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Studio album by Cilvaringz
Released June 12, 2007
Genre Hip-Hop
Label Babygrande Records
Producer RZA, Mathematics, Bronze Nazareth, True Master, 4th Disciple, Cilvaringz, Moongod Allah, Barracuda
Professional reviews

I is the debut album from Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated Dutch producer Cilvaringz.

Track Listing

  1. "Poison Ring Chamber (Intro)" [prod by Cilvaringz]
  2. "Wu-Tang Martial Expert" [prod by Moongod Allah]
  3. "The Weeping Tiger" feat Raekwon & Senna [prod by RZA]
  4. "Sheherezad, My Beloved (The Greatest Story Ever Told - Chapter I)" feat Intwine [prod by Cilvaringz]
  5. "Death To America" [prod by Cilvaringz & RZA]
  6. "In The Name Of Allah" feat Masta Killa, Killah Priest, RZA & Shabazz The Disciple [prod by RZA & Cilvaringz]
  7. "Jewels" feat GZA [prod by RZA]
  8. "Chirst & Judas (Skit)/Brothers Ain't Brothers" [prod by Bronze Nazareth]
  9. "Blazing Saddles" feat Killarmy [prod by Cilvaringz]
  10. "Caravanserai - Chapter I" feat Raekwon [prod by RZA]
  11. "Damascus" [prod by True Master]
  12. "Caravanserai - Chapter II" feat Salah Edin & Raekwon [prod by Cilvaringz & RZA]
  13. "Two Missed Calls..." (Skit) [prod by Mathematics]
  14. "Dart Tournament" feat Killa Sin & Blue Raspberry [prod by Cilvaringz]
  15. "The Saga..." [prod by Cilvaringz]
  16. "Forever Michael (Wacko Tablo)" [prod by RZA]
  17. "Elephant Juice" feat Michele Van Der Aa [prod by 4th Disciple]
  18. "Deaf, Dumb & Blind" feat Roger Peterson [prod by 4th Disciple]
  19. "Warriors & Poets" (Skit) [prod by Cilvaringz]
  20. "Valentine Day Massacre" feat 9th Prince, 60 Second Assassin, Shabazz The Disciple & Blue Raspberry [prod by Moongod Allah]
  21. "Poison Ring Chamber (Outro)" feat Method Man [prod by Cilvaringz & Barracuda]


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