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"I Do Not Hook Up"
Single by Kelly Clarkson
from the album All I Ever Wanted
Released April 14, 2009 (2009-04-14)
(See release history)
Format Digital single, CD single
Recorded 2008
Genre Pop rock
Length 3:20
Label RCA
Writer(s) Greg Wells, Katy Perry, Kara DioGuardi
Producer Howard Benson
Kelly Clarkson singles chronology
"My Life Would Suck Without You"
"I Do Not Hook Up"
"Already Gone"

"I Do Not Hook Up" is a song by American singer Kelly Clarkson. It serves as the second single from her fourth album All I Ever Wanted. The song, in addition to another track on the album ("Long Shot"), was recorded by Katy Perry for her unreleased album (A) Katy Perry (previously just called "Hook Up"). "I Do Not Hook Up" was sent to American radio stations on April 14, 2009.[1] The song was written by Greg Wells, Katy Perry, Kara DioGuardi and produced by Howard Benson.


Critical reception

The song has received positive reviews since release, and is often regarded as one of the album's highlights. Billboard magazine gave the song a positive review, writing "Here is a Kelly Clarkson song you can imagine Joan Jett playing on a covers album or as the first of a series of concert encores. Ride the wild guitar by Phil X (aka Xenidis) from beginning to end, bounce to the insistent beat, and chant along with the decisive chorus that delivers a message of girl power. Yes, it's formulaic, but like the best pop records, it's a masterful template written by real pros. And speaking of pop, it would be interesting to hear rock formats play this and not tell their listeners who it is. The phones could ring with questions like, "Is that a new Pat Benatar record?"[2] Absolutepunk.net also gave a rave review of the song, writing, "Hook Up” leans on a massive chorus that will destroy radio as we know it."[3] About.com gave the song a very positive review, commenting "Kelly Clarkson turned the intriguing song title 'My Life Would Suck Without You' into a #1 smash on Billboard's Hot 100. Now, the follow-up 'I Do Not Hook Up' is likely to grab as much initial attention with another intriguing title. Fortunately, this dissertation on the virtue of taking things slow is also another hot rocker for Clarkson."[4] "There really can't be too many rousing rock hits about the healing power of a solid romantic relationship. Some guy has been driven to drink, and the slow pursuit of Kelly Clarkson can heal the pain. That's the message here, and it seems a plausible one. It is also likely to drive the second big smash single from All I Ever Wanted to the upper reaches of the pop singles chart.....Add another to the growing list of classic Kelly Clarkson singles".[5]

Femalefirst.co.uk gave the song another positive review and has so far receive 4 out of 5 stars as voted by the public. They said that "‘I Do Not Hook Up’ is a feisty anthem with a catchy guitar riff and chorus, which Kelly bellows out with her amazing voice. After just one listen you find yourself already singing along and the single looks set to be a hit just as her comeback single ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’".[6] Los Angeles Times writes, "should be heard by every teen girl contemplating chucking her purity ring."[7]


Clarkson performed the song live on Good Morning America on March 20, 2009,[8] and also on the March 14, 2009 episode of Saturday Night Live.[9] She also performed the song live in the UK at The Album Chart Show, and later on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on May 12, 2009 and The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 14. Clarkson also performed "I Do Not Hook Up" on several Australian television shows, including Rove, and Australia's Funniest Home Videos Show in early June. Clarkson performed the single on Monday, 8 June on GMTV. Also on the same day, she appeared on Loose Women performing the single. Clarkson appeared on the hit United States show So You Think You Can Dance on July 2, during the results show and performed it.

Music video

Clarkson in the music video for "I Do Not Hook Up".

The music video was directed by Bryan Barber and was shot March 25, 2009.[10] A 30 second preview recently debuted of the video on Clarkson's official website. Clarkson revealed to Access Hollywood the plot of the video:"I go into fantasy mode. So the girl that’s a good girl, in her fantasy, she’s always hooking up. I’m throwing guys around".[11] The video was supposed to be released on April 20 on MTV.[12] Clarkson stated in the Access Hollywood interview that there are three guys for her in the video, but in the final version of the video there are only two, meaning that the fantasy with the third man was cut off from the video.[13] The video begins with Clarkson at a wedding, where she is bored and gets excited just as she sees a beautiful bartender. She imagines seducing him, right on the table, and imagines the two kissing. Soon after, she realizes that was only her imagination and a guy that is sitting next to her says that "the strawberry is delicious" while eating the chocolate covered strawberry. In the second scene, Clarkson is in a bar with her friends enjoying and watching the guys in place. They then have the idea of dancing on the counter, to call attention. It's there that Clarkson slips and falls on the floor, but she quickly gets up and gives a happy scream. (Making reference to a scene of Cameron Diaz in the movie What Happens in Vegas). In the end, she sings the final phrase of the music by holding the guy she was interested and flashes for the camera. Hence, it is shown and her friends laughing at what they could do. There are also scenes where Clarkson is singing the song with her band on stage.[14]


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CD single (88697-524492)[15]

  1. "I Do Not Hook Up" [03:20]
  2. "I Do Not Hook Up" (Instrumental Version) [03:20]

Maxi CD single (88697-524502)[16]

  1. "I Do Not Hook Up" [03:20]
  2. "I Do Not Hook Up" (Instrumental Version) [03:20]
  3. "My Life Would Suck Without You" (Chriss Ortega Radio Mix) [03:40]
  4. "My Life Would Suck Without You" (F&L Radio Edit) [03:53]

Download EP

  1. "I Do Not Hook Up" [3:20]
  2. "I Do Not Hook Up" (Ashanti Boyz Radio Mix) [3:39]
  3. "I Do Not Hook Up" (Ashanti Boyz Club Mix) [5:56]

Other versions and remixes

  1. Instrumental Version
  2. Ashanti Boyz Radio Mix
  3. Ashanti Boyz Club Mix
  4. Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
  5. Bimbo Jones Remix

Release history

Country Release Date Format Label
United States April 14, 2009[17] Airplay RCA Records
Australia April 21, 2009[18] CD single Sony Music
Germany May 22, 2009[19] CD single Sony Music
United Kingdom June 1, 2009[20] CD single RCA Label Group (UK)

Chart performance

The song has peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #20 and has sold over 690,000 copies after eighteen weeks on the chart.[21] It has peaked at #12 on the Billboard Pop 100, #13 on the Billboard Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks,and #8 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40. On the Canadian Hot 100, the song has done better on the airplay charts and digital sales, boosting it up to #13, making another Top-Fifteen hit[citation needed]. "I Do Not Hook Up" saw a resurgence in the Australian ARIA charts during Clarkson's promotional visit in June, leaping to #9, becoming her 8th top 10 single in Australia. On the UK Singles Chart failed to reach the same success as "My Life Would Suck Without You", with a peak of #36 it is her second lowest charting single in the UK, although it marks her tenth consecutive top 40 hit in the country (also worth of note is that the song has spent more weeks inside the UK top 100 chart than her higher charting singles "Low/The Trouble With Love Is", "Walk Away", "Breakaway" and "Never Again").[22] The single also didn't chart as highly in Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, and Austria[citation needed]. It made it to #91 at the 2009 Billboard Year-End Chart.


Chart (2009) Peak
Australian ARIA Singles Chart[23] 9
Austrian Singles Chart[24] 68
Belgian Singles Chart (Flanders)[25] 8
Canadian Hot 100[26] 13
Dutch Singles Chart[27] 19
Eurochart Hot 100 Singles[28] 81
German Singles Chart[29] 55
Hungarian Airplay Top 40[30] 10
Irish Singles Chart[31] 30
Italian Singles Chart[32] 47
New Zealand Singles Chart[33] 31
Swedish Singles Chart 30
UK Singles Chart[34] 36
U.S. Billboard Hot 100[35] 20
U.S. Billboard Pop 100[35] 121
U.S. Billboard Pop Songs[35] 8
U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks[35] 13
U.S. Billboard Mainstream Top 40[36] 8
End Of Year Charts (2009) Peak
Billboard Year-End 91[37]
  • 1 The single peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Pop 100, however, it did not progress further because the chart was de-activated in June 2009.

Sales and certifications

Country Certification Sales
United States N/A 690,000[38]
Australia Gold 35,000[39]
Canada Gold 20,000[40]


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