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Abu Marwán Hayyán Ibn Jalaf Ibn Hayyan al-Qurtubi (987 - 1075), usually known as Ibn Hayyan, was a Muslim historian from Al-Andalus.

Born at Córdoba, he was an important official at the court of the Andalusian ruler al-Mansur and published several works on history which have only survived in part. His books constitute one of the most important sources for the study of the Andalusian history, especially the history of Córdoba and the kings of the taifas.

Like Ibn Hazm he defended the dynasty of the Umayyads and deplored its fall and the following dissolution of the Andalusian state and the coming of the taifas.

He died in Córdoba in 1075.


The following works are ascribed to Ibn Hayyan:

  • Tarikh fuqaha Cordova
  • Al-Kitab al ladi jama'a fihi bayna kitbay al-Qubbashi wa Ibn Afif
  • Intijab al-Jamil li Ma'athir Banu Khatab
  • Al-Akhbar fi'l dawla al-Amiriya (in 100 volumes)
  • Al-Batsha al-Kubra (in ten volumes).
  • Al-Muqtabis fi Tarikh al-Andalus (in ten volumes)
  • Kitab al-matin.

His best known works are al-Muqtabis and al-Matin.


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