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Asylum seekers

Serbia has a UN facility at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport for applicants for asylum in accordance with international policies.

Yugoslav Wars

During the war in Croatia Serbs paramilitary units such as the Chetnik and others, as well as much soldiers from the JNA (all controlled by the Serbs), committed many violations of the human rights. This violations to the human rights happened, for example, in the Vukovar massacre, in the which the JNA and serb paramilitary units executed thousands of civilian and soldiers who have surrendered after resist around to 87 days of combat against a much better equipped and numerically superior enemy. Other violations against the human rights occurred in the Bosnian War such as happened in Srebrenica massacre in the which thousands of civilians were executed by the Serb forces.


After the conflict, in fear of their safety, perhaps up to 250,000 Serbs and other ethnic minorities fled their homes to go north.[1]


Vojvodina has been in 2003 and 2004 identified by Human Rights Watch and the European Parliament as region experiencing human rights violation, and a marked increase in ethnic violence since the national elections of 2003. After thoroughly investigating these allegations, and taking into account the long history of ethnic conflict in the Balkans, the European Parliament in September 2005, unanimously passed a resolution summarised on the Europa website as: "In its resolution on Vojvodina, adopted with 88 votes in favour, none against and 2 abstentions, Parliament expresses its deep concern at the repeated breaches of human rights and the lack of law and order in that province."[2]

Ethnically motivated violence against Serbs has reportedly occurred within Vojvodina, including assaults and torture by attackers; state institutions have responded with varying degrees of effectiveness in identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators of such assaults.

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