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I'll Make a Habit of It!
(Chō Kuse ni Narisō)
Genre Romantic comedy
TV anime
Studio Studio Kikan
Network Japan NHK
Original run 5 April 19943 January 1995
Episodes 39[1]
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I'll Make a Habit of It! (超くせになりそう Chō Kuse ni Narisō ?) is a comedic anime series about an idol singer/martial artist and the chaos that results from her efforts to have a life and love beyond her singing career. It aired as part of the anthology program Eisei Anime Gekijō which was broadcast on NHK. It is known as "the shōjo Ranma" in some fan circles due to the amount of time the heroine spends badly disguised as a boy.



Nagisa Shiratori is the heir to a judo training hall that has fallen on such hard times that their only pupils are animals from a nearby wildlife park. In a desperate bit to save her heritage, she reveals that she is going to go out into the world as an idol singer and find "strong men" to join her school. The first part of her plan succeeds beyond her wildest dreams: she is almost instantly elevated to the status of Japan's top idol despite an utter lack of anything even remotely resembling musical talent. Yet this dooms the second part of her plan, because her fame and schedule prevent her from finding the disciples she seeks.

So Nagisa horrifies her manager by chopping off her trademark pigtails and enrolling at one of the worst schools in Tokyo as a boy, under her given name of Nagisa Ootori (Shiratori is a stage name). There she runs into the toughest gang at the school, and after she soundly beats them they (believing her to be a man) recruit her to help them confront a gang from a rival school. Unfortunately, when she sees the leader of the rival gang, a handsome boy named Nosaka-kun, she instantly falls madly in love with him. Before the fight can begin, Nagisa is whisked away to a record signing, where she encounters Nosaka again, who is so utterly smitten with Nagisa Shiratori that he proposes marriage on the spot.

The next day the disguised Nagisa fights an inconclusive duel with Nosaka that ends in a stalemate, and with Nosaka declaring her a worthy foe he looks forward to fighting again. He later reveals to the female Nagisa that he too in on a quest to recruit disciples for a failing martial arts school, and is meeting with a similar lack of success. The next day, in their final confrontation, Nosaka discovers Nagisa's secret due to an ill-placed grab maneuver. Delaring he would rather love Nagisa than fight her, he agrees to keep her secret and they run off, with the school toughs and both their disapproving fathers in hot pursuit.

After that, Nagisa continues her double life, showing up at school some of the time when her manager cannot force her to attend to her idol responsibilities. Meanwhile, the world she lives in gets weirder and weirder, as more and more bizarre things happen in her proximity.


Nagisa Ootori/Nagisa Shiratori
Voiced by: Chinami Nishimura
Voiced by: Nobutoshi Hayashi
Nagisa's love interest, confidante and secret fiancè. He is quite devoted but he is impulsive and protective to a fault, despite the fact that Nagisa is in less need of protection than anyone he has ever known.
Momoko Prisila
Voiced by: Chieko Honda
A wealthy dilettante who is determined to supplant Nagisa not only as the greatest idol in Japan but in the world as well (one of her more "rational" goals is to be more famous than Audrey Hepburn.) As part of this process, she is "building a repertoire" of roles she can assumes. At least twice an episode, Momoko can be counted upon to show up at a random time, do something incredibly bizarre, and then leave, usually being driven off in her stretch limousine by the young man who adoringly follows her everywhere to the praises of a quartet of identical cheerleaders who might be robots. There are some suggestions that she may be utterly mad.
A large blue bear who is one of Nagisa's best friends from her dojo, who now lives with her in Tokyo and occasionally takes part in her act. Contrary to anime-fan expectations, Kumakichi actually is a bear and is usually incapable of speech.
Makoto Naketake
Voiced by: Kouji Tsujitani
Nagisa's long-suffering manager who fears that her irresponsibility is going to cost him his job. He poses as a teenage boy to enroll with Nagisa at the school so he can keep her under observation, a task that usually proves futile. Even though he continues to remain in the idol agency's employ, he continues to worry about it to extreme lengths, even developing a song of his own called "The Worry Blues" as a running gag.
The leader of the hoodlums at Nagisa's school, an ardent fan of Nagisa the idol singer, and a combination friend and antagonist for Nagisa the martial artist. He is bald, with a head shaped like a volcano that erupts on occasion, as a result of a childhood accident. Despite his rough appearance and speech, he is from a rich family and is surprisingly intelligent and resourceful. He is completely unable to decipher Nagisa's secret despite the fact that she does a poor job of impersonating a male. As a result of this, he completely misinterprets her relationship with his bitter rival Nosaka. Like Nosaka, he is very protective of Nagisa Shiratori and will attempt to charge to the rescue if he believes she is in danger.
Red Beetle
An international agency/conspiracy that keeps an iron grip on the market for idols on every nation on Earth except Japan. They frequently send rivals forth to break Nagisa's grip on the hearts of the Japanese public, who always fail despite Nagisa's lack of interest in defending her position on top.
The Alligators of Tokyo
A group of juvenile alligators who have somehow managed to become the pets of most of Japan's female idol community. Nagisa becomes involved with them and is persuaded to stage a benefit concert to return them to their native habitat in Florida, much to the chagrin of the gators, who find themselves outmatched in the wild and return to Tokyo.


  1. Born! Fighting Idol?!
  2. Duel! Thunder of Love
  3. Nagisa’s Date!
  4. You Might as Well Give up! The Revenge!
  5. He is a Teacher
  6. Pretty Girl Flower Group
  7. Please, Cupid of Love!
  8. Under the Giant Cherry Tree
  9. The Beautiful Girl Team is Here
  10. Photo! This is Nagisa!
  11. Idol of Japan
  12. I Love Wani (Alligators)
  13. Ah, My Former Youth
  14. Fun Kidnap Hong Kong Gang
  15. Do You Like Sexy Girls?
  16. Go For Your Goal


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