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Pronunciation HOW-erd
Gender Masculine
Meaning "noble watchman"
Origin England
Related names Howie, Ward
Popularity Popular names page


Howard is a popular English language occupational given name of Old English origin, meaning "noble watchman". Its nickname is "Howie" and its shortened form is "Ward" (most common in the 19th century). Between 1900-1960, Howard ranked in the U.S. Top 200; between 1960–1990, it ranked in the U.S. Top 400; between 1990–2004, it ranked in the U.S. Top 600.[1] People with the given name Howard or its variants include:

Howard, given name

Howie, nickname

  • Howie B (born 1963), Scottish musician and producer
  • Howie Carr (born 1952), American journalist
  • Howie Day (born 1981), American singer-songwriter
  • Howie Dorough (born 1973), American musician with Backstreet Boys
  • Howie Epstein (1955–2003), American musician
  • Howie Gordon (born 1971), Big Brother contestant
  • Howie Gordon (later known as Richard Pacheco), American pornographic actor
  • Howie Hawkins, American politician and activist
  • Howie Long (born 1960), American football player
  • Howie Mandel (born 1955), Canadian comedian and actor, Deal or no Deal- TV Show
  • Howie Meeker (born 1924), Canadian hockey player, TV sports announcer, Member of Parliament
  • Howie Morenz (1902–1937), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Howie Nave (born 1956), American comedian, radio personality, writer, promoter and movie critic
  • Howie Rose (born 1954), American sportscaster
  • Howie Winter (born 1929), American mobster

Ward, shortened form

Fictional characters

Howard, stage name

  • Howard Keel, (born Harold, 1917 or 1919–2004), singer and actor



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There is more than one place called Howard:

United States of America

  • Howard (Kansas) - a town in the state of Kansas.
  • Howard (New York) - a town in the state of New York.
  • Howard (Ohio) - a town in the state of Ohio.
  • Howard (Rhode Island) - a town in the state of Rhode Island.
  • Howard (South Dakota) - a town in the state of South Dakota.
  • Howard (Wisconsin) - a town in the state of Wisconsin.
  • Howard City (Michigan) - a town in the state of Michigan.

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Medieval personal name from Old Norse Hávarðr, from hár (high) + varðr (guard), also from Germanic hug (heart,mind) + ward (guard).[1]

Proper noun




  1. A patronymic surname.
  2. A male given name, transferred back from the surname. Short form: Howie.


  • 1675 Edward Phillips, Egerton Brydges: Theatrum Poetarum Anglicanorum. page V:
    Henry Howard, the most noble Earl of Surry, who flourishing in the time of King Henry the, as his name is sufficiently famous for the martial exploits of that family for many generations, so deserves he, had he his due, the particular fame of learning, wit, and poetic fancy
  • 1984 Louise Erdrich, Love Medicine, Bantam Books 1987, ISBN 0553268082, page 238,250:
    "King Howard Kashpaw, Junior," said his new teacher. "Which one of those names would you like to be called?"
    He had never thought about it.
    "Howard," he was surprised to hear himself answer. It was that simple. After that he was Howard at school. - - -
    ""He don't call himself Little King anymore," Lynette said from the kitchen. "He thinks his name's Howard."
    The boy looked at me and nodded.
    "He won't claim his dad no more," said King, standing in the doorway. "He's too good."



  • Notes:
  1. ^ Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges: A Dictionary of Surnames. Oxford University Press 1988.


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11.XI.1807-22.XI.1883 (Howard)

British botanist.

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