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House of Lippe
COA family de Herren zur Lippe.svg
Country Lippe, Schaumburg-Lippe
Titles Lord, Count, Prince
Founder Bernhard I
Final ruler Leopold IV
Current head Prince Armin or
Prince Friedrich Wilhelm
Founding year 1123
Dissolution 1918
Ethnicity German
Cadet branches Lippe-Weissenfeld

The House of Lippe is a German Royal House. The House of Lippe descends from Hermann of Lippe (died ca. 1056) whose son Bernhard I was the founder of the state of Lippe in 1123.

In 1613, the House's territory was split into Lippe-Detmold, Lippe-Brake and Lippe-Alverdissen. In 1643 Count Philipp of Lippe-Alverdissen founded the Schaumburg-Lippe line of the House of Lippe. In 1905 with the death of Prince Alexander the senior Lippe-Detmold branch of the family became extinct with Count Leopold of Lippe-Biesterfeld succeeding him as Prince.

With the German Revolution of 1918, the Princes of Lippe and Schaumburg-Lippe were forced to abdicate, ending the family's 795-year rule in Lippe. In 1937, Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld married Princess Juliana of the Netherlands. With the ascension of their daughter Beatrix in 1980, the name of the Royal House remained known as the House of Orange-Nassau, although Beatrix and her sisters are agnatically members of the house of Lippe.

States ruled by the House of Lippe


House of Lippe
New title Ruling House of Lippe
Declared a
Ruling House of Schaumburg-Lippe
Preceded by
House of Mecklenburg
Ruling House of the Netherlands


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