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"I Am Your Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)"
Single by Gummibär
from the album I Am Your Gummy Bear
Released October 13, 2007 (2007-10-13) (U.S.)
Format CD single, digital download, remixes EP
Genre Dance-pop, electro, novelty
Length 3:18
Label Gummybear International,
4 West[1 ], Koch[2]
Writer(s) Schneider, C.P.[1 ]
Producer Tonekind, Papabar, Rene Rennefeld[3]
Gummibär singles chronology
- "I Am Your Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)"
"Cho Ka Ka O (Choco Choco Choco)"

"I Am Your Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)" is a novelty dance song by German composer Christian Schneider and released by Gummybear International that received international and internet meme success, in part, due to its corresponding 30-second video clip.[3][4] The song has since been released in at least seven languages and has virally spread worldwide with more than 150 million plays of the corresponding videos on YouTube and MySpace.[3] With the song ready-made for ringtone use one critic commented "he's the ultimate cross-platform, cross-cultural phenomenon YouTube was designed to unleash."[2]. The melody is largely a remix of Daddy DJ by the act of the same name.


Multiple languages

The single has been released in the original Hungarian ("Itt van a Gumimaci"),[1 ] as well as versions in Hebrew ("Ani Gummy bear" "אני גאמי בר"), Czech ("Jsem Pouze Z Gummiméd'a"), German ("Ich bin Dein Gummibär"),[5 ] Swedish ("Jag är en Gummibjörn"),[6 ] Spanish ("Osito Gominola"),[1 ] two versions in Spanglish ("Osito Gominola" & "Yo Soy Tu Gummy Bear"), a version in Slovak, French ("Je m'appelle Funny Bear")[7 ] and English. A Brazilian Portuguese version ("Eu Sou O Ursinho Gummy"), and a Portugal Portuguese version have also been added with their own videos. [8] There are also two songs in the Greek version, the original one ("Θα 'μαι καλό παιδί") and another one which is taken for a commercial.

A remix of the song by Japanese song producer sasakure.UK was done using Vocaloid synthesized vocalist Gumi (Megpoid), entitled "GummyBearSong-ムビギュビジャミスィギRMX-". The video featured the Gumi character in a video game world along with Hatsune Miku, donning clothes resembling the original video's Gummibär. [9]

Chart success

"With sped-up vocals and swirly synth production" the original Hungarian version was a No. 1 ringtone for eight months while the full album was in the top 20.[3] In the spring of 2007 "Ich bin dein Gummibär" listed for five weeks on the Germany Singles Top 100 entering at position 69 where it peaked for 3 weeks.[10 ] "Ich bin dein Gummibär" has also been released on the double CD Mallorca Party 2007.[11]

"Gummybear Song" has listed for seventeen weeks on the Sweden Singles Top 60 entering the chart at position 14 and peaking at number 11, as of December 2007 it is at position 30.[12]

As of December 2007 it has been listed for eight weeks on the Australia Singles Top 50 chart entering at position 13 and peaked at number 12, where it stayed for 2 weeks.[13 ]

The single was certified in November 2009 as a gold digital download in Canada.[14]


Chart (2007) Peak
Australian Singles Chart 12
German Singles Chart 69
Sweden Singles Chart 11

Music video

The song has since been released in at least seven languages and the corresponding videos posted as well featuring a "jolly and jiggly" lime green cartoon image of a rubbery candy gummy bear in yellow underwear bouncing around and breakdancing. "Oh I'm a yummy, tummy, funny, lucky gummy bear" and "I am your yummy, yummy, yummy, gummy bear" are the most common and mostly understood lyrics of this song.[3][4][15]

The highly stylized Gummibär character is naked except for yellow underwear and sneakers. Gummibär also seems to be bitten with a small portion of the upper left ear missing, which may be because the song is about candy. The bear's muzzle or, allowing for anthropomorphism, his mustache and goatee, are sugar-crusted and he only has two small teeth spaced far apart on his lower jaw.

The video, a 30 second CGI pop promo animated in Softimage XSI, was directed, designed and animated by Peter Dodd and produced through Wilfilm in Copenhagen for Ministry of Sound GmbH in Berlin.[16]


In addition to all the songs and associated ringtones for sale a line of t-shirts in adult as well as infant sizes is available as well as coffee mugs all featuring the cartoon gummy bear or phrases from the song.[17]


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