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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a free casual game site and web portal that offers the chance to win cash and prizes through activities such as clicking through links or playing online games. Originally, IWon was highly similar to Yahoo! (at the time), but offered points (good toward daily prizes) for using their search engine and various other features, such as news and weather reports.



Activities on the website earn entries into daily, weekly, monthly and the annual cash sweepstakes and other giveaways. For example, performing an internet search earns 30 coins; you can win coins by playing games. Entries cost 100 coins each. The site is most known for awarding an annual cash prize ranging from $10,000 daily to $1 million monthly and $10 million (US) annually on Tax Day (April 15).




IWon claims that they have over 6000 winners a month (a winner every 45 minutes). As of 2010, IWon stated they have given away over $72 million in prizes to more than 275,000 winners.[1]



The site features games like Mah Jong, Sudoku, Gold Raiders, and Ping Pong Mania.

Prize Pop

Prize Pop consists of a selection of games that are listed under "Prize Pop" in the instant win games section on the homepage. If a person is playing a game and there is a section that says "Prize Pop" in the corner, they have a chance to instantly win the prize named. Providing they meet the requirements mentioned at the beginning of the game. Once they have done that, the section in the corner would say "congratulations" and they would then click "Play Now". After clicking "Play Now" a person has three balloons in the instant win game and there cursor is a pin. Just like the name of the game, they must choose between which one of these balloons they are going to bust with the pin. After busting the balloon, if it says "Sorry" they have not won this time. If it says "It's Party Time" then they are asked to claim their prize(with verification). The full list of game are as follows, however to play, a person must have reached the given level or downloaded the iwon toolbar

Copper Level: Alphabugs, Diamond Slots, Word Pop, Follow Me Bronze Level: Alien Attack, Sci-Fi Slots Silver Level: Diamond Deal Poker, Rock n Roll Slots, Spirit Slots, Fashion Mahjongg Gold Level: Wild West Slots, Alu's Revenge, Skull & Bones Slots, Smiley Mahjongg Platinum Level: Tiki Slots, Beach Sudoku

Prize claims

Winners, and winners' parents or legal guardians if winner is a minor (both on behalf of themselves and winner) may be required to complete, execute and return an Affidavit of Eligibility, a Liability Release, and where lawful, a Publicity Release within 7 days of notification. Failure to return documents timely, or if prize notification or prize is returned as non-deliverable, or if winner is found not to be in compliance with these Official Rules, or otherwise ineligible, may result in disqualification with an alternate winner selected.

Progressive jackpots

Each Individual Progressive Jackpot game will begin at $50.00 (US Dollars; $61 CAD) and will increase $0.01 (US Dollars; $0.01 CAD) per 6 (six) seconds up to a maximum total individual prize value of $3001.00. It will remain at $3000 (US Dollars; $3,673 CAD) until someone wins the prize. Once a winner is identified, the game will begin again and the prize will be reset to $61 (US Dollars; $60 CAD). ). The value of the prize depends on the time elapsed since the last award of the prize. Canadian residents may be subject to withholding taxes and Canadian residents are responsible for the reporting and payment of any income taxes.

Sponsor reserves, at its sole option, the right to randomly seed additional prizes throughout the Promotional Period. The total maximum approximate value of all of the prizes to be awarded during the Promotional Period will not exceed $95,000. Should Sponsor randomly seed any additional prizes during the Promotional Period, those prizes and the odds of winning those prizes, will appear in a "New Prizes" section of these Official Rules together with the date on which such prizes shall be offered.

Company history

Among major early backers of iWon was Viacom, parent of CBS and MTV. It is now owned by Barry Diller's InterActive Corporation.[2]


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