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House Party 2

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Doug McHenry
George Jackson
Produced by Doug McHenry
George Jackson
Janet Grillo
Pat Golden
Suzanne Broderick
Written by Daryl G. Nickens
Rusty Cundieff
Based on Characters Created by
Reginald Hudlin
Starring Christopher "Kid" Reid
Christopher "Play" Martin
Full Force
Tisha Campbell
Queen Latifah
Georg Stanford Brown
Helen Martin
William Schallert
Tony Burton
Louie Louie
as 'Jamal'
special appearance by
Tony! Toni! Toné!
and Ralph Tresvant
and Martin Lawrence
as 'Bilal'
Music by Vassal Benford
Cinematography Francis Kenny
Editing by Joel Goodman
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date(s) October 23, 1991
Running time 94 min.
Country U.S.A.
Language English
Budget $5 Million
Gross revenue $19,438,638[1]
Preceded by House Party
Followed by House Party 3

House Party 2: The Pajama Jam!, the sequel to the 1990 film House Party, was released in 1991 by New Line Cinema. The sequel returns most of the cast of the first movie. The second installment includes more guest appearances from other famous entertainers than the first film did such as Queen Latifah and Ralph Tresvant. House Party 2 basically has the same premise as the first except it is a pajama party instead of a regular house party.



Following the death of "Pop" the local church has donated a scholarship fund to Kid so that he can go to college. Play now drives a sports car called "Forplay" and has opened up his own record store. He attracts the attention of music producer Shelia Landreaux whose talent scout Rick spotted Kid N' Play performing at a community center. Shelia is willing to help finance Kid N'Play's demo session if they can commit to taking the act to the top of the charts. Kid however immediately backs out because he cant commit to the act and go to school, causing a rift between the two friends.

Kid and Sydney both move into new student accommodations where Kid's room mate is Jamal, a white rapper and Sydney moves in with Zora, a strong minded female student who embraces strong political correctness. Meanwhile, Play meets a beautiful older woman named Salena who he immediately falls in love with and she obviously feels the same. Unfortunately, Bilal arrives and causes Play to stop flirting with Salena but she assures him that she'll back. Zora encourages Sydney to take courses that focus on more feminist perspectives and slowly Kid and Sydney begin to drift apart. While buying books for his studies, Kid's tuition cheque bounces and he is sent to the finance office where first he meets Miles, the Dean's assistant who tells him not to be intimidated. Kid calls Play (who is busy having sex with Salena, who he just met earlier that day) about his money and Play quickly assures him that his money is in a safe place. After he hangs up, he immediately gets back to the sex. Back on campus, Kid then meets Dean Kramer who destroys Kid's student ID and gives him a week to pay his tuition fee. Miles tells Kid he can "hook him up" with an extension by getting his friend to make changes on the main computer for a small price. Kid gives Miles all the money he has left for the hook up.

Meanwhile, Shelia Landreaux approaches Play after Rick apparently takes off with the money that was supposedly for Kid n' Play's demo session so he can clear his gambling debts. Play hesitantly gives Shelia Kid's scholarship cheque and faces a grilling from Bilal. Kid arrives later on demanding answers from Play as to the whereabouts of his money. Play comes clean to Kid and convinces him to ride to the recording studio where he promises Shelia will be with the money. Kid, Play and Bilal arrive at "Do Me Records" but are denied access into the building as the secretary has not heard of the names Shelia Landreaux or Play. Play is then confronted by Stab, Zilla and Pee Wee who want to know when they are going to record their demo. The trio were led to believe that Shelia gave Play their money for their demo session. As everyone argues the police arrive and warn them never to give money to any women by the name of Shelia Landreaux who also goes by several other alias'. Kid and Play get into fight and Bilal then convinces Kid to ask Sydney for money.

Kid approaches Sydney but rather than ask for money the two decide to stop seeing each other. Kid takes a job in the faculty dining hall to make ends meet. Things get worse when his lecturer, Professor Sinclair, gives him a week to write a 20 page paper or face failing his class. However without a student ID and with Stab, Zilla and Pee Wee working as campus security Kid can no longer get into the library or cafeteria and relies on Jamal for support as he balances work and study.

Meanwhile, Play's new girlfriend Salena comes by angry at Play for not calling her about the demo. He assures her he'll let her know as soon as possible. Later, Bilal, who frequently convinces Play to give him personal discounts on records reminds him one day that "sometimes you've gotta pay what you owe". Play then approaches Kid with a plan to make the money back: A Pajama party where men pay entry fee and women "appropriately dressed" get in for free. However, Play and Bilal run amok on campus such as Bilal having sex with a stranger girl and Kid walking in on Play and Salena in his dorm. Play wants to hold the party in the faculty dining hall which would mean Kid having to get the key and risk getting into trouble with his boss Mr Lee. Kid is against this idea and instead tries to reconcile with Sydney but sees her getting close to Miles at a protest rally. After Mr Lee is informed that Kid is no longer a student he is dismissed of his duties and sent back to Dean Kramer. Kid manages to get his deadline extended another week giving him enough time to plan for the party. Kid, Play, Bilal and Jamal begin spreading word on campus about the party.

Later on the party is in full swing. Sydney arrives hoping to talk to Kid but after seeing him getting close to another student she decides to go with Miles. Zora is approached by Rick and Shelia who is now going by another alias. While Kid N'Play perform on stage, Kid is distracted by Miles who forces Sydney into drinking beer. He jumps off stage to rescue Sydney. Play spots Shelia and Rick and chases after them. Zora knocks Shelia out with a punch to the face while Sydney tries to get away from Miles. Miles eventually lets go off Sydney and runs off with Kid in hot pursuit. A chase occurs around the building involving Kid, Miles, Rick, Play and campus security. Kid finally confronts Miles on the roof who tries to swing at Kid but falls through the glass roof and lands flat in huge cake.

The party is eventually stopped by Dean Kramer and the police. Play explains the whole situation to Dean Kramer who promptly fires Miles and has Rick and Shelia arrested. He then tells Kid that the room needs to be changed back to the way it was by morning or face expulsion. As Kid, Play, Bilal and Jamal frantically clean up Kid is approached by Mr Lee. A reluctant Play gives Kid the money they made and Kid hands it over to Mr Lee hoping it will pay for the damages. The next day Kid informs Mr Lee and then Professor Sinclair of his departure citing that he hadn't proven he belonged at college. Professor Sinclair had thought otherwise revealing he had given Kid an A minus for his 20 page paper. He offers Kid a job as his teaching assistant but Kid declines because it wouldn't cover all his expenses.

Kid heads over to Pops grave where he apologizes for letting him down. Play attempts to talk to Kid but he is too upset. Kid then packs up the rest of his stuff and says goodbye to Jamal and Sydney. As he leaves the house, Play and Bilal pull up with their girlfriends in Play's old car. Play sold "Foreplay" and gives the money to Kid. He admits to being the one who forced Kid to drop out of college in the first place and apologizes. Play tells Kid to go back inside and study. As Play and Bilal drive away Kid looks up to the heavens and says thanks to Pop.



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