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Human Giant
The cast of Human Giant (from left to right), Rob, Paul and Aziz.
Genre Sketch comedy
Created by Aziz Ansari
Rob Huebel
Paul Scheer
Jason Woliner
Starring Aziz Ansari
Rob Huebel
Paul Scheer
Opening theme "Romantic Rights" by Death from Above 1979
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 14
Running time 30 minutes
(with commercials)
Original channel MTV
Original run April 5, 2007 – April 16, 2008
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Human Giant is a sketch comedy show on MTV, starring writer/performers Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer and directed primarily by Jason Woliner.

The show has completed two seasons. The status of a third season is unknown. In interviews, the group has mentioned that they were offered a third season by MTV but were unable to complete it due to Ansari's commitments to the new NBC show Parks and Recreation. However, the group has stated that MTV has left the door open for the group to complete a third season at a later date or to produce a special for the network.

In November 2008, The Hollywood Reporter noted the group is currently developing a feature film with Red Hour Films, the production company run by Ben Stiller and producer Stuart Cornfeld.



The show, which premiered on April 5, 2007, consists of short humorous videos. Some of the clips were first seen online such as "Shutterbugs," as part of Channel 101 NY, "Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru,” “The Illusionators” and an unaired skit called "Other Music." Human Giant has also gained a large audience in the New York City comedy scene through live shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade and their weekly comedy show, Crash Test.

The show closed out a Thursday night "10 Spot" line-up for MTV, which also included Pimp My Ride, Short Circuitz (before being put on hiatus), and Adventures in Hollyhood, ending with Human Giant. The line-up started at 9 PM and ended at 11 PM.

Guest Appearances

Season one

H. Jon Benjamin, Brian Posehn, Patton Oswalt, Jon Glaser, Rob Riggle, Jay Johnston, Matt Walsh, Ghostface Killah, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kristen Schaal, Bobb'e J. Thompson, Nichole Hiltz, June Raphael, Casey Wilson, Andy Blitz, Nick Swardson, Tapes 'n Tapes, Ted Leo, Devendra Banhart, Jonah Hill, Nick Kroll and Linda Cardellini.

Season two

Will Arnett, David Cross, Brian Posehn, H. Jon Benjamin, Jon Glaser, Rob Riggle, Bobb'e J. Thompson, Michael K. Williams, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, A.D. Miles, Andy Blitz, Matt Walsh, Brian Stack, John Lutz, Jack McBrayer, Tracy Morgan and Andy Samberg.


Season 1

# Episode title Sketches
101 "Mind Explosion!"
  • Terrifying Pop-Up
  • Wheelchair Access (also known as "Ghostface Killah Tickets")
  • Shutterbugs (Episode 1)
  • Aziz's Worst Boombox Challengea
  • Camping Weekend
  • Attack Dogs (Part 1)
  • Illusionators - "Riggle"
  • Paul's Time Machine
  • Attack Dogs (Part 2)
  • Mother and Son Moving Company
  • Illusionators - "Funeral"
102 "Let's Go!"
  • Face-Melting Ark
  • Dick on the Face
  • Catching a Predator
  • Self-Defense
  • Sea Land Psycho
  • Old-Fashioned Funb
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Product Recall: Washer/Dryer
  • Let's Go!
103 "Lil 9/11"
  • Zoombas
  • Rob's Vagina
  • Paul Scheer Is a Total Douchebag Pizzeria Part 1
  • Shutterbugs: Lil' 9/11 Part 1
  • Paul Scheer Is a Total Douchebag Pizzeria Part 2
  • Blood Oath
  • Astronaut
  • Commercial Jingles Part 1
  • Shutterbugs: Lil' 9/11 Part 2
  • Commercial Jingles Part 2
104 "Mosh Pit"
  • Cute Animal Show
  • Paul's Time Machine 2
  • Job Interview (known online as "Escalating Interview")
  • Rob's Mom
  • Corn Maze
  • Illusionators: Clone Trick
  • Mobile World
  • Product Recall: Cell Phone
  • Mosh Pitb
105 "Ice Cream Party!"
  • Missing Person Part 1
  • Suit of Arbor
  • Emergency Party Chat Linej
  • Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru Part 1b
  • The Deer
  • Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru Part 2b
  • Missing Person Part 2
  • Illusionators: Street Crossing Part 1
  • Swindle Tips: Coffee
  • Illusionators: Street Crossing Part 2
106 "Kneel Before Zerg"
  • Hostage Countdown
  • Mannequin
  • Shutterbugs: Bobb'e J
  • Wheelchair Access (also known as "Ghostface Killah Tickets") (repeated)
  • Zoombas (repeated)
  • Corn Maze (repeated)
  • Spacelords: Episode 1
  • Product Recall: Vacuum
  • Cliff Tarpey
  • Product Recall: Aziz
  • NASA Presents: LUNARTICS
107 "Hello, Susan"
  • Moustaches vs. Beards
  • Genie
  • Ding Dong Boys Part 1
  • Swindle Tips: Free Gym Membership
  • Ding Dong Boys Part 2
  • Lookalike
  • Ding Dong Boys Part 3
  • Exorcism
  • Exorcism Part 2
108 "Ta Da!!"
  • Driver's Ed
  • Rollerblading
  • Illusionators: Missile Stunt Part 1
  • Indian Burial Ground
  • Illusionators: Missile Stunt Part 2
  • Morning Zoo
  • Spacelords: Episode 2
a This skit was removed from the season one DVD.
b These skits were edited for the season one DVD.
j Added for the season one DVD.

Season 2

The group began working on Human Giant Season 2 at the end of August, 2007. Season 2 premiered on March 11, 2008 and ran for 6 episodes. The season finale premiered April 15, 2008

  • Note the CrimeTime sketch, the Gay Porn Star Car Accident sketch, and the Illusinator Camera Trick sketch for season 2 all show up on the Season 1 DVD as easter eggs.
# Episode title Sketches
201 "Duffel Bag of Death"
  • Paul's Grandma
  • Viral Videos
  • Shutterbugs: Kiditentiary (Episode 1)
  • CrimeTime
  • Illusionators: We're Sorry (Episode 1)
  • Car Accident
202 "I'm Gonna Live Forever!"
  • Sketch Artist
  • Will Arnett Sex Tape
  • Carpet Monkey
  • T-Shirt Squad
  • Lesson Van (Part 1)
  • Sci-Fi Make Up (Episode 1)
  • Lesson Van (Part 2)
203 "Respect. Honor. Discipline"
  • Proposition
  • Kicking Cameras (Part 1)
  • Illusionators: We're Sorry (Episode 2, Part 1)
  • Kicking Cameras (Part 2)
  • Hot Air Balloon Patrol
  • Foley Artist
  • Illusionators: We're Sorry (Episode 2, Part 2)
  • Bozard and the BBQ Boys (Part 1)
  • Bozard and the BBQ Boys (Part 2)
204 "I Want More Corn Chowder"
  • Bloody Reminder
  • Shutterbugs: Kiditentiary (Episode 2)
  • Thunderblast
  • Corn Chowder (Part 1)
  • Invisible Man
  • Corn Chowder (Part 2)
  • Mr. Clowny
  • Corn Chowder (Part 3)
205 Still Here, Man. Still Here.
  • Pinatas
  • Top 10 CD's
  • Shutterbugs: Kiditentiary (Episode 3)
  • Gas Guzzlers
  • Tub of Ice
  • Nightmare Lawyer
  • Shutterbugs: Kiditentiary (Episode 4)
206 "She Be a Witch"
  • Montana Meth
  • Osama Bin Diesel (Part 1)
  • Sci-Fi Make Up (Episode 2)
  • Rise to the Challenge
  • Court TV - Acting Reel
  • Osama Bin Diesel (Part 2)
  • Illusionators: Camera Trick

24-hour marathon

The cast of Human Giant were on-air on MTV and MTV2 for a twenty-four hour period between noon on Friday, May 18, 2007 to noon on Saturday, May 19, 2007, broadcasting from MTV's Times Square studio, during which time they were given free rein to perform skits, bring in guests, etc. The ostensible premise of the "marathon" was that their show would be given a second season if they could get a million hits on their website (which it did) during that time. Notable guests stopping by included Albert Hammond Jr., Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, and Jorma Taccone from Saturday Night Live, Will Arnett and Michael Cera from Arrested Development, John Krasinski, Bob Odenkirk, Michael Showalter, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, Ted Leo, Corn Mo, Todd Barry, Zach Galifianakis, Morningwood, Mastodon, Tapes 'n Tapes, The National, Tegan and Sara, and others.

DVD releases

The first season of Human Giant was released on March 4, 2008, one week ahead of the season two premiere on March 11. It was released in a two-disc set. Disc one features all eight episodes and commentary tracks on all episodes with special guests calling-in or with the cast in the commentary room. Disc two features highlights from the 24-hour marathon, deleted and alternate scenes, un-aired sketches, sneak previews for season two, early footage with Aziz, Rob and Paul, and a compilation clip.[1]

Credited consultants

The core writing team consists of Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Jason Woliner and executive producer Tom Gianas. The following people have, at one point, also worked as consultants on the show:

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Human Giant is a sketch comedy show on MTV, starring Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer.



Mind Explosion (Episode 1)

  • "What the shit, man!" (Aziz Ansari)
  • "There's something you left off your resume.. Why don't you call us back.. when you're not Asian!" (Aziz Ansari as Bill)
  • "Prepare your mind... (Aziz Ansari as John Satan)
  • "...for a MIND EXPLOSION!!!" (Paul Scheer as Scott Devil)

Let's Go (Episode 2)

  • "Fiddling knobs, touching keys, having fun with a full grown man" (Aziz Ansari)
  • "Come on, man, I got a full beard!" (Aziz Ansari)
  • "Whales, you swim in my piss!" (Rob Huebel)

L'il 9/11 (Episode 3)

  • "Oh yeah, Doritos time! Got to crunch it 'cause it's good! And the lightning bolt crashes. Hey old man, what you eatin'? Well I'm eatin' a big bag of Doritos. Doritos! Ding!" (Paul Scheer)
  • "I don't drink Tang, on EARTH!" (Rob Huebel as Cliff Tarpey)
  • "Oh No. Pictures of my vagina leaked out onto the internet." (Rob Huebel)
  • "Blood Oath!" (Rob Huebel)
  • "It's a spacesuit, dawg!" (Aziz Ansari)
  • "And that's why I think video game tennis is just better than regular tennis." (Aziz Ansari)
  • "No. We have to settle this... in space." (Rob Huebel as Cliff Tarpey)

Mosh Pit (Episode 4)

  • "I'm young, I'm hot, I'm sexy on the spot, touch me here, touch me..." (Paul Scheer)
  • "I'm Suryat, are your balls bigger than mine? No, of course not, I'm Suryat, my balls are huge!" (Aziz Ansari as Suryat)
  • "It's the prank of the century! Paul made love to a dude, yeah!" (Aziz Ansari)
  • "Corn maze!" (Rob Huebel)
  • "Go back in time and give your mother an abortion!" (Paul Scheer)
  • "Think you got what it takes? Well, take a shit on Mt. Rushmore and call me Jefferson, buddy" (Aziz Ansari as Suryat)
  • "I don't want you out there on the bully plane calling me up, saying 'hey, I gotta pull up my marshmallow pants and hit the boohoo button, 'cause I don't know where the cranberries are.' You know what I mean?" (Aziz Ansari as Suryat)
Suryat: You goddamn motherfucker [throws coffee mug]
Paul Scheer:[fives him] Get ass cancer you molester
  • "You shut up when I'm eating. YOU SHUT UP!!!" (Rob Huebel)

Ice Cream Party (Episode 5)

  • "Everybody shut up! Shut up! I'm gonna do that thing where you tuck your penis in so it looks like a vagina! 'Oh look at me I'm a pretty girl! I'm a pretty girl! Oh touch my nipples cause I'm so pretty!'" (Paul Scheer as Randy Wattson)
  • "Nobody can defeat my light saber!" (Paul Scheer as Randy Wattson)
  • "I've decided that if you don't post that Tapes 'n Tapes mp3, I'm going to come back here tomorrow and give you a Colombian necktie." (Aziz Ansari as Clell Tickle)
  • "Tickle's right hand man is former Ultimate Fighting champion and convicted child arsonist, Hambone." (Rob Huebel as T.C. Everwood)
  • "Clell Tickle ripped my beard off! This isn't even a real beard, man! This thing's fake!" (Devendra Banhart)
  • "When you go home after this show I want you to blog about this band; I want you to post pictures. 'Cause if you don't, I'll fucking come to your house man and I'll kill your dog. And if you don't have a dog, I'll hurt the weakest member of your family!" (Aziz Ansari as Clell Tickle)
  • "If bands had cocks, this bands cock would be fucking huge!" (Aziz Ansari as Clell Tickle)
  • "People say, 'Clell, Clell! You got blood on your hands!' Yeah, well I got gold records on my wall...And I got blood on my hands." (Aziz Ansari as Clell Tickle)
  • "There are over 1,200 different organs in the human body. Of these, the eye is not only the largest, but the number one sight giving organ." (Rob Huebel as Dr. Sanjay Gupta)
  • "Thanks for the coffee you piece of shit! You just got swindled!" (Aziz Ansari as Jimmy Norville)
  • "What John and Scott don't understand is that when you cover the human eye... like this... seeing becomes virtually impossible. And walking? Well, that's literally impossible." (Rob Huebel as Dr. Sanjay Gupta)

Kneel Before Zerg (Episode 6)

  • "You know, you can't get pregnant on the moon." (Rob Huebel as Cliff Tarpey)
  • "I'm the kind of astronaut that murders for sport." (Rob Huebel as Cliff Tarpey)
  • "I'm going to be all over this guy, just like the melted cheddar cheese all over this mesquite chicken with bacon sandwich" (Aziz Ansari as Cannonball)
  • "We are now the Weenie Kings." (Paul Scheer as Zerg, a character based on General Zod)
  • "You thought it was gonna be tastefully done? Well guess what? It tastefully didn't earn me no money!" (Bobby J)
  • "I've been arrested four times! One of those times was bullshit!" (Paul Scheer as G-Force)
  • "The Deluxe Clean Vacuum has been recalled because it has been diagnosed with hemophilia." (Narrator on Human Giant's Product Recalls)

Hello Susan (Episode 7)

  • "You say anything I will cut you" (Paul Scheer as a Genie)
  • "Federal penal system, you just got swindled' (Aziz Ansari as Jimmy Norville)

Ta Da!! (Episode 8)

  • "The hardest part about rollerblading is telling your parents you're gay." (Aziz Ansari as a Rollerblader)
  • "Why would you say such things when you know I will kill you?" (Paul Scheer as Zerg)
  • "My father's cock went into my mother's c*** in the backroom of a Cinnabon. That's how I was born" (Aziz Ansari)
  • "I HAVE DESTROYED HIM!!!" (Aziz Ansari as Udon)

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