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"I'm With Cupid"
The Simpsons episode
I'm With Cupid.jpg
Promotional artwork featuring guest star Elton John.
Episode no. 217
Prod. code AABF11
Orig. airdate February 14, 1999
Show runner(s) Mike Scully
Written by Dan Greaney
Directed by Bob Anderson
Chalkboard "Hillbillies are people too."
Couch gag The Simpsons sit on the couch; hair dryer helmets land on every family members’ heads. When the helmets come off, every family member has each other’s hairstyles. Maggie falls off the couch because Marge’s bouffant is too heavy for her to support.
Guest star(s) Jan Hooks as Manjula
Elton John as himself
Mike Scully
George Meyer
Ian Maxtone-Graham
Ron Hauge
Matt Selman

"I'm With Cupid" is the fourteenth episode of The Simpsons' tenth season. The episode aired on February 14, 1999.



Apu and his new wife Manjula invite Homer and Marge to their house for dinner. However, Apu and Manjula get in a fight, after Marge mentions to Manjula that Apu does not need to work as much as he does. There is a week before Valentine's Day, and Apu tells Homer that he is disappointed that Manjula does not love him, until Homer assures him that Manjula will not leave him before Valentine's Day, and Apu agrees. Apu decides to shower Manjula with many romantic surprises to regain her love. However, although many of Apu's surprises succeed in fixing his marriage, they ruin other people's relationships. The rest of Springfield's women become jealous from all the attention Manjula is receiving, and find their men to be cheapskates. At Moe's Tavern, Homer encourages several of Springfield's men that they have to prevent Apu and Manjula from reconciling to save their own relationships and marriages.

During Valentine's Day, Homer, Chief Wiggum, Dr. Hibbert, Moe, and Ned Flanders investigate what Apu is doing so they can stop it. They go around town and Flanders is thrown out of the group for suggesting they should be using their time to be more romantic to their wives instead of trying to sabotage Apu. Following Apu to the airport, the remaining group see Elton John there, and they think that he supposedly came to Springfield to perform a concert for Apu and Manjula at his insistence (in reality, he had to make an emergency landing because the chandelier on his plane was malfunctioning). However, Apu's actual plan is that he arranged for a skywriter to write "I ♥ U MANJULA". During the trouble that ensues, Homer jumps on the plane during takeoff to try to stop the skywriter from spraying the message. When Homer destroys the plane's canister in mid-air it only sprayed part of the message, which the other women think is for them. While Homer and the pilot fight, Marge remains unconvinced until the plane flies by and Homer drops out of it covered with roses after the plane flew out of control through a thorny rose patch, apparently giving Homer a collapsed lung. Nonetheless, Elton John is able to perform a private concert for Apu and Manjula, and their marriage is saved.

Cultural references

  • When Apu is talking to Elton John, the logo on the tail of the aircraft next to them is similar to that of United Airlines.
  • When Elton got put in a dog carrier he mentioned when he was dubbed Sir Elton the Queen paddled him silly.
  • After Apu saves Elton John from the plane gone awry, he references a number of Sir Elton's songs. They include, "Take Me to the Pilot", "Your Song", "Someone Saved My Life Tonight", and "The Bitch is Back". Additionally, Elton closes the episode with an updated performance of "Your Song".
  • Elton John's private jet having a pair of huge red glittering glasses is a reference to Elton's trademark sunglasses.

Previous episode references

Fantastic Dan (the skywriter with whom Homer brawls) looks like the man who lived in the Whack-A-Mole game on the season nine episode "Bart Carny".

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