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I Could Never Be Your Woman

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Amy Heckerling
Produced by Scott Rudin
Twink Caplan
Written by Amy Heckerling
Starring Michelle Pfeiffer
Paul Rudd
Sarah Alexander
Stacey Dash
Jon Lovitz
Fred Willard
Saoirse Ronan
Tracey Ullman
Distributed by The Weinstein Company
Release date(s) February 12, 2008 (2008-02-12)
Running time 97 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $24 million
Gross revenue $9,576,495

I Could Never Be Your Woman is a 2007 American romantic comedy film directed and written by Amy Heckerling and starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd. The film was released on May 11 in Spain, July 18 in Belgium, September 14 in Brazil, September 20 in Greece and October 19 in Taiwan. The film was not released theatrically in the United States, instead going direct to DVD on February 12, 2008. It was also sent straight to DVD in Italy (February 6), the UK (July 14), Finland (August 6), Australia, Iceland (both August 27) and Germany (December 11).



Rosie (Michelle Pfeiffer), a scriptwriter for a TV show, falls for a younger man, Adam (Paul Rudd), while her daughter Izzie (Saoirse Ronan) falls in love for the first time herself. Meanwhile, the ranting narrator, Mother Nature (Tracey Ullman), discusses their fates with Rosie.


A number of British comedy actors have roles in the film, including David Mitchell, Mackenzie Crook, Steve Pemberton, Olivia Colman, Phil Cornwell and Sarah Alexander, as well as Irish comedy actors Graham Norton and Ed Byrne.


Many scenes were filmed at Westridge School for Girls in Pasadena, California.

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I COuld Never Be Your Woman Starring Michelle Pferiffer- Rosie Paul Rudd- Adam Tracey Ullman- Mother nature

Mother Nature- but now there all gonna get old and you know what i say you know what i have to say about that. TOUGH SHIT

Adam- im 31 how old are you

  • Rosie- 38

(Mother Nature spits drink everywhere)

  • Rosie- im not really 38,

Adam- well how old are you Rosie- 37. Adam- okay well im 30 (start Kissing) Rosie- 40 Adam- 29 (pleasurly) (abrupt stop) Rosie- what, your 29 what happened to 30? your nt even in your thirtys. Adam- What happened to 29? Rosie- Your not even in your 30s! Adam- yeah, well , neither are you.

  • (while packing Barbies)

Izzy- Now these stay on the shelf and these go to good will. Rosie- Oh no. Their all skinny and naked and laying in a pile! We have to dress them.

  • Izzy- Ma, I'm to old for Barbies.

Rosie- Yeah, but I'm not.


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