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"I'm Shipping Up to Boston"
Song by Dropkick Murphys
Released 2005
Genre Celtic punk
Length 2:33
Label Hellcat Records
Writer Woody Guthrie
Producer Sean Litchfield

"I'm Shipping Up to Boston" is a song with lyrics written by the folk singer Woody Guthrie and music written and performed by the Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys. It appeared on their 2005 album, The Warrior's Code. An earlier recording of it can be found on the Hellcat Records compilation Give 'Em the Boot Vol. 4.

It has reached #36 on the most downloaded songs on iTunes.[citation needed]


At sporting events

The Boston Celtics played the song during timeouts in the 2008 NBA Finals. Additionally, both the Celtics and the Chicago Bulls played this song after respective home victories in their first round 2009 NBA Playoffs series.

The Boston Red Sox played the song when closer Jonathan Papelbon entered the game during the 2007 season and while throwing warm up pitches during home games at Fenway Park.[1] During the 2007 post-season, Papelbon danced a jig to the song — first when the Red Sox clinched the American League East title, and then when the Red Sox defeated the Cleveland Indians to clinch a World Series berth. He and the band performed the song several times during the Sox' Championship "Rolling Rally" Parade. The Red Sox continued to play the song for Papelbon in the 2009 season.

The Boston Blazers play this song during half time.

The Boston College Eagles feature the song during their home football games, playing it before a game. The marching band then plays it during the game. The Boston University pep band plays the song before the beginning of each period during men's ice hockey games. It is also the music for the team's opening montage. The song is also played right before Northeastern University men's hockey games. The song is also played at the Iowa football home games at Kinnick Stadium. The song is also used for the opening to the Eastern Washington University men's hockey team's home games.

Several NHL teams use this song to signal an oncoming powerplay. Among these teams are the Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, and New York Rangers. The Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota Wild[2], and Vancouver Canucks have been noted to use it outside of these purposes.[citation needed] The Philadelphia Flyers also use it in the beginning of an overtime period.

CZW Wrestler Ryan McBride uses this song as his entrance music.

MMA fighter and former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin used this song as his entrance music at UFC 72 Victory from the Odyssey Arena Belfast, Northern Ireland on Saturday June 16th. He now regularly uses it as his ring walk music.

Daniel Murphy of the New York Mets comes to the plate for at bats to this song.

The 2009 University Cup Champion UNB Varsity Reds CIS hockey team plays this song at the start of a period.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers men's hockey team plays the song during their warm-up period prior to every game.

The New York Jets play a cover of the song before the opening kickoff.

The song features in the 2009 Australian Football League season advertising campaign, with the slogan "In a League of Its Own".

The Atlanta Braves play this song when Eric O'Flaherty comes into the game to pitch.

The song was played between innings at the 2009 National Baseball Congress World Series at Lawrence-Dumont_Stadium in Wichita, KS.

Boston sailor Ken Read's Puma Ocean Racing used the song as their anthem during the 2008/2009 Volvo Ocean Race.

Feld Motorsport's Monster Truck Captain's Curse uses the track as a theme song.

The Texas State University softball team used the song for their line-up introductions during the 2009 season.

The Saint Mary's College basketball team has used the song for their line-up introductions during the past two seasons.

The group opened the 2010 NHL Winter Classic at Fenway Park with the song.[3]

The Ohio State University football team sometimes plays the song during TV Timeouts

In entertainment

  • The song appears on the soundtrack of the Academy Award-winning Best Picture The Departed. The music video features several clips from the film.
  • It also appeared in The Simpsons episode "The Debarted", which is based on The Departed.
  • Portions of the song have been used in the opening sequence and pilot episode of the show The Black Donnellys.
  • The song has been used as background score in 2008 Bollywood Film Mission Istanbul.
  • It has appeared in an episode of King of the Hill entitled "Dia-BILL-ic Shock".
  • A portion of the song is used for the final encore of New Kids on the Block: Live tour.
  • The song is in the opening sequence for the documentary Lobster Wars on the Discovery Channel.
  • The song is featured on the Cottage Volume 1.
  • The song is used over the closing scene of the last episode of series 6 of the UK television show Shameless.
  • The song is featured in an episode of Everybody Hates Chris.
  • The song is used in the soundtrack of a 2007 episode of Top Gear.
  • The song is featured in the 2009 AFL (Australian Football League) TV commercial in Australia
  • The song appears on an Armed Forces Network Commercial about keeping your computer safe.
  • The song appeared on ESPN's E:60.
  • The song is available as downloadable content in the music video game Guitar Hero World Tour and has also been released as downloadable content in the Rock Band series.
  • Popular basement rock band NGA from York, Pennsylvania covered this song at Battle of the Bands 3 in 2009.
  • The song was also used in the 4th episode of SModcast, which is a Podcast by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.
  • The song is used in a 2009 Visa Debit Card commercial featuring New England Patriots fans and mascots.
  • The song is used as the theme song for the danish standup-comedy show Comedy Fight Club.
  • The song appeared in a special two part episode of the British television show Three Men in a Boat named "Three Men in Ireland". The song is played on both parts of the episode.


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