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Human Rights within the government of Cyprus have been developing like any other country. Whenever there is a reference to human rights in Cyprus the issue is not about the government violating the rights of the people but rather accusations that Turkey may be violating the rights of Cyprus and its citizens. This is not to say that there have not been accusations of things such as police abuse, violence against women and trafficking in persons. Turkey has been occupying the northern portion of Cyprus and has been separated from the southern portion by a buffer line filled with UN peace keepers. Since the occupied area in northern Cyprus is not recognized by any nation but Turkey, there are inevitable confrontations between the citizens of Cyprus and the Turkish soldiers.

Cyprus has been accused of not sufficiently protecting the rights of immigrant workers. There is a big population of immigrant workers from Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The conditions in which they live have been appalling. Sometimes, the women are raped and ill treated.

Cyprus remains a hub and mediator and a destination for human trafficking. Eastern European women are trafficked into the country and they work as barmaids and dancers in the local cabarets and bars. But this is only a cover as most of them are forcibly indulged in prostitution.

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