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Hymne Monégasque
English: Monégasque Anthem
National anthem of  Monaco
Lyrics Louis Notari, 1931
Music Théophile Bellando de Castro, 1841
Adopted 1848

Hymne Monégasque (in English: Monégasque Anthem) is Monaco's national anthem.

Théophile Bellando de Castro wrote the lyrics and composed the music of the 1st edition of Hymne Monégasque in 1841, later Castil-Blaze modified the melody and made several other minor changes. In 1848 the National Guard, created by Prince Charles III, adopted Bellando's song and it became the March of the National Loyalists. In 1896 Charles Albrecht composed a new arrangement for piano, published by Tihebaux in Paris and called Air National de Monaco; in 1897 Decourcelle of Nice, printed an edition called 429 Hymne National de Monaco for piano.

Years later, François Bellini orchestrated the song by Albrecht; this new arrangement for a trio was judged to be too long for people in 1900 and ceased being played. The modern version was created by Léon Jehin in 1914 and was played for the first time during the 25th anniversary of the beginning Prince Albert's reign. Finally in 1931 Louis Notari wrote the lyrics in the Monegasque language. Only the Monegasque lyrics are official, reportedly dating back to a request from the Prince. The official lyrics contain only one verse. (The anthem is not usually even sung at all, except for official occasions.)


Monegasque text


Despoei tugiù, sciü d'u nostru paise
Se ride aù ventu, u meme pavayun
Despoei tugiù a curù russa e gianca
E stà r'emblèma d'a nostra libertà
Grandi e piciui, r'an tugiù respeta.
Amu ch'üna tradiçiun,
Amu ch'üna religiun,
Amu avüu per u nostru unù
I meme Principi tugiù
E ren nun ne scangera
Tantu ch'u suriyu lüjerà ;
Diu sempre n'agiüterà
E ren nun ne scangera

French Translation


Depuis toujours, sur notre pays,
Le même drapeau est déployé au vent,
Depuis toujours les couleurs rouge et blanche
Sont le symbole de notre liberté
Grands et petits les ont toujours respectées.

English Translation


Forever, in our land,
One flag has flown in the wind
Forever, the colours red and white
Have symbolised our liberty
Great and small [people] have always respected them.

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  • The Prince's Palace - The official website of the Prince's Palace has an extensive article about the National Anthem, featuring the complete lyrics and an instrumental sound file.
  • Gare de Monaco - The official website for the Monaco Monte Carlo train station features a page of videos of the inauguration ceremony for its 1999 reopening, including a choral version of the national anthem.


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