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A hybrid is the combination of two or more different things, aimed at achieving a particular objective or goal. In different contexts this may refer to:

  • In mythology and iconography:
  • In biology:
    • Hybrid (biology), the offspring resulting from cross-breeding of different plants or animals.
  • In etymology:
  • In video games:
    • Hybrid refers to a group of humans that have aliens characteristics in Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance: Retribution

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  • For phrases that start with Hybrid, see Special:Prefixindex/Hybrid.
  • Hybridization

Simple English

A hybrid is a mixture of several things, usually two different kinds of things. This word is most common when talking about plants and animals. Mules are hybrids. The female parent is a horse and the male parent is a donkey. Some cars are called hybrids, too. They have a mixture of two different kinds of motors, electric and gasoline.


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