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Structure of the hydrazone functional group
Benzophenone hydrazone, an illustrative hydrazone

A hydrazone is a class of organic compounds with the structure R1R2C=NNH2. They are related to ketones and aldehydes by the replacement of the oxygen with the NNH2 functional group. They are formed usually by the action of hydrazine on ketones or aldehydes.


The formation of aromatic hydrazone derivatives is used to measure the concentration of low molecular weight aldehydes and ketones, e.g. in gas streams. For example, dinitrophenylhydrazine coated onto a silica sorbent is the basis of an adsorption cartridge. The hydrazones are then eluted and analyzed by HPLC using a UV detector.

The compound carbonyl cyanide-p-trifluoromethoxyphenylhydrazone (abbreviated as FCCP) is used to "uncouple" ATP synthesis and reduction of oxygen in oxidative phosphorylation in molecular biology.

Hydrazones are reactants in hydrazone iodination, the Shapiro reaction and the Bamford-Stevens reaction to vinyl compounds.


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HYDRAZONE, in chemistry, a compound formed by the condensation of a hydrazine with a carbonyl group (see Alde Hydes; Ketones).

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