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The Hulcherama is a shutterless, motor-controlled panoramic camera designed and manufactured by the Charles A. Hulcher Company, Inc. in Hampton, Virginia.

The Hulcherama is a panoramic camera that can rotate in a circle for a full 360-degree image. It uses standard medium format 120 or 220 roll film and standard Mamiya, Pentax or Hasselblad lenses. The resulting negative for a 360-degree photo is approximately 2.25" wide (the width of the film) by 9" long. It is not locked to rotating 360-degrees and can be manually rotated to any arbitrary degree. When used automatically it uses a 12-volt battery to operate the motor and the rate of rotation can be varied from 1 to 144 seconds per revolution. The film is exposed through an adjustable slit controlled from the outside of the camera. While there isn't a shutter in the traditional sense, the width of the slit, in combination with the rotation speed, serves a comparable purpose.

While panoramic cameras are hard to master, the Hulcherama is fairly easy to learn. Film can be loaded in daylight. Speeds are set by a six-position switch on the outside of the camera. Some newer models also include an anodized plate on the rear of the camera, displaying a chart with light levels and camera speeds. Another new feature is the shift lens, which allows the lens to shift up or down, useful for architecture. Lastly, newer models also include a side eyepiece, which provides users with an upside-down preview of their photography.

The photojournalist Simon Nathan famous for his "Simon Sez" columns and film stills of several James Bond movies, is considered by many to be the spiritual father of this unique camera. His love of panoramics and friendship with the crew of Hulcher Company led to the development of the Hulcherama, a term he coined. Other famous photographers who have used the Hulcherama include Will Landon (Ranier Panorama) and Tom Schiff (Panoramic Ohio).

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