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—  Prefecture-level city  —
Chinese transcription(s)
 - Simplified 黄山
 - Traditional
 - Pinyin Huángshān
Country China
Province Anhui
County-level divisions 7
Township-level divisions 145
City seat Tunxi District
(29°42′N 118°18′E / 29.7°N 118.3°E / 29.7; 118.3)
 - CPC Secretary Wang Qimin (王启敏)
 - Mayor Li Hongming (李宏鸣)
 - Total 9,807.4 km2 (3,786.7 sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Area code(s) 559
GDP per capita
License Plate Prefix 皖J
Reconsctructed old town, Song Street

Huangshan (Chinese: 黄山pinyin: Huángshān), is a prefecture-level city centered on the Huangshan Mountains in southern Anhui province, People's Republic of China. Its urban area was originally the city of Tunxi; this now constitutes Tunxi District. Huangshan is the southernmost prefecture-level city in the province and borders Chizhou to the northwest, Xuancheng to the northeast, and the provinces of Jiangxi and Zhejiang to the southwest and southeast, respectively. Huangshan, one of the most famous mountain peaks in China, is a popular tourist attraction. In 1990, Huangshan was listed as a World Heritage Site.

Huangshan prefecture-level city corresponds largely to the historical region of Huizhou (徽州); indeed Huangshan prefecture-level city was known as Huizhou Prefecture before 1987. The name change was made to reflect the cultural and touristic preeminence of the Huangshan Mountains.



An old gate in the city

The prefecture-level city of Huangshan administers 7 county-level divisions, including 3 districts and 4 counties.

These are further divided into 145 township-level divisions, including 42 towns, 100 townships and 3 subdistricts.


Keemun tea

Keemun tea is produced in Qimen County, and the tea is named for the county. Mao feng, a green tea, is also produced in neighboring counties. Tourism, centered around Mount Huang but also including other scenic and historic sites (such as Xidi and Hongxun), is also an important part of the Huangshan economy.

Other notes

In early 2008, the BBC broadcast a series of 5 documentaries on life for schoolchildren in China, called "Chinese School". One of the three schools documented was Xiuning High School, the top school in the county. This was situated in the town of Xiuning, in the county of Xiuning in Huangshan. This was shown on BBC 4, and could also be seen on BBC iplayer, and was received with mixed reactions, most of which were positive. To see a more complete review of the series, follow this link:

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