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House of Mrnjavčević
Grb mrnjavcevici.jpg
Country domain in region of Serbian Macedonia
Titles Knez, King
Founder Vukašin Mrnjavčević
Founding year 1366
Ethnicity Serbian

The House of Mrnjavčević was a noble Serbian medieval dynasty ruling from Prilep in the region of Macedonia from 1366 to 1395, having ceded from the crumbling Serbian Empire after Stefan Dušan's death. There are only two known rulers from the dynasty, Vukašin Mrnjavčević (the founder) and his son, Marko Kraljević.



Family Tree

  • Mrnja
  • Marko Kraljević, Despot of Prilep and Central Macedonia (1371-1395)
  • Andrijaš
  • Ivaniš
  • Dimitar Kraljević
  • Olivera
  • Tvrtko
  • Uglješa
  • Eupraxia
  • Jelena
  • Gojko
  • Grča (Gavrilo) Nenadin
  • Panto Grčin (Grčić)
  • Đurađ
  • Tihomir
  • Marko
  • Aleksa (Lješ)
  • Petar Pantin (Pantović)
  • Marko
  • Andrija
  • Vuko (Vukašin)
  • Nikač (Nikola)
  • Petar
  • Andrija
  • Nikola
  • Stojan
  • Vuko
  • Stevo (Stefan)
  • Periša
  • Stefan
  • Vuk


A bratstva in Montenegro

  • Mrnjavčevići
    • Beriša
    • Bokeći
      • Bokići
      • Nikmaraši
    • Ganići
    • Radončići
    • Pantović
        • Perići

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