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A00-A79 - Bacterial infections, and other intestinal infectious diseases, and STDs


(A00-A09) Intestinal infectious diseases

(A15-A19) Tuberculosis

(A20-A28) Certain zoonotic bacterial diseases

(A30-A49) Other bacterial diseases

(A50-A64) Infections with a predominantly sexual mode of transmission

(A65-A69) Other spirochaetal diseases

(A70-A74) Other diseases caused by chlamydiae

(A75-A79) Rickettsioses

A80-B34 - Viral infections

(A80-A89) Viral infections of the central nervous system

(A90-A99) Arthropod-borne viral fevers and viral haemorrhagic fevers

(B00-B09) Viral infections characterized by skin and mucous membrane lesions

(B15-B19) Viral hepatitis

(B20-B24) Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease

(B25-B34) Other viral diseases

B35-B89 - Infections caused by fungi, protozoans, worms, and infestations

(B35-B49) Mycoses

(B50-B64) Protozoal diseases

(B65-B83) Helminthiases

(B85-B89) Pediculosis, acariasis and other infestations

B90-B99 - Sequelae, and diseases classified elsewhere

(B90-B94) Sequelae of infectious and parasitic diseases

(B95-B97) Bacterial, viral and other infectious agents

(B99) Other infectious diseases

  • (B99.) Other and unspecified infectious diseases

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