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Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party
Magyar Szocialista Munkáspárt
First leader János Kádár
Last leader Károly Grósz
Founded October 25, 1956
Dissolved October 7, 1989
Preceded by Hungarian Working People's Party
Succeeded by Hungarian Socialist Party, Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party
Headquarters Budapest, People's Republic of Hungary
Ideology Communism,
"Goulash Socialism"
International affiliation Comecon
Official colors Red, White, Green (Colours of the Hungarian flag)

The Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (Magyar Szocialista Munkáspárt (MSZMP) in Hungarian) was the ruling communist party of Hungary during the Cold War between 1956 and 1989. It was organised from parts of the Hungarian Working People's Party, during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. On November 4 1956 the party fell under the sway of János Kádár and the Soviet Union.

In 1989 it separated into two parties: the majority Hungarian Socialist Party and the minority Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party.

General Secretaries of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party

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