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Husayin Fakhri al-Khalidi (Arabic: حسين فخري الخالدي‎, Ḥusayn Fakhri al-Khalidī) (1895-1962) was born in Jerusalem. He worked as medical doctor for the Department of Public Health in Aleppo. Khalidi was elected mayor of Jerusalem from 1934-1937. On 23 June, 1935 he founded the Reform Party and joined the Arab Higher Committee as its representative.[1]

Khalidi was exiled to the Seychelles Islands in 1937. He took part in the London Conference at St. James's Palace in February 1939 and was among those rejecting the British Government's White Paper proposal. He returned to Palestine in 1943 and joined the renewed Arab Higher Committee in 1945, becoming its Secretary in 1946. Khalidi was a member of the short-lived All-Palestine Government established under Egypt's patronage in Gaza in September 1948. He prospered under Jordanian rule, becoming a Cabinet Minister (for Foreign Affairs) and briefly Prime Minister in 1957.[2] He died on 26 December, 1962.

He was the brother of Ismail Khalidi and the uncle of Rashid Khalidi.[3]


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