His gamer ID is TAWannaGenius. The Buster Tank has a targeting system named The Shermennatter 3000 Targeting System.

The Sark

A race of robots similar to the Racing Drones. Among the known Sark are:

  • Zemerik - The leader of the Sark with an additude like Gelorum. He has an Electro-Whip that he uses in case of hand-to-hand combat. His vehicle is the Zelix which can deploy blades made out of Dark Matter. In Episode 3, it was implied that the Sark, or least Zemerik was created by an organic race, before the leader of the Sark eliminated his creator.
  • Zug - Zemerik's second in command similar to RD-L1 (Racing Drone Leuitenent 1). In Episode 8, he temporarily allied with Battle Force 5 and became Stanford's servant to get close to the Battle Keys they had. His vehicle is the Zendril which, in addition to its massive drill, is armed with Dark Matter saw awesome blades. His strength and size is similar to Metal Maniac Pork Chop Riggs.
  • Zurk - Common and Disposable minions for Zemerik similar to the RD-S1 (Racing Drone Soldier 1). Their vehicles are the Zentners which are armed with Deployable Dark Matter Spines. There are 2 types of Zurk: The Humanoid versions that drive the Zentners, similar to the RD-06 vehicles used by the Racing Drones, and the small wheeled versions that premiered in Episode 4 similar to the RD-W1 (Racing Drone Worker 1). In episode 17, they used a vehicle with the same features as the Tangler ATV which is called The Sark Tangler (a clue is that The Sark Tangler is Tangler only with Sark colors).
  • Sark Sentries - Small flying scout devices similar to the Racing Drone's Recon Drones used for patroling the Sark Homeworld. First seen in Episode 16.

The Vandals

A race of humanoid animals from the planet Vandal. Among the known Vandals are:

  • Captain Kalus - A tattooed lion-like Vandal who is the leader of the Vandals. He uses a crossbow mounted on his right arm. His vehicle is the Fangore which is a chariot-like vehicle armed with a spear launcher on the front.
  • Krocomodo - A crocodile-like Vandal. He plans a conspiricy to take control the Vandals as the leader. In Episode 9, he allied with Stanford just as their ancestors did and was revealed that they start the war between the Vandals and Sentients. His vehicle is the Riptile armed with saw blades on the front.
  • Sever - A shark-like Vandal and Kalus's second in command. His vehicle is the Water Slaughter which has razor-sharp jaws.
  • Hatch - A lobster/cockroach-like Vandal. It is shown that he is an expert in making poisons and chemicals in Episode 10. His vehicle is the Scarib, a skeletal looking vehicle armed with a giant stinger tail. In the afore mentioned Episode, it was taken by Vert when Kalus challenged him.

Battle Force Negative 5

In Episode 12, they are the opposite of all 6 members of Battle Force 5. Each member has a tattoo of their role symbol under their left eye and the team itself are violent and scurrilous towards one another. Their vehicles have a darker shade of body paint and also have a skull and crossbones on them somewhere. Plus any of the energy produced by the vehicles is red(i.e. Saber's weapon mode jets, Reverb's sonic blasts and Buster's lights inside the car).

  • Negative Vert - The tyrannical leader. His vehicle is the Dark Saber where the jets that keep it up in Blade mode can also be used as jump jets. He is the only member of the Negative 5 team whom has been to Positive Earth.
  • Negative Agura - The cocky, not very serious hunter who focuses on winning only. Her vehicle is the Dark Tangler ATV where she uses more of its enhanced suspension to fighting.
  • Negative Stanford - The artillery expert who is too busy blasting to worry about his style. His vehicle is the Dark Reverb where he found ways to use his cannons like a quick getaway.
  • Negative Sherman and Spinner - The teams support group where Spinner is the smart one and Sherman is the slightly pudgy muscle with not much brains. Their vehicle is the Dark Buster Tank who focus more on the single forward chain shot than the spinning chain flail.
  • Negative Zoom - The scout of the team with a slight punk attitude who resorts to hand-to-hand combat when he gets the chance by using his own style of aggressive Muay Thai. His vehicle is the Dark Chopper that has nothing special against the Positive Chopper.

The Negative Vandals

  • Negative Kalus - An honorable version of Captain Kalus from the parallel universe. His crossbow is on his left arm. His team of Vandals were killed by Battle Force Negative 5. His vehicle is the Light Fangore.

Other Characters

  • Sage - A Sentient and adviser for the team. Her people created the Multiverse and all the Battle Zones, but her people were mostly decimated and scattered due to the Vandals and the Sark destroying their homeworld. To survive, she draws her power from the Mobias Command Center, an enormous mobile garage of Sentient creation. She generally refrains from entering the Battle Zones as doing so not only weakens her physically, but erases parts of her memory as well. She can turn into a small cube-like shape to hibernate and appears to be the last surviving Sentient in existence. In "StormShocker", it is revealed that, before she became the last of her kind, she had parents and a twin brother. When she's out of the hub she drives the Mobi-com. She can do a single combat move which is a eletric shock power form her body.
  • Zeke - The owner of a diner on Earth that is the usual hangout of the team. An alien enthusiast and engrossed fan of a local sci-fi TV show called Bladorg's Quest. In Episode 11, he temporally got the intelligence of a sentient after he picked up a Data pod in the desert, but he lost the knowledge of the Battle Force 5's secret purpose when the data was deleted from his memory. His battered 1950's pickup was temporarily upgraded into a vehicle with similar performance as the Battle Force 5's, and could emit a powerful EMP burst that could short-circuit the Sarks once every four hours.
  • Grace - The waitress at Zeke's diner. She is often flirted with by Stanford.It is unknown what car she drives.
  • Sheriff Johnson - A disgruntled local police officer highway patrolman. He tends to intimidatingly admonish Vert about getting into any trouble, especially in regards to speeding. He drives a reagular police car.
  • Zen - Zoom's classmate. He has an upgraded skateboard called the Fire Blast, which Sherman said he "made a few modes of his own", by losening the wheels.
  • Simon Lian Rhodes II - Stanford's brother. He drives the Hot Wheels car Fast FeLion with a Union Jack painted on it. He catches the Battle force 5's attention by stealing the Reverb

Mobias Command Center

A Mobias Command Center (or Mobi-Com for short and even shorter Mobi) is a mobile command center/garage that was created by the Blue Sentients that is similar to Tezla's Cube & the Acceledrome, only that Tezla's Cube and the Acceledrome where not on wheels. On Vert's first trip to a BattleZone, he is taken to a damaged Mobi and his car, the Power Rage, a former Teku vehicle, was changed into the Saber. Later, Battle Force 5 locates another fully-functional Mobi, which they take back to Earth with them.

On top of its massive size, the Mobi-Com has many special features. It has a vehicle launching system, which propels cars at supersonic speed out of the front of the Mobi. It also has a hidden weapons system in its rear section; a missile turret can rises up at the back and take out enemy vehicles (Neither of Tezla's HQs had defense systems).[1]


Each of the Battlezones have a portal that will lead to Earth. Some of them were based on the sections of Highway 35 and the Acceleracers Racing Realms. Among the known Battlezones are:

  • Lava Battlezone - A Battlezone with lava surrounding rocks. This is the place when Vert rescue Sage from the Vandles. Shown in episode 1. Also shown in webisodes Breakthrough and Leaping Lava. Similar to the Lava Realm.
  • City Wreck Battlezone - A Battlezone is a city with wrecking buildings and tracks. This place is acquired by Vert. This is before the team is assembled. Also the Sark created a secret base for manufacturing more Zurk here. Similar to the Monument Realm.
  • Clockwork Battlezone - A Battlezone with gears and machines along with narrow paths. Shown in episode 2.
  • Inside Body Battlezone - The place is part of an unknown organism that possesses a heart, germs, veins, and further organic material. Shown in episode 3.
  • Squid Tenticles Battlezone - A Battlezone with squid and octopus tentacles. Shown in episode 4.
  • Tropical Beach Battlezone - A Battlezone with white sandy beaches and clear blue skies. Mentioned by Stanford in episode 4.
  • Crystal Battlezone - Sharp slick grounds, volatile bridges, and mountains that look like ice. Shown in episode 5. Also shown in Webisode "Killer Sound System".
  • Geometry Battlezone - A Math Battlezone with floating shapes everywhere. Shown in Episode 6.
  • Junkyard Battlezone - Filled with scrap metal, toxic chemicals, and machines, among a "Guardian Beast Robot". Shown in Episode 6. Also featured in Webisode "Tame the Beast". Similar to the Junk Realm (even having two of the same dangers: giant magnets and a giant junk robot.)
  • Cybergrid Battlezone - A Cyberspace Type Battlezone with shifting pathways and passages. Shown in Episode 7.
  • Canyon Battlezone - Big rocks in a wasteland. Shown in Episode 8. Similar to the Canyon Realm (only with quicksand and the sky is darker).
  • Maze Battlezone - A Battlezone with scrambling tracks, and teleporting holes. Shown in Episode 8. Similar to the Labyrinth Realm.
  • Monument Ruins Battlezone - A Battlezone with temples and passages among floating islands that are scattered around anti-gravity pulsers. A statue resembling depicting Stanford's ancestor, and a tomb for Krocomodo's ancestors. Shown in Episode 9. Similar to the Ruins Realm.
  • Fungi Battlezone - A Battlezone with plants. Shown in Episode 10. Also shown in webisode Hungerstrike.
  • Obelisk Battlezone - A Battlezone with towers to unlock a portal to another world, also Zeke (whom was imbued with the knowledge of another Sentient's data log), accompanies the group and leads them to finding the zone within the zone in search of other Sentient survivors. Shown in Episode 11.
  • Cavern Inter-Zone (in the Obelisk Battlezone) - A part of the Battlezone to the gateway of the Sentient homeworld. But it was probaly destroyed after the place was set on self-destruct and when the Battle Force 5 and the Sark escape. Shown in Episode 11.
  • Dark World Battlezone - A Battlezone affected by solar flares that mirrors the Earth, but with everything being the opposite. "The Battle Force Negative 5" are the antagonists and "The Negative Vandals" are the good guys, but The Negative Sark did not appear. This is the only battlezone to date where the team did not keep the procured battle key. Instead, they entrusted it to Negative Kalus so that he may protect his homeworld from the Battle Force Negative 5. Shown in Episode 12.
  • Volcano Battlezone - Battlezone full of rock formations and active volcanos. Shown in Episode 13.
  • Energy Pipeline Battlezone An area full of red and Blue pipes filled with antimatter and matter respectivly. Could also be called the "Setient Power plant Battlezone" Shown in Episode 13. Similar to the Neon Pipeline Realm.
  • Storm Battlezone - A battlezone with purple rocks in a wasteland and lightning. Shown in Episode 14.
  • Mind Battlezone - A Battlezone with moving tracks, a cage of doom, and traps controled by a strange robot. Shown in Episode 15.
  • Pyramid Battlezone - A Battlezone with tons of moving pyramids that can lanuch cars at supersonic speed in different diections. Shown in Episode 16.
  • Space Battlezone - A Battlezone set in space with straight foward tracks. Shown in Episode 16.
  • Ice Battlezone - A Battlezone with small mountains, giant yeti creatures and freezing temperatures. Shown in Episode 17.
  • Stadium Battlezone - A battlezone designed to be a modified field. Unlike other zones, the way to get the key is by playing a game of "battle key soccer", because the key has rervese magnetic polairate. Shown in Episode 18.

Battle Keys

A Battle Key is a nonagonal object that Battle Force 5, the Vandals and the Sark are trying to obtain. Each Battlezone has a battle key. To lock up a zone, the key must be captured, taken out of the zone and retrieved out of the portal. The driver of a vehicle doesn't have to get out. In fact, through some unknown reason, a key magnetizes to the vehicle when it gets close. The zone a key came from can be identified on the key by its detail and color (For Example, the key for the Clockwork Battlezone is rusty brown with a gear symbol in it). The Vandals and Sark are trying to get at least one Battle Key to make a gateway to Earth. Battle Force 5 has all the Battle Keys so far, including Keys to Battle Zones that weren't featured. It seems that the only one they weren't able to keep was the one for the Negative/Dark Battlezone. They gave it to Negative Kalus so he can protect his planet and to remind him of his new friends. They are similar to the Accelachargers (only they lock up Battlezones and they don't give cars special powers).


  • Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 takes place in Handler Corners, BattleZones, Sarks Headquarters, and Planet Vandal.
  • The Storm Shock is a portal that takes Battle Force 5, The Vandals, and The Sark to the Battlezones.
  • Battlezones are also similar to the Highway 35 tracks and Racing Realms.
  • Battle Keys are the special items like the Wheel of Power, Wisdom Ring, and the Accelechargers.
  • The "Sentients" created the Battlezones and the Multiverse just like the "Accelerons" created the Highway 35 tracks, the Wheel of Power, the Accelechargers, Wisdom Ring, Hyperpods, and the Racing Drones.
  • The Sarks are the evil robots similar to the Racing Drones. Their cars are even shaped like the Drone's cars.
  • Vert Wheeler is the only character from World Race, and Acceleracers retained.
  • No reference to the events of Acceleracers has been made to date.
  • Brian Drummond (who voiced Kurt Wylde in both series) is one of the voices in this series.
  • Kathleen Barr (who voiced Gelorum in both series) is one of the voices in this series.
  • In the video Hunger Strike Spinner reluctantly gets rid of an anchovi pizza while in the episode The Chosen One he hates anchovies.
  • In the online episodes the Battle Force 5 theme song is extended.
  • The webisode Killer Sound System takes place in the closed Crystal Battlezone.
  • Saber, Tangler ATV, Reverb, Chopper, Buster Tank, Zelix, Zentner, Fangore, and Water Slaughter are the die-cast cars shown in stores now. More die-cast cars (included: Zendrill, Riptile and Scarib) are coming soon in stores.
  • Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 is similar to Hot Wheels Stunt Strikers (McDonalds Happy Meal toys).
  • The webisode Tame The Beast takes place in the closed JunkYard Battlezone.
  • The webisode HungerStrike takes place in the closed Fungi Battlezone.
  • The webisodes Break Through and Leaping Lava take place in the closed Lava Battlezone.
  • The button for the Buster Tank's ramp keeps changing (first it's a push down lever than it's a red button than it's a push down lever again).
  • Captian Kalus's tattoos are similar to Mark Wylde's tattoos from Acceleracers.
  • Vert Wheeler wears a helmet in episode 7 and 15, he also wears it in World Race and Acceleracers.
  • Mobias Command Center is a big vehicle similar to a Racing Drone's Sweeper in Acceleracers (except it is working for the good guys).
  • In episodes 7 and 15 the Saber get destoryed also the button for the Saber's blade mode keeps geting changed.
  • In the begining of episode 16 Glitchin three zenters go thought the pyramid,but only two zenters went at the Battle Force 5.



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