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I Survived a
Japanese Game Show
(season 2)
Isajgs season2promo.jpg
ABC's promotional logo for Season 2 of ISaJGS.
Starring Rome Kanda
(TV and Majide Host)[1]
Narrated by Robert Cait
Original run June 17, 2009 – August 5, 2009
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Season two of the reality show I Survived a Japanese Game Show premiered on ABC on June 17, 2009, and was the final run of the series. Like season one, it follows a group of Americans who leave the United States for Japan, where they compete in a Japanese style game show.[2][3]

The number of episodes were increased from seven to eight for this season. Other significant changes from season one was that Tony Sano, who hosted the premiere season, did not return to host season two, and the number of players was increased from ten to twelve. Also, while season one had only one group game before the elimination game, season two added a second group game, with the winning team from the first game gaining an advantage in the second game. Otherwise, the format remained the same from season one.

Originally, ten episodes were being produced but, due to the return of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, the show was reduced to eight.[citation needed] At the end of Episode 7, there is a scene that features clowns and liquor but was never aired in time for the season finale. In the season finale that aired on August 5, Cathy Grosam, a 36-year old "soccer mom" from Bartlett, Illinois, was declared the winner. Grosam also was a member on the winning team in every team game and thus participated in every reward event during the season.



The players were divided into two teams, the "Red Robots" and the "Green Tigers". If the number of members in the teams became too uneven (difference of two), a player will switch from the larger team to the smaller team. The players were: [4]

Contestant Occupation Original Teams 1st Switch 2nd Switch 3rd Switch Girls v. Boys Finale Finish
Kimberly Whitaker
26, Philadelphia, PA
Elementary school teacher Red Robots 1st eliminated
(against Yari)
Yari Agramonte
23, Bronx, NY
Accounting clerk / Student Red Robots 2nd eliminated
(against Dan)
Debbie Kaufmann
22, Easton, CT
Stablehand Green Tigers Green Tigers 3rd eliminated
(against Brent)
Bob "Bobaloo" Koenig
35, Los Angeles, CA
Housecleaner Green Tigers Green Tigers 4th eliminated
(against Megan)
Drew Sealey
29, St. Louis, MO
Lawyer Red Robots Red Robots Red Robots 5th eliminated
(against Jamie)
Jamie Lewis
25, Fairless Hills, PA
Leasing agent Red Robots Red Robots Red Robots 6th eliminated
(against Dan)
Dan Barbour
25, Shrewsbury, MA
Librarian Red Robots Red Robots Red Robots Red Robots 7th eliminated
(against Justin)
Megan Bentley
29, Chicago, IL
Dental supply salesperson Green Tigers Green Tigers Green Tigers Red Robots 8th eliminated
(against Justin)
Brent Alexander
29, Miami, FL
Salsa dance instructor Green Tigers Green Tigers Green Tigers Green Tigers Red Robots 9th eliminated
(against Justin)
Justin Brown
22, Carbondale, PA
College student /
Red Robots Red Robots Red Robots Red Robots Red Robots Final Three 10th eliminated
Linda Plaxen
32, Los Angeles, CA
Button seller Green Tigers Green Tigers Green Tigers Green Tigers Green Tigers Final Three Runner-up
2nd Place
Cathy Grosam
36, Barlett, IL
Soccer mom Green Tigers Red Robots Green Tigers Green Tigers Green Tigers Final Three Winner

Episode Progress

# Contestants Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Finals
1 Cathy W W S W W S W W S W W S W W S W W S W W S W S W S FINAL THREE A Winner
2 Linda W W S W W S L L S L L S W W S W W S W W S W S W S FINAL THREE A Runner-Up
3 Justin L L S L L S W W S W W S L L S L L S L L W L W L W FINAL THREE 3
4 Brent W W S W W S L L W L L S W W S W W S W W S W S L E
5 Megan W W S W W S L L S L L W W W S W W S L L S L E
6 Dan L L S L L W W W S W W S L L S L L W L L E
7 Jamie L L S L L S W W S W W S L L W L L E
8 Drew L L S L L S W W S W W S L L E
9 Bobaloo W W S W W S L L S L L E
10 Debbie W W S W W S L L E
11 Yari L L W L L E
12 Kimberly L L E
     The contestant left the competition as a member of the Green Tigers team.
     The contestant left the competition as a member of the Red Robots team.
Episode Results
     Won the series.
     The contestant won the advantage challenge and was rewarded with advantage in the second game.
     The contestant won the second challenge, and therefore was automatically safe from elimination.
     The contestant lost the advantage challenge and was not granted an advantage for the second game.
     The contestant lost the second challenge and had a risk of going into the elimination round.
     The contestant was safe from elimination.
     The contestant was put into elimination but won and was safe.
     The contestant lost the elimination round, thus being taken away by the Sayonara Mob.
W - Won their game.
L - Lost their game.
S - Was safe from elimination.
A - Advanced to final.
E - Player was taken away by the Sayonara Mob.
3 - This player finished in third place.
  1. In Episode 3, Cathy was moved into the Red Robots for the first switch, then moved back to the Green Tigers in Episode 5.
  2. In Episode 7, Megan switched from the Green Tigers to the Red Robots.
  3. In Episode 8, Brent switched to the Red Robots for the "Boys vs. Girls" challenge.



Game Synopsis

Episode 1 (June 17, 2009)

  • Rabbit Fire — Each team has three minutes to carry as many bento boxes across a narrow plank as possible while the opposing team fires sticky balls at them, attempting to knock boxes out of their hands or knocking players into the foam pit. If a player falls into the foam pit, none of the bento boxes they carry count. A player must cross over to the opposite platform before the next player can start crossing. The winner gets an advantage in the second game.
  • Wheel of Human Torpedo - One player sits in the middle of a spinning platform while three other players lay down flat while connected to the spinning platform. The sitting player must release the laying players in an attempt to hit one of several stacks of metal cans that are placed around the edge of the floor, attempting to knock as many cans as possible into a surrounding flour pit. Each "torpedo" must then hit a buzzer before the next torpedo can be launched. If a torpedo is launched before the previous player hits the buzzer, any cans that player may knock into the flour pit do not count. As a bonus, the winning team from game one had an extra torpedo available to be used if needed.
  • Big Spider Yanky Danky! (Elimination game) — Contestants in spider suits and attached to bungees have three minutes to burst balloons which contain butterfly wings and butterfly bodies. The contestant must then walk up a sloped platform to several butterfly stands, having to place the butterfly parts onto the butterfly stands, matching body part colors to colors on the stands. However, players must place the butterfly parts quickly, as the bungee pulls the player back into the balloon pit at regular intervals. In the event of a tie, the player with the most complete butterfly bodies wins and the loser will be thrown out of the studio by the Sayonara Mob.

Episode 2 (June 24, 2009)

  • Party In Your Pants - The teams have three minutes to pick up as many tennis balls that are shot at them with claw grippers and put the balls in their pants. Whoever gets the most wins.
  • Somebody Put Clothes On Judge Bob! - The teams must dress dummies of Judge Bob - a putting green tam o'shanter, a shirt, tie, vest, and pair of pants - inside packages inside a flour pit. Other packages have clothes that are not to be put onto the dummies. The first team to place all five articles of clothing properly wins. The winning team would get a five-second head start as their reward for winning the first game.
  • Lotion, Lotion, What's The Commotion? (Elimination game) - Each player gets drenched in baby lotion, and carrying a torch must go over slippery slopes, take an egg and carry it on their helmet to the opposite side of the area, then go under another pool of lotion, then through a pool of bubbles and go over six sumo wrestlers and trade the torch for a gold medal, and then retrace their steps back to a buzzer to stop the clock. Whoever does this, in the fastest time, wins, while the loser gets the Sayonara Mob response.

Episode 3 (July 1, 2009)

  • Gopher Make U Crazy! - The players on one team spit out ping pong balls into wells while four players try to defend the areas with large hand-held noodles and the fifth in Whac-A-Mole style with a powdered hammer try to stop them. The team with the most balls in two and a half minutes wins the game.
  • Four Near-Sighted Mice and The Big Cheese - Three players wear nearly blind goggles and boxing gloves trying to catch cartons of milk placed by a teammate on a conveyor belt while a fifth player, dressed as "The Big Cheese", swings from above and counts down to the players when the milk cartons will come to them. After a player catches the carton, they go to a container to deposit it. Whomever has the most milk within three minutes wins the game. As an advantage, the winning team in the first game would have one player not wear boxing gloves.
  • Big Penguin Belly Flop (Elimination game) - Players have two minutes to pop as many glop-filled egg balloons as they can by "belly flopping" onto them. The player with the most balloons popped wins and stays in the game. The loser gets a phone call from the Sayonara Mob.

Episode 4 (July 8, 2009)

  • Snap Attack! - Players from both sides sit sight unseen across from one another and pull bungee cords that must hit player in the body to count. The first player in each zone to hit the opponent twice wins that zone; the first team to three points wins.
  • Paint Splash Madness! - Three players spin on a turntable pulling cords with paint inside buckets falling in them. A fourth player sits on another turntable and wears a canvas-like backdrop on their face an a bucket below their chin. The team that gets the most paint in three minutes wins. As an advantage, the winning team has one extra bucket for a player to use.
  • Aliens Took My Teddy Bear! (Elimination game) - The players have two minutes to traverse across a conveyor belt, three turntables and another conveyor belt while carrying a giant stuffed toy panda to the other side. If a player falls into one of two flour pits at either end, they must start over. The player with the most bears when time runs out wins, the loser gets a bearhug from the Sayonara Mob.

Episode 5 (July 15, 2009)

  • Playing Soccer With Grandpa! - Players wear distortion goggles while trying to kick a soccer ball into a goal. The team that scores the most goals in two minutes is the winner, and earns an advantage in the second game.
  • Stuck On Golf! - One team places as many balls as they can onto a sticky "putting green." Two players try to take off any balls on the sticky stuff; they have 30 seconds to defend the green. They then switch out with the other two players, who also have 30 seconds to defend the green. Finally, all team players join in for the final 30 seconds. The advantage for the winning team is that one of the losing team's players will have his or her legs shackled. The team with the fewest balls left on the green wins.
  • Stretchy Squid Face (Elimination game) - The players race within two minutes to take off as many squids as they can wearing a panty hose mask attached to a bungee cord. The player who gets the most wins while the loser gets busted by the Sayonara Mob.

Episode 6 (July 22, 2009)

  • Brain Freeze Fish Breath! - The teams dunk their heads into icy cold water and grab as many dead fish as possible using only their mouths. The team with the most fish in their containers in two and a half minutes is the winner.
  • Baby Go Boom, Boom! (ねんねんころりYOおころりYO?) — Team members dressed as babies sit in a giant spinning crib, getting dizzy. One at a time, players exit the crib and fill two cups with milk. The player must run an obstacle course carrying milk to a giant baby bottle. The course consists of spinning platforms, a spanking machine and crawling; that combined with the dizziness causes the players to spill some of their milk. After finishing the course, the player must press a button beside the crib enabling another player to exit. The team with the most milk in their bottle in three minutes after the spinning stops for the first player wins. This is the first game that was originally played in Season 1 to be played in Season 2. The advantage for the winning team is that one player on the losing team will be dressed as a grandma with a baby on their back; the costume reduces the wearer's ability to maneuver.
  • Up Your Nose, Dragon ! (Elimination game) - Players go head-to-head sliding down a wall attempting to throw balls into holes where the nostrils of a dragon would be before hitting the ground and soap suds all over the landing area. The player with the most balls in two and a half minutes survives, while the loser is escorted out via the foam-covered, 24-legged Sayonara Mob (as a riddle).

Episode 7 (July 29, 2009)

  • Sour Milk For Kitty - The players stand on a vibrating platforms while dressed as cats and wearing bowls on their heads. One player scoops "sour milk" onto their bowl, transferring to their teammates one at a time into a container at the back of the third player. The team that has the most in two minutes is the winner.
  • Big Foot Bang Bang! - In this game, one player serves as a goaltender against a soccer goal dressed as a cactus (with their teammmates controlling them on a rope pulley system) against the opposite team, dressed as various fruits and vegetables (a carrot as a kicker, a bunch of grapes as a setter and a tomato as the kickers' swinger) attempting to score goals using large balloons into a soccer goal. Should a balloon be shot at the cactus, it is popped. The team that scores the most goals in three minutes is the winner. As an advantage, the winning team will get a free kick to start their round.
  • You Look Funny Stuck on a Wall (ぴったんこバンバン?) (Elimination game) — The second game from Season One to be played in Season Two. Players, wearing velcro suits jump off a trampoline and attempt to stick to the sticky wall within a body-shaped outline. The player judged to be most within the outline wins a point. The first player to four points wins the game, while the eliminated player is peeled off and carried away by the Sayonara Mob.

Episode 8 (August 5, 2009)

  • Dude, Where's My Luggage? - Players run on a conveyor belt carrying luggage, and throw luggage with a blue tag into a luggage bin next to the belt. As an advantage for the team that has the least amount of players, one member of the other team would wear boxing gloves to level the playing field. The team with the most points in three minutes is the winner.
  • Balloon Assassin (Elimination game) - Players must pop large confetti-filled balloons hanging from the studio ceiling using bungee cords and a trampoline by using gorilla arms with pins in their hands. Yellow balloons are worth one point, and blue balloons are worth two. The player with the least points in three minutes is bounced out by the Sayonara Mob.
  • You Stand Still! No, You Stand Still! (くらくら鍵パッカン?) — A Season One game that sees two players - one dressed a geisha and the other as a samurai - start out spinning in chairs to get dizzy. After the chairs stop spinning, the players must cross a narrow balance beam over a pool of flour and a pair of spinning floor tiles. They exchange costumes on the spinners, and then go back to get the opposite's prop (a sword for the samurai and a fan for the geisha), and then both must return to their original chairs. The fastest team wins.
  • T-Shirt of Torture (Elimination game) - The players wear a large number of T-shirts with a letter on the back of each one to spell out a phrase. However, distractions such as water, flour, milk, and even seaweed rain from the ceiling to hinder their progress. The player that hits the buzzer and correctly guesses the phrase (which was I NEED TO WIN THIS GAME TO BE SAFE!!!!!) advances to the finals; the loser is swept away by the Sayonara Mob.
At this point, all teams were abolished, and the three remaining players competed individually in the last two games:
  • Making New Friends in Japan (世界に広げようムチャぶりの輪!?) — In another Season One game, the finalists go out into the streets of Tokyo, but this time, dressed in sailor fukus and pink wigs to accomplish five tasks in the following order:
  1. Get someone to bow 10 times;
  2. Get someone to put on lipstick provided to them and kiss them;
  3. Get someone to tickle them by saying a phrase in Japanese;
  4. Borrow a cell phone and call the studio;
  5. Get five people do the can-can dance.
After completing the tasks, the contestants head to the Tokyo Tower; the last contestant to return leaves with his/her enemy: the Sayonara Mob.
  • SUPER MAJIDE (本気で!全部のせ?) (Full title: "Twelve Americans Came, They Worked Really Hard, They Ate Squid, They Wore All Kinds Of Things, They Went Through Much Pain, Now Two People Remain For SUPER MAJIDE!") — The two finalists compete head-to-head on an obstacle course which combines elements from the series' previous challenges. They start out in a fox pajama costume and begin on conveyor belts to a flour pit filled with balloons, which they must maneuver through to get to the other side. Then they must deliver ten bento boxes across a slippery beam while tennis balls are being shot at them. After all ten boxes have been delivered, they move to a sticky floor where the fox kigurimi costume is eventually removed to reveal a tank top and bicycle shorts, and must remove five squid heads with their mouth only. Then, they slide on a lotion covered platform and therefore torpedoed into a stack of boxes. Then, they must fill a cup with paint from an overhead bucket by pulling on a cord while standing on a spinner. They must transfer the paint into a jug, which if heavy enough, will force a lever down and a pin up to pop a balloon which contains a key. After the player obtains this key, they must use it to open a door and press the buzzer inside. The player who completes this first wins the grand prize ($250,000 and a large trophy) and gets congratulated by the Omedeto ("Congratulations") Mob (The Sayonara Mob dressed in white suits.)

Game Results

Ep # Game Winning Team Advantage/Reward Losing Team Punishment
1 Rabbit Fire Green Tigers
(58 boxes)
Bonus Torpedo
in Second Game
(if necessary)
Red Robots
(57 boxes)
Wheel of
Human Torpedo
Green Tigers
(8 cans)
Helicopter trip
to Mt. Fuji.
Red Robots
(5 cans)
Cleaning Kannai Station on
the Yokohama Municipal Subway system.
2 Party In Your Pants Green Tigers
(104 balls)
Five second head start in next game. Red Robots
(102 balls)
Somebody Put Clothes On Judge Bob! Green Tigers VIP treatment and throwing
out the first pitch at
a Yomiuri Giants game
in the Tokyo Dome.
Red Robots Working at Lotte Kasai, the world's largest driving range.
3 Gopher Make U Crazy! Red Robots
(106 balls)
One player doesn't have to wear boxing gloves in next game. Green Tigers
(66 balls)
Four Near-Sighted Mice and Big Cheese! Red Robots Dining at Kayabukiya Tavern, a Japanese restaurant famous
for their monkey waiters, traveling there first class via the Bullet Train.
Green Tigers Building a Zen garden
at the Majide House.
4 Snap Attack! Red Robots
(3 Points)
One player receives an extra cup for the next game. Green Tigers
(1 Point)
Paint Splash Madness! Red Robots
1.12 kilograms (40 oz)
Driving and drifting
at a Race Track.
Green Tigers
.68 kilograms (24 oz)
Working at a
Tokyo Gas Station
5 Soccer Time with Grandpa! Green Tigers
(5 Goals)
One person from the opposite team is forced to wear shackles in the next game. Red Robots
(3 Goals)
Stuck On Golf! Green Tigers
(15 Balls)
A visit to a 400-year-old brewery with a famous sake maker and a tasting of Yamagata beef. Red Robots
(24 Balls)
Harvesting Seaweed
on a boat.
6 Brain Freeze
Fish Breath!
Green Tigers
(3 Fish)
One player on the losing team dresses as a grandma with a baby on their back for the next game. Red Robots
(1 Fish)
Baby Go Boom, Boom! (ねんねんころりYOおころりYO?) Green Tigers Watching Sumo Wrestlers workout. Red Robots Working as Sumo Servants.
7 Sour Milk For Kitty Green Tigers A free kick in the next game. Red Robots
Big Foot Bang Bang! Green Tigers
(12 Goals)
A chance to train as a samurai and
participate in a parade.
Red Robots
(2 Goals)
Work with a lumberjack to make a long piece of bamboo into chopsticks.
8 Dude, Where's My Luggage? Green Tigers
(24 Bags)
A visit to Joypolis via a state of the art boat Red Robots
(17 Bags)
Intense training with Buddist Monks.
You Stand Still! No, You Stand Still! (くらくら鍵パッカン?) Green Tigers
Guests on a popular Japanese morning show, Zoom-In Super!!! Red Robots
Delivering Bento lunch boxes.

Elimination Results

Ep # Game Winner(s) Loser Eliminated Player Finish
1 Big Spider
Yanky Danky!
(12 parts)
(12 parts)
2 Lotion, Lotion,
What's The Commotion?
3 Big Penguin
Belly Flop!
(20 Eggs)
(16 Eggs)
4 Aliens Took My
Teddy Bear!
(2 Teddy Bears, completed with :04 remaining, eliminating Bobaloo.)
(1 Teddy Bear)
5 Stretchy Squid Face! Jamie
(12 Squids)
(11 Squids)
6 Up Your Nose, Dragon! Dan
(3 Balls)
(0 Balls)
7 You Look Funny Stuck on a Wall (ぴったんこバンバン?) Justin
(4 points)
(1 point)
8 Balloon Assassin Justin
(31 Points)
(23 points)
T-Shirt of Torture Justin Brent 4th
At this point, teams are dissolved, and the remaining players are pitted against each other.
Making New Friends in Japan (世界に広げようムチャぶりの輪!?) Linda, Cathy Justin 3rd
SUPER MAJIDE (本気で!全部のせ?)
(Full title: "Twelve Americans Came, They Worked Really Hard, They Ate Squid, They Wore All Kinds Of Things, They Went Through Much Pain, Now Two People Remain For SUPER MAJIDE!";
Winner gets $250,000 grand prize)
Cathy Linda Runner-Up

^a  Yari won the tiebreaker by having more completed butterflies.


Ep # Air Date Rating Share 18-49 Viewers Weekly Rank
1 June 17 TBA TBA 1.9/6 5.43 25t
2 June 24 1.6 5 1.6/5 4.18 60t
3 July 1 TBA TBA TBA 3.5 62
4 July 8 69
5 July 15 62t
6 July 22 1 1.4 4 1.0/4 3.84 55
7 July 29 1.4 4 1.2/4 3.78 68t
8 Aug. 5th 2.2 4 1.4/4 3.76 61

t - Tied.

1 Show was aired at 10 PM ET due to President Obama press conference that night.

The show faced three other reality contests: America's Got Talent on NBC, So You Think You Can Dance? on Fox, Hitched or Ditched on The CW through July 8 when repeats of America's Next Top Model replaced it and reruns of Criminal Minds on CBS. In the first week, it faced Law and Order on NBC; the reason the season started earlier (as opposed to the original July 8 date) was the date and time change of Mike Judge's The Goode Family to Fridays at 8:30 PM ET/PT due to lower than expected ratings on Wednesdays. On July 22, it ran against a repeat episode of CSI: New York on CBS and The Philanthropist on NBC.


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